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  1. "And I think that's a valid reason for a gripe because, well, it is a game." Taken just in that context, I agree. It's a very simplistic way of looking at it though for a lot of scenarios for me. It implies, as I said, there will be a right or wrong decision, rather than a lot of them, and sometimes not explainable to the manager, particularly if they don't watch the whole game. Very much like real life football, in all honesty...
  2. It's more I wish there were more curve balls thrown in their hunt3r, I don't think the press conference part has properly lived up to its potential. There are parts of it that don't reflect the situation you are in in the season sometimes, which is what I don't like, as it reminds me it's a game again! As an example, I had one just last night if I felt nervous before my biggest game of the season - it was against fifth place and if already won the league and so was actually playing youngsters in it. Hard to explain, but I just think they could be more dynamic.
  3. I agree with the earlier comments about the repetitiveness of press conferences. At the same time, I always do them and team talks as my ass man has a tendency to bugger things up! In terms of the game as a whole, I went through a phase for a couple of years of not enjoying it, but I put that down to my age and lack of time to dedicate to the game. This might sound wrong, but I actually preferred it when players had less attributes as well, everything just started getting a bit too indepth for me. It got to the point it could take me two or three days to finish preseason and properly decide on which players to buy and I very rarely finished a season without wanting to start again as I wasn't happy with an earlier choice! The one thing that has changed for me though, and why I keep on playing it and enjoy it again, is how I play the game. For me, a lot of people see it as a computer game and so play like there is a right or wrong answer to everything. To that end, they become obsessed with the killer tactic or the right team talk or the exact right set of attributes and can't comprehend how they can lose certain games or go on a run of poor results. As they view it as a computer game, they go to lengths like repeating games to see what combination of team talk/tactic/player choice will work. When what they change to then doesn't work after a couple of games, that is when you get posts like the ones on this forum raging at the game and videos like an upload of a random cross with the query "how on earth can someone with jumping 12 against someone with jumping 14 win that header?!" Simply put, it is because the best header or jumper doesn't win the header every single time, if this game did have right and wrong answers to everything, then it would be a rubbish football simulation in all honesty and ridiculously easy to win every game as it would purely be a logical decision for the gamer to take every time. What I do nowadays instead is really what I imagine SI want everyone to do, and that is to stop thinking like you are playing a computer game and instead think like you are a football manager. In that world, I don't get annoyed at SI when my player gets outjumped, I get annoyed at my player for not putting enough effort in. If I go on a poor run of form, I think how can I go about fixing this, is it down to just a morale issue, or is it a fundamental tactical flaw I have in some part of my setup? Is there a player that really isn't performing for me for some reason, is that a tactical issue or is he just not settling into the team? All of those questions are ones that affect every club in every division and as I assume the vast majority of people that play this game are football fans themselves, I'm sure they can equate some of those queries to their own club and players at times. It's a very difficult thing for SI to do, to get that balance right, but I genuinely believe most of the posts on this forum from people with gripes (and I'm not referring to the OP here, just a general point), is because people are playing it like a game and getting annoyed that they can't work out what the right or wrong answer is. The truth, in my opinion, is that there isn't a definitive one either way, there are a multitude of ways to play successfully and there is a multitude of ways of buggering things up. For that, SI deserve massive credit for me, as they have got the simulation of Football Management spot on in that regard.
  4. Put just before you vetinari, city have sole use of the stadium, non football events are sanctioned by them too.
  5. "They wouldn't have a choice infact as the City of Manchester stadium is owned by Manchester City Council, not the football club" That's wrong. City lease the stadium from the council, under the terms of the lease City have control of any events held there (including non football events).
  6. Out of interest, do you still get the same money for gate receipts when that happens? Or do the club who own the stadium take a slice?
  7. I've always thought similarly to be honest, to the extent that on FM13 I used to go with a Control philosophy but adjust the width and tempo to the "Counter" equivalent as I wanted to try and play slow possession football but still with a more attacking mentality to it. I do think the descriptions could do with an upgrade in all honesty.
  8. Great thread again Cleon, as always. I've just really started playing fm14 and this is one area I really want to get into. Quick question if that's ok. I'm assuming to get full value out of this, your tactics stay constant both throughout the club and through your career managing the so you have a clear idea of how you want your youth players to develop to fit into your tactic? The reason I ask is because I tend to get bored in anything remotely resembling a long term save without changing my tactics!
  9. "The regista is wasted and doesn't function correctly in a 2 man DMC tactic because he relies on space and drifts side to side as well as pushing up and he can't do this with another DMC in the side properly." I've been trying to replicate Pellegrinis City on a different thread and the main positions I have struggled with is getting the midfielders acting correctly and replicating the behaviour of the interiores. As I've pushed the wingers up to AMR/AML, I thought it would work better with fernandinho as a dm next to Toure as a regista. Hasn't worked very well though, so that makes sense to me! Back to the drawing board again!
  10. I've been able to get the right play out of the squad either with the ball or without, but not both at the same time, I have to make a sacrifice at some point! I need to do quite a lot playing around I think, as I didn't realise how different fm14 was.
  11. I think we have two distinctly very different formations, the latter being where Toure is pushed higher up the pitch. Under Pellegrini though, as I think was mentioned earlier in this thread, he has sat deeper than before as part of the midfield two. If you look at us when the full backs and silva and Nasri are pushing on, there isn't actually that much space between our cms and central defenders. JDownies interpretation is spot on for me. The difference is two things : fernandinho instead of Barry and the difference in our defensive shape that Pellegrini has us using. Short on time now but will post later on.
  12. Thinking about it more, I've gone for a dlf (a) for Aguero, keeping Negredo as CF (s). I want him to be accelerating past Negredo and the opposition defence.m so I'll give that a go.
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