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  1. Thanks I'll try that when I get home. Any chance u know why it might have done this or even a way to push it through? Im wondering if I buy some man city players and up their budget it might push it through as they woul have the funds??
  2. I think I do how would I go about uploading them?
  3. It's okayy the contract runs out on 1st July 2026 and I'm currently in 23rd September 2023 so I don't think it's that! :/ part of me is wondering whether it is because man city didn't have the funds anymore but they were signing players in January and the summer window too but not anywhere near the figure of 70 million?. Thanks
  4. Hi, love the forums btw! I need help and I apologise if I've posted in the wrong bit! I'm in the prem with Cardiff , and I was in January transfer window in like 2021 and I received a bid for my player sylvan gourcuff from man city for 70 odd million, now it was like the 29th of jan and typical of having fm2012 on the iPhone I knew the transfer wouldn't go through in time so I change the bid so the transfer went through at the end of the season and the transfer was agreed. All good! Until I get to the end of the season and even the end of the transfer window (August) and it still says pending on the transfer screen and on the player profile it still says he's looking forward to joining man city? I don't know what to do because I can play him I think but he's not in my plans and is causing my harmony rating to go down because he's unhappy yet because of the pending transfer I can't release, offer him out or do anything to his transfer status....? Any ideas what to do?? Thanks