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  1. 1st thing, I would like to remove the stupid bias that see's players from the league i'm playing in scooping up all player awards. If I'm playing in England, players from my league tend to win all the player of year awards etc. I played in Dutch League with Ajax, my Babel won world player of the year and two very Ordinary Vitess players came 2nd and 3rd. 2nd, Let's get rid of the assisstant manager telling me that the same player is unhappy after every single game, no S'T he tells me like twice a week that a guy in my reserves that I've listed and havent played for like a year, is going to consider his options if I dont start playing him. I've sacked so many players and Ass mans because of this, I even quit my Ajax game over it and they were the worlds best team. 3rd and final, This problem has only just started happening recently, but man his it annoying, I put my players in the reserves until they get match fit, I click continue and they back in my 1st team severly lacking fitness, seedorf has been like this for 3 months, he just dont stay in my reserves, when he's fit he's awesome, if i play him when he's not he costs me so many games. My Forest played arsenal and were leading 2-0, with just 10 mins to go, i put on seedorf and he was at fault for 3 late goals i conceed.....from left wing.
  2. I'd like to see my chairman (freddy shephard springs to mind) put pressure on me to fine players, like if they fight or bring shame on the club. To be honest the game is more or less perfect to me, sure there are bugs that need working on, but I think as for the game plan, it's faultless.
  3. How about being able to pick a player for my national team because is mothers, fathers, sisters, husband, nana once took a mystery trip to that country...therefore making him eligeble to play for my team.....just like real life
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