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  1. Hi! Thanks for your research and write-up! Really interesting, but... Are you sure about this? In my search for the perfect tutors I found a player: Model Professional and Reserved/Evasive. This tells me he's Con(sistency) 1-5. Yet in his scouting report, it says his "Specific Strength" is Consistency. How does this work?
  2. I am back below the wage budget, and was able to sign at least a GK and DC for the next season, but that was it. I don't agree. I mean, this game is insanely complex, and anyone playing it should be able to understand why they cannot re-sign their own players after going out and spending tons of cash on bosman players. It just makes sense, and it's exactly how the game should handle it. And I doubt it's hard to code. They just have to compare next season's wages with the current wage budget, maybe applying a couple of rules regarding manager reputation, standings etc to restrict it a bit. The players' contracts end. What better way to get rid of them, than declaring that I'm no re-signing them? On June 30 they're gone, no matter what. So I should be able to sign new players with contracts starting July 1st, no? Sorry, but you don't seem to understand the problem. I'm not over the wage limit right now, and I will be far below the wage limit on July 1st. If a player with a wage of 200k will definately leave me next summer (I know this, the game knows this, the board should know this), why doesn't the game allow me to sign a replacement, even for less than the 200k? The new player's contract doesn't start until the old one's ends! It just doesn't make any sense that I can offer my own player 250k to re-sign, while the limit for a new player is 80k. Financially there shouldn't be any difference here. It's always bothered me in previous FM saves, but in this one it's just frustrating. As it looks I will have to re-sig players I don't want just to make sure my squad won't be completely crippled next season. It's a big flaw.
  3. That would perfectly make sense, but this is not the case is it? I tried it, Setting many players for release, but he Board didn't change it's behaviour at all.
  4. Sorry, me again. To make my point clerarer: My Star DC's contract ends at the end of this season. He demands 325k/year to re-sign, board allows only 250k/year. I decide, that it's unlikely to extend the contract, and target another DC (from another team) who's contract will end in six months the same moment my star DC's ends. Stupid board lets me offer him only 80k(year though (same squad status). So I cannot re-sig my DC, and I cannot get a replacement, but probably will have plenty of wage budget left next summer (when most good players already siged new contracts with other teams). That can't be right. Sorry for being so insisting but I can't believe I'm the only one bothered by this!
  5. The problem is, I still need most of those players for the rest of the season. So I have player A on my team, 3 stars 200k salary (board would allow contract extension), and I know that there's a Player B who's contract runs out in summer, 5 stars and same salary (board doesn't allow contract offer). So there's no way to replace A with B in summer, at least not by securing the deal earlier in the year. Imo that doesn't make *any* sense.
  6. Well, if I get new players, they just shouldn't let me re-sign the current players. It's that easy. IMO the board should look at next seasons obligations only when I sign a player, no matter if it's a new player of a current.
  7. Hi everyone! I'm currently managing Erfurt in Germany's 3rd division. We're doing well, 2nd position and well on route for promotion. I have a Wage budget of €2.61m (yearly). I'm slightly (100k) above that. At the end of the season a good third of my players' contracts will end, overall about one million € worth of contracts. Now it's January 1st, and I wanted to prepare for next season signing some players I scouted intensively during the last months on contracts starting in summer. Unfortunately the board says no. For a key player, it will allow just 85k (a year), even though a key player will leave me at the end of the season freeing up 235k wage budget alone. The issue has also been frustrating in previous versions, but in this case it just p*sses me off. There's no way I can prepare properly for the next season. I can't just wait until July 1st, when the contracts have actually run out to secure my first players for the next season starting just 3 weeks later. Why doesn't the board just take into account players' contracts ending at the end of the seasons (maybe after I told them to do so via "Set for release"). Am I the only one who thinks this is extremely frustrating and unrealistic?
  8. Yesterday Steam was down for 24 hours for German users, and today this. Fantastic gaming platform!! Great pick, SI!
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