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  1. Judging by the releasedays and weekends I have had in the last ten years in IT, they are probably working hard, even at this last moment.
  2. I think the weekly wage is mostly used in the UK. It is not a common thing at the continent. Putting it at pay per month should make me aware how much I earn compared to these guys.
  3. The editor and game will accept negative ages for that matter. Just for laughs I edited in all my former teammates, some who are 15 years older than me and the last seasons some were 15 years younger than me. No issues with that.
  4. Just noticed the blog on the in game editor and pre game editor. This is going to be bad for my job and my social life.
  5. Set Nation to Yugoslavia and Based nation to your Nation of choice (original nationality). That should do the trick.
  6. When playing CM95/96 with two roommates I started with Swansea and then left for Wigan, both in 3rd division back then. Always checked on their results after that and managed to see them play in real life when they played a preseason game against my own team FC Eindhoven.
  7. Then again, I have worked on a project where bugs from 2003 still need to be fixed and that was three months ago. If I set my IT experiences against SI's performance, they are performing quite well.
  8. Thanks for the tip. I managed to fix some issues that way. Managed to find a few dataissues to report to SI as well that way.
  9. Can the name changes of a team put into team data, such that you would have tab giving team name changes, instead of having one or two predecessors which usually aren't picked up by the game as predecessors. It makes a mess of history. Building a history for competitions like the DDR and Czechoslovakia are nightmares with all those team name changes....
  10. If you loaded more than 70 this might also be the reason for the crash
  11. I am working on a few new nations, but nothing more than moving some data around. Since I am using a few nations that won't play in European cups, I would only need a capital and a stadium. So I wondered, does a nation NEED a team? Otherwise I would have to create a few teams.
  12. Can anybody tell me what kind of shading is used on the country flags? I have made some custom flags and while they look good in the game, they have a different look than the FM ones. I checked those in the graphics file and noticed some shading/borders on it. I want to have an uniform look, but are not looking to replace all flags.
  13. Judging by the current state of continental and international rule I would expect the tweaking there, so any changes on that end could end up needed to be redone. Then again, practice with a previous versions gives you a start with a next version. The more detailed your edit will be, the less likely it will port over to the next version easily.
  14. What kind of player edits did you make?
  15. Got tangled up in doing some coding. I essentially overdid, instead of taking the slow but sure route. The guys at work in my room can help with that.
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