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  1. Far more players have had more anonymous matches for England than Rooney. And he should be raring to go. If we give him the ball I think he will do well tommorow.
  2. What did balotelli want to say? Great goal.
  3. Great play from modric a few mins. Navas for Torres haha
  4. Group D: Sweden vs England, KO: 7:45pm

    Just read most of this thread. The fans who were licking their lips when we imploded are upset we came back to win the game and now claim for the life of themselves that we are smug and lucky. Just face it, you wanted us to lose Do hope young and Carroll are dropped for Rooney and AOC next game.
  5. Navie your troll failed in an epic style. Dumb welsh, talking about the English weather when Wales is underwater at the minute. On topic I'm scared for us tommorow. A win and we could be buzzing but a lose or conceding late while we are leading and the heads will go down. We pretty much need to play like Chelsea in the champs league, ride our luck, defend well and be clinical. Nervous.
  6. Robbie Cotton

    Got him for huddersfield in the second season having been promoted to the championship. He says we're a stepping stone which angered fans but I don't mind aslong as he progresses. Gonna see if I can get him tutored by my DM this season then my AM after. Keep you all informed.
  7. I'm going to try out a huddersfield game because they seem like a club with ambition(my last brentford game was a nightmare got promoted first season and got a 50k transfer budget in the Championship!) and a stepping stone for my first club in a long term career game. This thread was really helpful for staff and players to look at. Will post an update sometime later or tommorow.