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  1. Defending

    Okay then i definitively dont want a David Luiz in my team. lol jk. I might try playing him as a BPD since i play my team with attacking Mentality.
  2. Budget

    what is that?
  3. Who are these regens?

    Nope. I haven't retrained any of my players(dont really know if they help)
  4. Who are these regens?

    Whos Regen could this be?
  5. Swansea

    I am in my second season in october and this is my team. I play as attacking, direct, committed and pressing. Allen is a BTB, Brittton is a BWM Sinclaire and Dyer are wingers, Graham is a TM and Kadlec is a poacher.
  6. Defending

    I see. I play as Swansea and i am in my second season. I play Jamaal Lascelles(great stats and is only 18) and Ashley Williams(17 or more for pace, stamina,strength,Decisions,positioning and heading. All the others important defending stats are 13-14. Lascelles is a ball playing defender so maybe limited defending is probably not good for him. I play the both as central defenders
  7. The Board hates me...

    How did you get that awesome team?
  8. I haven't seen a post about this so i thought i would write about it. When you start a game check your budget and adjust it. You might have a bigger transfer kitty than you thought! I recently started with Swansea and my budget on wages was a lot more than what i really used. I adjusted it and i had 20M to spend(I only used 13M and left the rest for wages to get players to sign new contracts). That is a lot for a team that was just promoted!
  9. Defending

    I play as Swansea btw
  10. Does making a defender play as a limited defender help you concede less goals or does it do almost nothing? I dont concede a lot at home but away i usually concede 1 or more. Has anyone tested this out?
  11. Swansea

    I got addicted to this game again lol. Its almost the end of the season and i have changed quite a bit now. I play as balanced, direct, pressing and my formation is 4-2(CDMs)-3-1. I now play Vorm---Rangel-Caulker-Williams-Taylor---Britton(BWM)-Bodde(DLM)---Dyer(winger)-Sigurosson(CAM-APM)-Sinclair(winger)---Graham. Hooper got injured for 3 weeks so i played Graham as TM and now has 1 more goal scored(12goals) in 7 less games. I also decided to play with 2 defensive mids because i won against Man Utd and Arsenal like this. My record in the BPL is 12-11-15 and i am in 11th place and i am also in the FA Cup final(against Chelsea ). I have only lost 3 games at home but lost 12 away. Also it seems that when i play attacking i concede more. Also when i concede early in the game my team cant score the equaliser even if i put attacking. How can i beat Chelsea?
  12. SWANSEA I have had this game for a while but i got really mad at it. I started playing with big teams and dominated but my forwards couldnt score. I stopped playing it for a while then yesterday i started playing it again as Swansea. My current record is 2-2-4. I play as balanced, short passing, pressing and my formation is 4-2(CMs)-3-1. Vorm---Rangel-Caulker-Williams-Taylor---Britton(BWM)-Allen(APM)---Dyer(winger)-Sigurosson(CAM-APM)-Sinclair(winger)---Garry Hooper(CmF). I dominated in most games but couldnt score. I have not lost or won by more than one in the league. Help?