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  1. The "Playing Time" screen in the Squad view doesn't work with this skin. When using this skin the option to even choose the Playing Time screen doesnt show up. Even when you change the skin mid game and reload it will show up but the different columns are still not there. You have to restart the game after applying the base skin in order for the screen to start working properly again. Added a screenshot of the screen in question on basic FM skin.
  2. Great skin but the in-game editor wont let me change my manager's spoken languages and liked clubs/people when this skin is used. Works fine with default skin. Perhaps you can look into it.
  3. Any chance for a non-steam link? I cant use steam workshop otherwise it will do funny things to my nearly 15gb FM graphics folder.
  4. Don't know, i don't use Steam workshop but there's a very good logo and face packs available at sortitoutsi.net.
  5. I had similar situation. I started a game with no coaching qualifications. After a while the board agreed to send me on a course to get the National C Licence and payed the 400 pounds fee. It said that the course would be complete in roughly 4 months but about 6 months later nothing had happened and my coaching qualification was still "none" However it allowed me to ask the board to send me to study for the next level course (National B licence) and again it said the time required would be 4 months. And this time about 4 months later i got the message that i had finished the course and now had the National B licence.
  6. I think the only way of doing it at the moment is do edit the database and swap out some club from the 3. Bundesliga with the B team of the club you plan to manage. However you'd have to do that before starting the save. It doesn't look like there's a way of doing it in the in-game editor. There is a way tho, i'll send you a PM about it.
  7. I can't say i've noticed any slowdown compared to fm14 with 1 exception. Saving takes about 3 minutes instead 20 seconds or less it used to take in fm14, no idea why but it's really annyoing even if i'm using only monthly auto-saves. Probably will have to increase the autosave interval even more but i'm afraid of the game crashing and playing half a season all over again would suck a lot.
  8. I'm not sure if it is a bug or WAD but i've noticed clubs do some really bizarre decision when releasing players at the end of the season. In my latest game Man United released Cleverley and Fletcher after the first season. Other clubs also released players they would've never released in fm14. Has anyone else noticed weird behaviour like that?
  9. I'm 90% sure it stays the same. At least that used to be the case in previous games.
  10. Worked fine for me. Are you sure your xml file is correct? I avoid making new xml files myself, if i need to add kits i just stick them into some already existing kit folder and just edit that xml to reference the new kits.
  11. Just tried managing City. Biggest f*king mistake of my life. The way this game calculates how much a player wants to get payed really needs to be reworked or there's no way in hell im ever gonna buy another Football Manager game from this company again. Tried signing Courtois from Chelsea, they wanted 25 million for him, in my Bayern game they only wanted 15. That's fine i guess. But the contract he asked for just blew my f*king mind! 110k p/w, 32.5k appearance bonus and clean sheet bonus, 80k in. cap bonus, 7+ million agent fee and loyalty bonus. My final offer was 120k a week, 20k clean sheet and appearance fee and 50k int cap + maximum agent and loyalty bonuses and 10% sale thingy, whatever...he wasnt interested. When i signed him for bayern he wanted abour 34k a week, 7.5k clean sheet and appearance fee and no int cap bonus. I don't remember the loyalty and agent fees but they weren't very big either. I understand that when signing to city players would try to get a better salary than when signing to clubs with no sugar daddy but COME ON! My suggestion to everyone is DO NOT TRY TO MANAGE CITY, it will be the most frustrating experience you'll EVER have. I'm so angry right now.
  12. Tried this tactic but didn't have any success with it. Some 1-0 wins, and lots of 1-1 and 0-0 draws. Played as Manchester City.
  13. Just a quick update of the league table to which i added a fun little news that just popped up about my striker and as you can see he has scored quite a few goals this season and since there is 13 more league games to be played then unless he gets injured he'll break that record pretty hard: (Right click and copy url or "open in a new tab" to see the bigger picture, idk why it looks smaller in here) Anyway, my latest Liverpool game was fun, i won it 4-1 in the end but there was so much drama that if this game had happened in real life there would be riots for weeks . Long story short: Liverpool got 3 red cards, 2 in the first and 1 in the second half. Also it was snowing like hell i could barely see the players on the field.
  14. I did do the amc tweak right in the beginning of the game, havent used the dm tweak because i havent had a reason to, i'm cutting through opponents like warm knife through butter. I'll post the update after the first season. I have steadily been in top 5 in the league, all top 7 teams or so have been very equal but after i won ManU i am now nr 1 in the league to my shock. I managed to get Welbeck on loan and in January Board gave me a lot of transfer money so i managed to buy him for real. He has scored 61 goals in 36 games. He has not been quite as good in the second half of the season as he was in the first but he is still awesome. I managed to get to Carling Cup final after barely defeating Man City in the semifinal and i won Chelsea in the first round of FA Cup so i'm still up for that aswell. In Europa League i got through Group Stage and will go against Sevilla now in the knowckout round (Yikes!).
  15. My Bayern save got corrupted so now i've started a game with Stoke and it is going well so far (Apart from being massacared 6-1 by Manchester United at Old Trafford, oh well ). Will keep you updated.
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