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  1. Anything yet? Haven't noticed anything different yet
  2. Graphics for FMM

    Great fansite here: http://vibe.community/files/
  3. I thought lollipop would have sorted this out for me, but it hasn't. Can we have an option within the game to choose where fmh2015_data is stored? We can now transfer the app to SD card (only 50mb) but the data (all 1GB+ of it) doesn't follow it. I've tried uninstalling, rebooting and reinstalling - doesn't work, still stores it internally. I think it is because Xperia Z3's reference internal storage as sdcard0 and external as sdcard1... If we could have the option to pick, that would be great (and save some space on internal storage!)
  4. Disappointed its not out on Android yet, when is it due? Also, will the 1080p skin be on Android? Would be nice.
  5. Götze never improves?

    He starts with a CA of 166 and has a PA of 182, so he has room to improve. I sold him though as he didn't have the stats to fit in my system
  6. Offer received but no message

    When is the next update likely to come out? Please say before the update...
  7. problems with managers son transaction

    What's the ETA for a fix? This bug is preventing me playing the game, which is a weird punishment for those of us who paid extra for the add-ons
  8. Update 3 - Loan Glitch

    Excellent - any chance of a fix? Its ruined 2 of my teams now as i've had to cancel the loans
  9. Hi, Thanks for the great game and the update, appreciate it. I've come across a glitch in my League 2 save which is causing me havoc! I signed Dongou on a season long loan from Barca with 0% of wages being paid. I have a wage budget of £35k and I was on £30k. Suddenly, I got my performance review through and it said the board were unhappy about finances. Took a look at my wages and voila, they'd magically inflated! I released a few players who were also supposed to be on 0% loans and the number fell, proving the games bugged. Here's screenies for proof: Is there anyway I can resolve this? I've tried releasing the player (brings the wage back down to normal levels) but then i can't resign him