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  1. So maybe I'll just have to go in and re-do the awards? Something got corrupted somewhere? Thanks!
  2. trying to enforce a mid-season break from the end of the opening stage to early January. Here's my setup: Invalid Fixture Dates: Mid-Season Breaks (top one = normal break, bottom one = friendly period): Season Periods (New System): However, here's the message I got after the opening stage ended on December 4: And here's the team's schedule: None of these dates correspond with what I have set up in the editor. I want a midseason break from December 4 to December 27, and friendlies from early January til the last weekend of January when the closing stage starts. How can I achieve this? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hm. yeah, I created a bunch of new awards for some new nation rules.
  4. seems to work fine, but after holidaying for a bit to see if my awards are working, when i click the awards tab (or any other tab), the game crashes. custom database and 2 crash reports attached below. Here's the game file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/13GLu-6VEN4n2R8VJKE6VZR8RMjcvJ8hN/view?usp=sharing thanks for any help! crash 3.rtf crash 4.rtf centam_pinolero BASIC 2 xml.xml
  5. Trying to make a more or less realistic Costa Rican league. There are opening/closing league stages that feed into a four-team round robin playoff. The team that places first in the league stage plays the team that places first in the round robin for the final. The winner gets continental qualification. If the same team wins both opening/closing tournaments, then the runner-up with the most points overall gets the second continental spot. I've tried to create a separate league stage to implement all of that. The winners of each final qualify: as does the 2nd-placed team in the relegation table: Then there's stage 7, the Continental Qualification stage: Stage 5, the closing tournament final, must finish before this table can be set up: Here are how the teams are chosen: And then sorted: Then, the first two teams qualify for the continental cup: Under this system, the winners of the opening/closing tournaments are given the highest seeding, the runner-ups are given a lower one, and then the second-placed team in the relegation table is given the lowest seeding just in case (I think they're a relic of when I was trying to make the winners directly qualify from the opening/closing tournaments and send the runner-ups to a qualification table). However, when I try this out in the game, this happens: In the opening tournament, Limón is the winner, and Herediano is the runner-up: In the closing tournament, Santos is the champion, and Saprissa is the runner-up: However, in the Continental Qualification table, only Limón and Herediano show up: Thus, those two teams are in the CONCACAF Champions League, rather than Santos and Limón: In another test, this happened (no screenshots): Saprissa won the opening tournament and Alajuelense was the runner up --> Saprissa should have a seeding of 2 in Continental Qualification stage, and Alajuelense should have 1 Herediano won the closing tournament and Saprissa was the runner-up --> Herediano assigned a seeding of 2, and Saprissa is assigned 1 However, in the Continental Qualification table, rather than keeping the seeding assigned from the opening tournament, Saprissa was apparently sorted by the closing tournament seeding, and therefore, the table looked this this: 1. Herediano 2. Alajuelense (because they had more points overall) 3. Saprissa What edits can I make to the database to make sure this Continental Qualification stage gets enough teams, and that they're seeded/sorted correctly? Thanks in advance for the help! I appreciate anyone who gets this far lol.
  6. so within the competition itself, everything's fine. the right teams advance and everything. it's grabbing the wrong teams at the outset. from what i can tell, it seems like it's just grabbing random 1st division teams rather than the specific ones i want it to, and i've never used "get all teams from division" or "get best teams from division" in the Teams section.
  7. yes. what do you mean by everything to do with distribution should be calculated in the Teams section? i've got the right number of teams qualifying, but the problem is that it's not the actual teams who should qualify that are getting put into the competition. thanks for your help!
  8. I've been trying for a long time now to create realistic CONCACAF competitions: the Caribbean Club Cup, the Caribbean Shield, the CONCACAF Champions League, and the CONCACAF League. Since the game is missing Central American leagues, I've been wanting to create (more or less) realistic competitions for them: all have some form of Opening/Closing league stages, then playoffs. However, I can't figure out how to make these country-specific league databases work together and make sure that the continental cups are choosing the correct teams. In Nicaragua, there's an opening league stage --> playoffs; closing league stage --> playoffs. The winners of the playoffs qualify for the CONCACAF League, and if they're the same team, the runner-up with the best league stage record qualifies. For the continental database, I figured that the easiest way to do it would be to "get qualified teams" and set the country to Nicaragua, figuring that the Nicaraguan database would fill in the gaps and, if I set teams to qualify for the CONCACAF League there (had to create the competition in both databases), it would work. However, no matter how I've tried to set up the Nicaraguan database, I can't get the winners of these playoffs to reliably be placed into the CONCACAF League. I tried specifying that Continental Cups should take teams only from the playoff stage, I've set league fates everywhere, I've tried "Set Continental Cup" and "Qualify Team for Comp," and I tried to set up a separate qualifying table, but I haven't been able to get anything to work. One thing I was thinking is that in my continental database, the CONCACAF League has the Unique ID 100000024, while the CONCACAF League in the Nicaraguan database is 10000028 or something like that. Should they have the same unique ID in order for the game to recognize them as the same comp? Any ideas? The most recent databases I've used are attached below in XML form. pinolero FINAL quall 3 xml.xml CONCACAF 2 xml.xml
  9. for what it's worth, i haven't verified the database through the editor, because despite the dates working out for the season periods and everything, i tend to get a stage hasn't finished or a certain team has played too many games error (even though in previous versions of the DB i've been able to sim a full season without problems, it's literally just the league history that's a problem right now). maybe that's the problem, though?
  10. i've been trying for a loooong time now to make a realistic Nicaraguan league system. i set up opening/closing stages, playoffs after each one, and a relegation table. the problem i've been having recently is getting the correct league history to show up; the game keeps listing the top 3 teams in the table as the winner/runner-up/3rd place, rather than what i want it to do, which is list the winner and runner-up of the playoffs as the winner and runner-up of the entire stage. the last thing i did was, in the Competition tab for Liga Primera, put "add history to record" for stages 2 and 4 (the playoff stages), had the playoff stages process results into stage 0 (the relegation table), and alter the ranking levels a little bit. thanks for your help!
  11. Been trying to make a custom database work, but now all of a sudden FM crashes whenever I try to use it. For some reason, the crash report won't load when I ask to send a report, but the XML of the database I'm using is attached below. I'd appreciate any help! Thanks!pinolero NEW 4 xl.xml
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