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  1. @Conardo, just a hint: open a Wikipedia page with the injury you want to check in English and then choose a page with your language. If a such page does exist, usually you get 100% accurate translation.
  2. Have anyone already tried to create a Champions League with a swiss- like system, what media are talking about in the last days? I believe the system like this should be possible with the Advanced editor and I would like to know if anyone have yet any prototypes or ideas?
  3. Hi, great career! I have seen you loan out some players outside KSA. Does not it stop the days counter from gaining the nationality?
  4. Has been "Realistic Transfer Preferences" file updated, or the problem with the Netherlands (and maybe other countries) is still present? Anyway, thank you for your work! It is amazing.
  5. Hi @Timo61, I have updated some rules in your Luxembourg file in order to make it closer to the real structure. You can include it in your megapack. Luxembourg (D5) - bsanchezb.xml
  6. Hello @majesticeternity, Would you mind to share some screenshots with transfers from different leagues (preferably different levels)? I see in the thread that there is a problem with Netherlands, has it been resolved? I also have some doubts in starting a new save with the update without some "proofs of the concept". Anyway thank you very much for your work! Your updates are amazing!
  7. Yes, you can. The graphics is applicable for all versions normally. I have also moved the graphics from FM20 to FM21 beta and it works.
  8. Here you go! It's a waterfall on Koh Samui, Thailand.
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