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  1. And I'm entering season 10 with Chelsea, my longest game ever LMAO
  2. You're taking your Laptop to Florida with you to play FM on the beach.
  3. 1. I think that it is imperative that clubs evolve, as you get situations in which top clubs are mid table sides due to failing to progress with regards to their squads. For example in 2014 Man United are 11th and still playing Scholes, Giggs and Evra, as well as Carrick and Park, all poor players, while Arsenal still play Adebayor, Van Persie, Almunia etc, while you invest in Ronaldo, Rooney or top regens and end up romping your way to a league title. As someone who is computer-illiterate, I have no idea how feasible this may or may not be to implement, but it is one of the key features (in my lowly opinion) that needs to be implemented. 2.The referee not being right all of the time, or 95% of the time. I feel that referees get all the controversial calls correct too often-it'd be nice, albeit perhaps more frustrating at times, if referees got decisions wrong slightly more often. 3.An "anger level" when you criticise the referees. If I'm going to be fined or banned, I want it to be for something more than a mild response-perhaps an option to say, "I feel the referee has cost us the game" which, IRL, noone would be banned for, ranging to, "The referee is a thief" Jose Bosingwa style, for which you would be fined/ banned. 4.I'm not as wound up by the perpetually repetitive press conferences like some people, as they were a new feature, but it is an area that must be improved. 5.Players not taking so many shots with their weaker foot, i.e Michael Owen attempting a lot of 25-30 yard left-foot shots. IRL Owen would instinctively hit a close range tap in left footed, but never (or rarely) hit one from that distance.
  4. Mate I don't know how hard you've looked at the game but it has not one but TWO 2D options...with dots to your hearts content..
  5. 1.You have a soundtrack for specific games including: Lose Yourself for all finals Better In Time (when you're on a losing run) Without Me for the first game of a new season (guess who's back!) We Are The Champions when you win the league and it's our last home game 2.You were so engrosssed in an FA Cup 3rd round replay against Sheffield Wednesday that you didn't even notice a topless SOphie Reade on Big Brother 3.When , IRL, you are subbed constantly, you say to your manager, "I have a higher workrate stat and my Natural Fitness is at least 18/20, as well as scoring 7 in 7 and assisting 2; my average rating must be at least 8.5...." 4.You rate everything out of 20. Everything.
  6. Your aim is to join Hampton and Richmond/AFC WImbledon/Molesey/Kingstonian for 2 reasons: 10% for the football, but 90% because you'll be in FM and you can take them over and manage yourself...
  7. 1. When your girlfriend/wife look damn sexy in her new dress and you think of offering her a new 3 year contract. That one was funny...
  8. No activation No activation No activation Then I can actually play and enjoy the £28 game. Otherwise, from 08... 1.Not having to pay £20 mill for a £6 mill player. 2.Not so many injuries 3.No ridiculous transfers, i.e Arsenal signing Mutu for £24 million or Man Utd signing Steve Sidwell or Giles Barnes...
  9. Would like the editor back as it was,not everything but would like the "create a new club" feature,want to create Feltham Under 15's-legends
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