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  1. Probably it's possible to do it in that style, but... when the ball hits in the top of the net it will "penetrate" the net in some points and it will look like a bug or something. I can't explain it simplier, we can change the look of the net but we can't change the "hitpoints" it's entered on match engine.
  2. Marc, FMH 2012 will be available on Google Play tonight, after 12pm or tommorow in the day?
  3. Football Manager Handheld + Android

    Very thanks for your answer Marc! SD Card is not a problem, I have 8 Gb, and also in my rooted phone I can install a game directly to SD Card. I played GTA3 but I had only 5-10 FPS. PSP had 300-400 Mhz, and FMH works fine on that. X8 had only 168mb RAM memory and I'm afraid it's not enough to play without lags. I can't wait! It's only 2 days left.
  4. Football Manager Handheld + Android

    Hi Marc! I have Sony Ericsson Xperia X8, (android 2.1 orginally) but I rooted it and install a custom rom and now I have Android version 2.3.7, resolution is 320x480 and I overclocked it to 729mHz. Do you think can I buy the game after release and play it normally without any lags or something?