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  1. Have you removed the close game button from the main screen? I think you have got the back button thing right, but as person says above, when you want to physically exit the game. I can get to football manager handheld screen, but have to home button it to leave, just needs an exit application button there. This is on my asus transformer.
  2. Really appreciate this new skin for my asus transformer. Love it.
  3. What a great job you guys must have! Room for another?
  4. it wasnt me..but thanks. Also, will you be releasing tablet optimisation in next update?
  5. Try with this. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.metago.astro
  6. You don't need to be rooted. Have you found the fmh_data folder? If not, find that, should either be in root of sd card or root of phones usb storage, not sure how it works on sensation xe. Once you have found that folder there will be a sub folder called save_games. You are looking for fm_save_1.asg where 1 represents the slot number.
  7. Quick question on the game if i may... can i offer a player a contract who is with another club and there contract is expiring? Or do I have to wait until its expired? Also what is the situation with loans. What is the amount allowed per season? And how many at one time? Thanks (nearly completed my first season - still loving it!)
  8. @Marc...out of interest how are the first 24 hours sales figures looking? Did you have any targets? Would be gutted if this was not continued next season due to lack of demand.
  9. Check out Htc evo 3d. My mate just brought one and its really nice. High end spec and low price. Im a samsung galaxy s2 owner which is also fantastic, but a little more pricey!
  10. played it on the tube on the way home from the office, the journey went very quickly! love it! Thanks again Marc. Quick question, I cant seem to find a way of showing the players preferred foot. e.g left or right or both. Is that not displayed? Also it looks like I cant view/hire staff, before I use to get a good scout and take his word on player purchases, if I scout players now, is the scout a good man to trust as I cant see how good he is (playing with mk dons)
  11. Brought and installed on my sgs2 and asus transformer. looks great on SGS2. Also looks good on my Asus tablet. however it does not make most of screen size. which is a shame.
  12. daz_2000

    Football Manager Handheld + Android

    Just wanted to register to say thanks Marc, been a big fan of the game for years and am delighted it's coming to Android. Thanks for taking your own time tto develop it and am pleased your now an Android fan and user. Looking forward to guiding Watford to the Premier League on my Samsung gs2 and Asus Transformer.