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  1. Hi - I've had the same problem and posted by report with attached files a few days ago...
  2. Hi. I have a problem whereby during highlights the match will freeze. This typically only happens if i try to interact such as checking opposition formation or trying to make a sub. It can last for several seconds before carrying on again. I've run the test as recommended and attach two examples - it's almost as if my GPU has stopped working? The game works fine out of match and I have no lag/freeze issues otherwise. Could you help? GPU-Z Sensor Log2.txt GPU-Z Sensor Log.txt DxDiag.txt
  3. Just found this thread. Will definitely get involved in the next one. KUTGW on CCC by the way. Just read your own personal story Cleon. Glad you logged on when you did....
  4. I just bought a laptop last week from PC World. An ASUS (red in colour), i7, 6gb, Windows 7 Home Premium. £545. Did a lot of research first on the processor and it runs FM like a DREAM.
  5. thanks follks. have spotted a decent spec that should work okay
  6. No room for second fan. Why the sharp comment? With respect, it isn' t necessary. Kriss has already explained about the rules thanks. Worth buying a can of compressed air?
  7. Thanks kriss. Will p, you on tuesday. If heat is the primary reason, which makes sense, does that realistically rule out using a laptop to play it :-(
  8. Thanks for helpful questions scab. Both failures are desktops but considering laptop replacement. Have tried wall sockets t. Just for avoidance of doubt I am not fm bashing here, I just want some advice before splaying 400 quid on a laptop!
  9. And can't remember password as always logged in at work
  10. Work email address and work server shut down over Easter
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