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  1. Atletico Madrid please. Unless someone else wants it.
  2. Will we be doing a Reserved Team thread thing again for FM15? If so, I will like the Atletico Madrid one unless someone else wants to do it.
  3. UD Melila. Club based in Northern Africa but playing in Spanish divisions.
  4. FM14: What Team should I be?

    Thought you would go with HSV.
  5. Would have asked this in the Request Screenshot thread but thought would have a better response here. Any kind soul willing to put up a ss of Gnabry and Zelalem?
  6. FM14 Career Ideas

    Union Deportiva Melilla definitely. A club based in Africa winning the European Champions League !
  7. FM14 - Which Thread?

    Would love to do a Schalke FM 14 thread if danm2501 is not doing it. Max Meyer, Leon Goretzka, Julian Draxler, Huntelaar etc etc I'm pre-ordering a copy as usual but will only get my new laptop in mid-November.
  8. Unlikely you will be able to qualify for it. Only the top Asian leagues can qualify for it.
  9. Wow, I was aiming to do the FM 14 thread in light of their impressive summer transfers. Plus the likes of Donis Avdijaj, Leon Goretzka and Maximilian Meyer. Nice thread.
  10. Czech Republic in 2034. Rosicky was my Asst. Manager.
  11. Best FM for longevity?

    Yupz, either FM 10 or FM 12.
  12. FM13 What team should I be!

  13. FM13 What team should I be!

    Boro. They have a good youth setup.
  14. FM13 What team should I be!

    Thanks for your reply. PSV will be challenging for the title if I'm not mistaken. I was looking at Eredivise but more into Twente, AZ, Utrecht, Heerenveen or Groningen.