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  1. The "Playing Time" screen in the Squad view doesn't work with this skin. When using this skin the option to even choose the Playing Time screen doesnt show up. Even when you change the skin mid game and reload it will show up but the different columns are still not there. You have to restart the game after applying the base skin in order for the screen to start working properly again. Added a screenshot of the screen in question on basic FM skin.
  2. Great skin but the in-game editor wont let me change my manager's spoken languages and liked clubs/people when this skin is used. Works fine with default skin. Perhaps you can look into it.
  3. I'm not sure if it is a bug or WAD but i've noticed clubs do some really bizarre decision when releasing players at the end of the season. In my latest game Man United released Cleverley and Fletcher after the first season. Other clubs also released players they would've never released in fm14. Has anyone else noticed weird behaviour like that?
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