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  1. Hes one of my fav players. He won Golden Ball at Age 20 in my Parma save
  2. seems like it's overall FM trend. When opponents got one or more players at DM strata its very hard to find space for your AMC. You have to remember you are trying to replicate the best player in history of this sport. It's just impossible. He's playing as AP(A) at CM, AP(A), Treq and SS at AMC, and F9, Treq and CF as striker at once Let me prove it by bringing some statistics from this season: Lionel Messi has the most in La Liga: Goals: 34 Goals from outside the box:8 Direct free-kick goals: 6 Assists: 12 Chances Created: 85 Shots: 187 Passes in opp half: 14
  3. players mentalities Idk who posted this, but I found it on this forum.
  4. D'Amico is the best, most consistent player I ever manage from old CM times, and he's definitely great at AMC
  5. so Italian clubs just selling their stars and replacing them with average free players on most calcio saves?
  6. I enjoying my calcio career. It's pretty easy when Juventus got bad season. Sadly most of big italian clubs just collapse. Milan, Roma and Napoli all kicked out from european competitions cause of financial problems. They sell almost all their good players
  7. As far I can remember Roy play different role in comparison to Patrick. When he play with Scholes he play like a battling midfielder. I would say BWM(O) and Scholes SWR. Vieira was more like a DLP.
  8. I having fun with Parma save. finished 5 or 6 in the serie A, just after prometed from Serie B. D'Amico at the age of 18 won Serie A player of the year with close to 20 goals and assist as Trequartista. If someone searching for cheap profile regista or dlp - Antonio Vacca from Parma is great one.
  9. I would love to see a 'static' role for slow finisher, who would just stay in the box all the time waiting for finish.
  10. I have nothing against this. Values of young players around the word should be lowered, not Portuguese inflated.
  11. This league looks broken. They producing tons of best wonderkids in the world every year, and the most important - those kids are cheapest players. I literally bring more than 30 youngsters in 4 years to my club from Portugal and they all cost from 0 to 250k.
  12. At start I want to apologize for my English. I hope you can understand my thoughts. As far as I can remember there was always the same formula for players who getting old in past FM versions. Depending on the natural fitness, players physical attributes going drastically down. Pace, acceleration, agility, stamina, balance and strength nosedive when players past their peak. But this is not the case in real life! There's some examples in real life which work like this, but there's a lot more which prove this formula is bad. Quick look at players top speed stats during the matches pro
  13. That's why its misguide me. If 20 passing is not 2x better than 10 passing, why we are using this numbers? how can I imagine how good my player is when I can't compare him to other players?
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