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  1. Hi, I've been trying to start a career in national management, and tried with a lot of different nations, but in all of the games, the First Team - Detailed View - Coach Report screen did not present any information/number of stars for Current / Potential Ability of the players that are currently selected for the national team. Not even after playing some official matches, no stars, just a question mark. Is there any way I can enable this feature? Maybe a scout option somewhere? Without any information about the ability of a player is really difficult to play as a national team manager. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. I have come across this bug, and it is really annoying: After I change my Team Instructions, they get messed up: - if I manually save the game, even if I leave the game or just continue - if I go to match, sometimes they get reset to some default options, or to some previously used tactics To be more clear: change "Team Instructions", manually save the game, go back to tactics and the instructions are reset to some other values. Or: change "Team Instructions", go to match, and find some other team instructions And this bug is totally reproducible, very annoying.
  3. Hi, I have to start by saying the game is amazing, congrats to everyone at SI and specially Marc. There are some things regarding the match engine of the game that seem a bit off to me: 1) the speed of the game does not seem to change when I choose a different setting, it seems very fast all the time, you have to be very careful or you might miss the play scenes 2) a "Game Detail" option would be nice to have, because right now very few scenes from the game are shown, just the goals and some big chances. I would like to see more of the game, not only the commentary, I think maybe the most important part of the game is the 2D graphic pitch, so we should be able to see as much of it as possible, maybe even the full game at normal speed, 90 real minutes, why not? 3) another issue that really bothers me is that you can't replay anything, not even the goals from your own matches I want to be able to see replays and also watch other games or at leas the goals of other matches. I understand this implies much data to be stored, but at least for a limited period of time, lets say a month, the game data/replays should be stored at least for the important matches. Currently I think that no replays are stored. Also a "view" option for other matches would be nice. The graphics and gameplay are awesome, but I want to see more of it. All the best.