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  1. So, have I got this straight? Coaching assignments for the U23 players and 1st team is one and the same. U18 coaches can only coach the U18 players U23 coaches can coach 1st team, U23 and U18 1st team coaches can coach 1st team and U23. Exception: Fitness coaches, goalkeeping coaches, and myself as a manager can coach 1st team, U23 and U18. It seems putting a fitness or GK coach to coach both the 1st team and U23 group, and also the U18 group, has no negative impact on the star rating they give either group. Does this really have no impact, or should I not use my 1st/U23 fitness/GK coaches for the U18s? So, what is the difference then between a 1st team coach and an U23 coach? (Apart from the U23 being able to coach the U18s as well). Regarding the workload part, I usually assign my poorest coaches to every category to help out on the workload - ridiculous really, but seems to work?
  2. This is a tactic I had much success with on FM17, and that's continued on FM18. It's not one for all matches - I use it at home when I'm favoured, away when heavily favoured, and when chasing a game. It can bevulnerable on the counter down the flanks, but concedes surprisingly few chances against. It'll create lots of chances, score lots of goals, many from crosses from the wingbacks to the forwards and SS, the Roaming Playmakers also chip in. Possession is usually around 55-60 %. The screenshot below pretty much sums the tactic up, there are no PI's. The Ball Playing Defender is not a must, I use when I have one that fits the role, otherwise just two regular CD(d). The player in the AMC position can also be an AM(a). I usually decide based on the player and the opponent (weaker opp -> SS, not so weak, -> AM(a) ). The key is he fills the box with the forwards. For the players I focus on the following: Wingbacks with good crossing. Also need stamina, they will be going up and down those flanks a lot. Quick centre backs as the line is high. Dynamic and versatile Roaming Playmakers Versatille forwards who can not only finish but run, pass and are decent in the air. The screenshot is from my current British Challenge with Liverpool. Give it a go and let me know how you get on! -giventofly.
  3. If you delete a future transfer for a player in the existing database (say, Naby Keita to Liverpool), will the transfer budget for that future window automatically get the freed funds? Or do I have to edit that as welll?
  4. As a lifetime soccer guy who've followed the NFL and the Packers for the last 15 years or so, this was fun to read. "Win the one-on-ones" and "players, not plays"...I miss Vic already! The concept of matchups and mismatches is something I've picked up from the NFL, and I've mostly incorporated it through my team selection -- pacey wingers against slow fullbacks, a big tank forward against smaller DC's, etc.
  5. I want to play a British Challenge game with Liverpool, using only British players. For this I would like to have board philosophies to match, meaning I want the board to want me to do this. I thought I would accomplish this through using the Buy players from the same nation as club and/or Buy players from the same nation as chairman (using an English chairman). I edited my chairman to be English and put 20 on both these traits for him. But in the philosophy talks at the beginning of the game, they are still not available for me to choose. Any ideas as to how to get this to work? If it's possible to make this a philosophy that's already in place when the game starts, then that would be even better.
  6. My understanding of the difference in concept between a fullback and a wingback (in real life, not FM) is basicly that a wingback is more offensive, and a fullback has more defensive responsibility. But in FM, how do these two roles (or rather four roles, including the Complete wingback and the Limited fullback) compare, especially considering the different types of duties available? In essence, what I mean is how does a Fullback Attack compare to a Wingback on Support or Defend Duty? Or, how does a Complete Wingback Support compare to a Wingback Attack?
  7. OK, so basically the TI tells the team how to play when NOT in a counter-attack? I'll consider the Drop deeper TI as well, seeing if they drop deep enough without it. As regards the Pass Into Space TI, this was also with the counter-attacks in mind.....would it also be of little use then? I imagine that when a counter-attack is NOT on and I have possession, I would like them to play a slow, low-risk game, retaining a little possession
  8. That sounds very good. I might have to use Specific Man Marking to get my AML/AMR to track their fullbacks, but on Counter and Defensive it might not be necessary? To defend deep and create room for the counter attacks To have the defenders and CMs concentrate (almost) exclusively on defending and not join the counter-attacks, but rather stay back and save their energy for defending. I figured this would be the key setting, as the main thing I want from the tactic is to defend deep and hit them on fast breaks with 2-3 pacey players (Origi, Sturridge, Sterling). Haven't decided yet, but my first thought is the DMC as Def Midfielder Defend (possibly Anchor Man), one CM as Cent Mid Defend (think a BWM will be "sucked out of position" due to closing down) and an DLP on defend. It's pretty good, playing as Liverpool I have Sven Bender, Lucas Romero and Henderson as CMs.
  9. OK so I want to set up a counter-attacking tactic utilizing 3 fast offensive players - 2 wingers (or inside forwards) and 1 striker The rest is a standard back four, and positioning the remaining 3 central mids along with the 3 attacking players. I'm thinking about either a 4141 formation or some variation of 433 with AML/AMR and a ST. Ideally I would like to use the 4141 to lay with a complete bank of four in midfield, but my plan is to use Divock Origi as the AML or AMR, and he's not a MR/ML. Will a 4141 with a DLF on support and two wingers on Attack duty, with the defenders and CMs on Defend (possibly a MC on support?) be a good idea? My first thought is to use the following: 4141 Defensive or Counter Rigid or Very Rigid Team instructions: Pass into space Drop deeper (if using Counter) Direct passing Higher Tempo? But my question is how to set it up to make the team behave like I want to?
  10. I think the OP just did...? Also....OP: any way for this not to show up on my opponent's tactics in the match buildup sequence? Feels kinda like cheating to see what roles he's given his players. Can always try not to look, but I still catch a glimpse now n then
  11. Amazing skin, thanks so much. Very easy on the eyes and great font/size - a pleasure to play with! Just one question/suggestion: Is there a way to get the circles showing fitness % and match fitness % (the ones from the Physical box on the Player Profile page) to show somewhere one the Attributes page? Edit: And if someone could tell me if (and how) it's possible to make the text after a players name on their profile, indicating the player's position(s), bigger? ....and if/how to make the text in the press conferences bigger? Thanks!
  12. 33, been playing every single game since the very first Championship Manager on my Amiga 500. Not as much time now with kids, work and missus, but have had the same progression the last couple games: First a save with Liverpool until won "enough" Then a save with an English club trying to win all trophies using only british players Then a break Then a save or two where I try out specific styles or formations, like wingers&targetmen, libero, strikerless, etc.
  13. This! Would be great to have it in the full game too, the repetition of the same questions over and over get tiresome after a short while. And you can't trust your assistean not to say something stupid that upsets someone, either...
  14. That is strange. I've got Keisuke Honda to take my free-kicks, who's got both the attributes and the PPMs to be good at it. Luis Suarez and Marco Verratti has also had some tries. Over a total of 5 seasons I got one goal direct from a free-kick - it was Honda in a preseason friendly against a team from deep down in the divisions, hence the goalie couldn't catch a worm in an empty jar... As for long shots, I also think I've gotten one or two over these 5 seasons. The really annoying part of this though, is Daniel Sturridge who's got Shoots from long range PPM: he fires away from 20+ yards a good few times every match - I'm sure he doesn't even get them on target more than 1 out of 10 tops, and when he does it's an easy save. To me it just seems so meaningless and frustrating....and the worst part is he's not able to unlearn it :/
  15. You're probably right, me being in a bad mood isn't helping this. But my experience of FM13 was, like many others, troubled during the first few months. Lots of bugs, fixes that fixed them but caused other issues. The same seems to be happening this time around: the newest patch has caused much more problems than it's fixed, at least from my experience. Right now, I don't see the point in playing, because of the ME issues.
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