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  1. I was thinking about a similar structure. Only the difference, that there are only big teams in top regional divisions (like CSKA, Shakhtar, Zenit), so no small teams from Estonia, Armenia and so on. But smaller teams, that are not present in the top united division, during european slots play they own tournament (like a CL with groups and play-off), and best, let's say, two teams (finalists) get a promotion to the top league for the next season. On this case all teams will be involved to the competition, and in the same time the large difference between teams from different countries will be avoided.
  2. Nice story and good progress! But why you do not make screenshots of your players? It would be interesting to see.
  3. Alexandr Gorbachev is brilliant! Good signing. Must play in the first team already
  4. Yes, I set the number of teams in the level-2 sub-divisions from 6 to 20 (at the beginning they have 10-16 teams in each).. I guess that it must be enough. Maybe there is a way to make a dynamic relegation from the second level based on the number of relegated teams from the higher division. I think it is possible to implement by using hidden stages, but I didn't try yet.
  5. I think just to write the correct divisions in the teams' sub-divisions tab. Would this work?
  6. I have the following tournament structure: - ... top divisions; - 2nd league with 5 regional sub-divisions (5 teams relegate in total); - 3rd league with 15 regional sub-divisions (5 teams promote in total); - ... lower leagues. What I want to do is that one team from each sub-division of the second league relegates to the 3rd level. And in the 3rd league 15 winners of sub-divisions play a small promotion group stage (5 groups per 3 teams in each). But the promotion group stage must be region-based. So, the winners of 3A, 3B, 3D sub-divisons always must play together to promote to 2A sub-division and so on. For example, let's say winners of third league from Estonian, Lithuanian and Latvian sub-divisions play together to promote to 2nd league Baltic sub-division. What is the best way to make it in the game?
  7. Try to add them a new sponsor with 100m fee every year and set the period of it for 100 years
  8. Good luck! Wanted to start a career in Kazakhstan, but was totally disappointed by the research level in the country... Players look underrated and 90% of them have zero skills in the database. Do you have any custom db updates or some changes? Just I'm not surprised by your so solid local domination already in the first season because of the default database. Hope you will have a motivation to play the save during a long time. But anyway, good start and I'm following this
  9. Are u still interested in that? We can do it for the new FM.
  10. Cannot see your last pictures (links)
  11. How to qualify teams playing in a third country to european cups from they home country? So, for example, I want to make that Swansea qualifies to Champions League as the best team of Wales, then take Cardiff as a second place team and so on.
  12. Thank you. But where to put it? I don't have this file...
  13. Yeah, I know that I have to be very careful with that. But anyway, how to do it?
  14. Is there a way to unlock "Unique ID" field in the FM Editor? I've found a solution for FM15, but now it does not work. For example, I want to change "Unique ID" value for a player. Thank you.
  15. You have to send in round fate actions competitions to which you want to qualify teams and stage from that competition. Then in your "Europa League" in the defined stage in the "teams" tab set "get qualified teams from specific stage" and set there your original competition and stage. And for sure, you have to use the Advanced editor for that
  16. Do you use Advanced Editor? Just choose your competition and set "Edited rule (Override all original rules)"
  17. So, the question is how to read crash dump files? When I'm doing my own competitions in the FM Editor, sometimes I have crash dump errors. But how can I open it to understand what is a problem? Without that it is really difficult to get through this and solve the problem. Opening with Notepad++ is not really helpful. Testing updates in the Advanced editor is terrible and does not give me any ideas.
  18. Yes, sure. The Advanced Editor contains all features of the basic editor plus "additional" functions. Add teams to the needed competitions and change number of teams on the specific stage
  19. I'm looking for an editor file to start a new save in 2018/19 season (start date in July or August 2018).
  20. I join to the previous comments. Great job! My favorite story so far.
  21. Nation -> Match rules If you do not see the right one (or it is blank), the only way is to create a new one and link your competition or stage to this rule.
  22. I qualify teams in a competition depending on their results last year. In total I have 4 competitions to qualify clubs from. So, from the top-level competition I qualify 4 best teams (all members of a semi-final round), from the next one I qualify first two teams (winner and runner-up), and from the last one I qualify only a winner. The problem is that I also have a cup, which can win any team from these competitions. So I want to qualify the cup winner firstly, and only then teams from other competitions. For example, if one of the four top teams from the top-league wins the cup, I have to qualify the 5th teams from this league. How can I do this? The option "user runner-up as a backup" does not work (if qualify next team from other leagues), as well as the "Get best teams from division" (or "Get best teams in competition") does not return the fifth team that I need. The last option works if I get teams from domestic competitions, but mine is an international club competition and here it is not working properly. Any ideas how can I manage this? Thank you.
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