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  1. Could you please do me a personal favour? Downloaded the latest drivers to hopefully solve issues with game speed, but am not sure whether I have them correctly installed or not. The ATI software says I do (driver packaging version 8.771) but dxdiag apparently says the driver date is 8/26/2010 which would be unchanged from previously. I'm not sure whether this is indeed the latest driver or not - just wanted to compare to someone else with the same graphics card. Please let me know, I appreciate your help. Thanks!
  2. Think I have the latest drivers, just re-installed them. Doesnt really seem to have helped though?
  3. Guys, wondering if anybody else has this issue or can help me out. FM10 worked perfectly on my laptop - 2.4 GHz, 2 GB of RAM. Now the FM 11 is so unresponsive - its as if I'm always running on battery mode. There's a lag of a second or two after every click. Its difficult to explain but makes the game very frustrating to play, everything takes double the time. I was wondering if 3d was the issue so put it off and turned all graphics down to a minimum - not helped. I've also shut off all my other RAM consuming apps including Chrome but that did not help either. Any ideas? Is this a demo specific thing? I really want to buy FM11 but not if my laptop cant run it smoothly, even without the 3d engine. And it should be able to given that FM10 ran like a breeze. Thanks!
  4. Italian LB from Lecce on FM2005

    Erminio Rullo
  5. Best to buy young players who will go on to become stars, rather than already established ones who'll be too expensive and probably uninterested. Get in a new GK, DL, DC, MR, and strikers. GK - Foster and Joe Hart are really the only options DL - Mattock is definitely the stand-out choice here, becomes a future England intl DC/R - Michael Mancienne or Mark Beevers, both young with tons of potential MR - Michael Kightly (moved to Man Utd in my game) or Jack Wilshere cutting in SC - Dean Ashton definitely, I'm not a big fan of Defoe though. James Vaughan is another beast then also try to get some of these guys - Nathan Delfouneso, Danny Welbeck, Daniel Sturridge, Jack Rodwell, Jose Baxter. All these probably wont be good enough by the second season but give them some first team experience and a few years, and they'll all be top quality.
  6. United and Arsenal released Welbeck and Wilshere respectively on my game barely 2 years in. Both potential leading Premiership players.
  7. Gabriel Zakuani is another fantastic loan signing
  8. Need a good centre back

    Gabriel Zakuani on loan? Maybe Simon Walton for ~ 500k
  9. Any of you successfully managed to get it done? My pitch state is currently "terrible" and I asked the Leeds board to relay it in March and they said they'd do it at the end of the season. Then asked them again in June and they said they'd already approved it. However its now mid-July and I havent seen anything about it, so getting a little bit worried. Any ideas?
  10. Anyone else ordered from game.co.uk? Have you received your game? If so, what was your order status before you received it? And if yes, then whats your current order status? Reason I ask is because my order status hasnt changed in a few days, its stuck on 'your order is being picked and packed'. Mail them yesterday to find out whats going on, waiting on a response.
  11. Is Victor Moses still not a -9? Could someone tell me what his PA is? Guess shelling out 1 million on him for Leeds was a mistake then Also could someone check on Adem Ljajic? Thanks a ton
  12. Well I'm a United fan in real life so I hate Leeds by default. That said though, I do love taking over fallen giants in the game and restoring them to their former glory. Had a good game with Leeds on FM08 as well, and I'm going to continue this one when I get the full game. There isn't yet an official Leeds thread in the forum, is there?
  13. I wouldnt necessarily agree. Howson and Delph start the game as good League 1 players with the potential to go on to be good Championship or even Premiership level players. Besides, I suppose each player plays the game his own way. But I hate getting in cheap bargains from all over the world a la Sam Allardyce. The club just loses its 'personality' then I reckon. I want a good mix of local players who have grown up with the club and some foreign stars. I also like to maintain stability, and dont sell players unless they really arent good enough for the team. Whether I'm getting good money for those players or not is immaterial.