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  1. https://community.sigames.com/forum/298-football-manager-mobile-technical-help-and-bugs-forum/
  2. Answerred in an other topic about the same issue, more extensive. ask many more questions and i will try to help you out with anything you need! But for what it's worth, our last 3 man save was started after the 19.2 update (if that has anything to do with it). Still happens every game we play against eachother.
  3. Not sure if you consider it fixed, but the issues still persist. Doing a 3 man multiplayer, and a 2 man multiplayer. Happens on both saves. Yes, Wed/Sat games. None. All PC's If the best machine is hosting, does not matter, because it happens to every one of us, regardless of host. Upload speed mine is 19 mbps, others are between 10-20.
  4. agree with herne, but also with gravit about the FM18 & 19 being on the same page!
  5. FM19 Beta FM19ARGUSknap343P54p101.fmf this one, or the argus press one?
  6. thanks, didn't know where it belonged
  7. I know on the side bar you can move the positions around, but is it also possible to add a new row, and link it to for example player search?
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