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  1. Phew, been away for the last few days and having to catch up. Very nice work mate as per usual, shame that Reading lost, but a good comeback against Birmingham. Mr Emiliani being annoying as usual, makes me want to start a new story again. But good work mate.
  2. Just managed to finish reading two pages or so of updates. All I can say is brilliant. Loving the whole Dumont/Sonko transfer thing, very intresting and well documented. Awesome stuff mate!
  3. I'm thinking of doing a 'CSE Ryder Cup'. Basically, two teams of 12 'Europe' and 'America' including a captain each. There will be 5 or 6 stages. It will be along the lines of the Ryder Cup Format, each person signing up will complete a season with a certain team in a certain league. Then, points will be allocated on how well they did in that season. Whoever wins that pairing scores a point, and if it is a tie, half a point is awarded, like the Ryder Cup. The format Day 1 Morning - Fourballs (2 Europeans v 2 Americans) Players complete a season, they are awarded points for how well they competed with that team. The points are combined with their partner. Whichever pair scores the highest combined, gets a point Day 1 Afternoon - Foursomes (2 Europeans v 2 Americans) Similar to Fourballs, however the best score contributes on who wins the tie. Day 2 Morning - Fourballs Day 2 Afternoon - Foursomes Day 3 - Singles (1 European v 1 American) - Similar in concept with the pairing games, however, whichever player scores the most points get the point. Each team will have a designated captain and vice captain (in case captain cannot make it), captains jobs are to decide who is paired up with who. Each competitor will be given a week to complete the season. Thoughts please.
  4. Didn't see that one coming , loved this line “So tell me, do I get this kind of treatment every time we play Middlesbrough?”
  5. One of those moments where you walk in, hear the conversation, realised your not wanted, leave within 5 seconds. Intresting developments 10'3, looking good
  6. They must be really desperate to ask you to go on 606. Was Danny Baker ill?
  7. erm, I think you left it on the plane coming back from Beijing But still, didn't expect to be that close. Or maybe I am Emilani, nah.
  8. Isn't it obvious, 'Rob Ridgway is getting too full of himself now. A fluky win against Arsenal and insulting a journalist.' Along those lines.
  9. Are you not rich enough yet to afford two tv's? Just chuck Patty upstairs while she watches the soaps
  10. 1. Are you going to be running a new sign up / challenge for FM2009? A Sign Up 2. What type of sign up / challenge will you be running? I am thinking of creating a Ryder Cup style game. With 12 'Europeans' and 12 'Americans' competiting in either fourballs, foursomes or singles. Also needed two team captains. Unsure still on how to work this. But I like the idea, if anyone has any ideas, feel free to share. 3. Are you going to be posting your thread as soon as the game is released or wait until a patch has been released? Won't get the game till Christmas, so most likely January.
  11. Theres a few surprises, Ronaldo falling over, Clangerburg giving a dodgy penalty. Anyways, good stat.
  12. Well, this is unusual. Most likely, I woult try and pull it really hard, if that doesn't work, I don't know really, maybe go down to a computer shop and they can get it out for you.
  13. I would thought being a rich Reading manager you would be able to have two different e-mail accounts Still fantastic though!
  14. If I am honest, fair enough there are a Cypriot team in the Champions League, but having watched a Cypriot game live, I can only say the standard of the teams in the bottom half is about equivelent to League 2. Not fantastic football.
  15. Rob Ridgway, manager, witness and pundit. Getting quite a career aren't ya.
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