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  1. Got a link? And do you use any OI? Would love to give this a try
  2. Board are expecting me to reach the play-offs and yes I have a fairly decent squad. Away were great but at home we just seem not to perform
  3. Can't seem to win at home:/ won 1/9 at home. Anything I can do to sort this out?
  4. I know it was a good win! Some results here for you: vs Rotherham (H) 0-2 L vs Exeter (A) 3-1 W vs Accrington (H) 1-1 D vs Swansea (H) 1-2 L vs Oxford (H) 1-1 D vs Port Vale (A) 2-0 W vs Torquay (A) 2-2 D (Conceded 2 in last 5 mins-.-) vs Fleetwood (H) 3-0 W vs Aldershot (A) 2-1 W vs Chesterfield (H) 1-1 D So mixed results really, away we seem to win more but at home its rarely we win. Also we always seem second best in most of our games and on average we have like 5 shots every game. Will continue using it to see if it becomes even better. So far I like it for away games but need to change something about home:) Good work anyways mate
  5. First game tested with my Bradford save was against Huddersfield in the cup, was 2-0 down at half-time and just thought it was another one of thoose tactics that doesn't work. Then made 3 subs and gave the lads an aggresive team-talk. FT result 4-2 to us! Two wonder free-kicks and 2 on the counter! Will let you know how it goes on in the league
  6. It actually works! Not been on the best of run with my Cambridge side but just Won 2 games in a row using this!
  7. Seem's good so far, just test it with a top team, average team and a weaker team pal:) Can't wait, keep up the good work fella
  8. Ah right, i understand! Also I know the tactics not meant to get me wins all the time, I understand that. Infact now you have cleared it up, I understand that I have to take a different apporach to some things such as team talks, and adjusting a few things in the game. Anyway, thanks alot mate, I'll carry on using this tactic for next season as I do think its one of the best I've used.
  9. Hi Tactikzz, I used your 'Stand Off' tactic with Berwick for like 20 odd games and it worked a wonder, sitting top of the table 6 points ahead of 2nd place. I had to change the tactic however as my team started to dip in form and I think its because the other teams found out how we tend to play and how to counter it. Now am going to use this tactic for next season so I was just wondering if theres something I could change so that the opposition can't find out how to break the tactic down. Would you recommend changing to the 'Pressing' version if this happens or won't my players be good enough. Anyways am not going to blame the tactic as I have used many peoples tactics and this has always seemed to happen to me, dipping in form. Maybe it's just me haha. But all in all, fantastic tactic, easily one of the best tactics I've used. Great work!
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