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  1. @Conardo, just a hint: open a Wikipedia page with the injury you want to check in English and then choose a page with your language. If a such page does exist, usually you get 100% accurate translation.
  2. Have anyone already tried to create a Champions League with a swiss- like system, what media are talking about in the last days? I believe the system like this should be possible with the Advanced editor and I would like to know if anyone have yet any prototypes or ideas?
  3. Hi, great career! I have seen you loan out some players outside KSA. Does not it stop the days counter from gaining the nationality?
  4. Has been "Realistic Transfer Preferences" file updated, or the problem with the Netherlands (and maybe other countries) is still present? Anyway, thank you for your work! It is amazing.
  5. Hi @Timo61, I have updated some rules in your Luxembourg file in order to make it closer to the real structure. You can include it in your megapack. Luxembourg (D5) - bsanchezb.xml
  6. Hello @majesticeternity, Would you mind to share some screenshots with transfers from different leagues (preferably different levels)? I see in the thread that there is a problem with Netherlands, has it been resolved? I also have some doubts in starting a new save with the update without some "proofs of the concept". Anyway thank you very much for your work! Your updates are amazing!
  7. Yes, you can. The graphics is applicable for all versions normally. I have also moved the graphics from FM20 to FM21 beta and it works.
  8. I was thinking about a similar structure. Only the difference, that there are only big teams in top regional divisions (like CSKA, Shakhtar, Zenit), so no small teams from Estonia, Armenia and so on. But smaller teams, that are not present in the top united division, during european slots play they own tournament (like a CL with groups and play-off), and best, let's say, two teams (finalists) get a promotion to the top league for the next season. On this case all teams will be involved to the competition, and in the same time the large difference between teams from different countries will be
  9. Nice story and good progress! But why you do not make screenshots of your players? It would be interesting to see.
  10. Alexandr Gorbachev is brilliant! Good signing. Must play in the first team already
  11. Yes, I set the number of teams in the level-2 sub-divisions from 6 to 20 (at the beginning they have 10-16 teams in each).. I guess that it must be enough. Maybe there is a way to make a dynamic relegation from the second level based on the number of relegated teams from the higher division. I think it is possible to implement by using hidden stages, but I didn't try yet.
  12. I think just to write the correct divisions in the teams' sub-divisions tab. Would this work?
  13. I have the following tournament structure: - ... top divisions; - 2nd league with 5 regional sub-divisions (5 teams relegate in total); - 3rd league with 15 regional sub-divisions (5 teams promote in total); - ... lower leagues. What I want to do is that one team from each sub-division of the second league relegates to the 3rd level. And in the 3rd league 15 winners of sub-divisions play a small promotion group stage (5 groups per 3 teams in each). But the promotion group stage must be region-based. So, the winners of 3A, 3B, 3D sub-divisons always must play together t
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