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  1. Hi all, I'm looking to try a Club and Country challenge with a non-European nation (maybe Mexico, the US, or Japan), but I think that the low reputations of non-European continental competitions, as well as way lower prize money, might effectively place a ceiling on how much we could develop non-European clubs and leagues. There are some excellent custom DB's out there that modify continental competitions (particularly Dallan's Worldwide Champions League), but unfortunately custom continental competitions break dynamic league reputation, which would be one of my goals for the save. There's als
  2. I'm sticking a fork in this one. I somehow managed to misunderstand the changes to Fluidity/Team shape, and thought it was now purely aesthetic, but have recently discovered it affects creative freedom and the distribution of mentalities, just like it used to. I've played some very successful football with this, largely down to the quality of my side. Still, I'm extremely happy with that result over Real, and we basted Atleti at home as well. I'm not pleased with the aesthetics of our play though, and it was kinda just forcing round pegs into square holes without realizing that fluidity is sti
  3. Team is performing well, but a couple things haven't been working as well as I want to, so I made a couple tweaks. The Striker's involvement was still very inconsistent, so I swapped him to a DLF(A). I still want him on an attack duty, but it's the only one that won't encourage to stay so high that he's too easily crowded out. Without the justification of supporting the ST closely, I moved Messi back to AMR, with an IF(S) role. My Winger on the left switch to W(A), which not only suits my players, but has made him more of a goal threat and provided better supply to the others, as he wasn't get
  4. If you tell your team to work it in and players to cross it less, then they’re either crossing because they see a chance, or because they have no other options. This doesn’t apply to literally every attack of course, but over several games, a ton of crosses indicates a lack of other options. Im not familiar with your players, but here’s a couple things to try 1) More width makes sense to create space in theory, but it’s also going to space players further out, which means fewer viable passing options generally, and it’s going to put players in wider positions, which usually lead
  5. Tactic feels more settled now, as in our regular season opener we bossed play against Villareal but just didn't have our shooting boots on. 61% possession, 28 shots, 12 on target, one off the woodwork. 2 half chances but nothing to show for them. I'll be updating less frequently now as I tweak over the course of several games, rather than in response to one or two. Still tests ahead in terms of getting results against very defensive teams, or against opponents who are truly our equals
  6. In our first competitive game, we picked up a 3-0 win over Sevilla. Here are the stats I'm pleased we kept our passing and possession numbers up against a higher quality of opponent who didn't simply cede the ball to us, and I'm very our shooting accuracy and lack of long shots. I noticed early that we were still having issues with overly ambitious dribbling, so I've added dribble less as a permanent TI. That and the mentality and tempo tweaks saw us give a strong performance. If I'm being critical, we allowed too many opportunities to Sevilla, but none were truly quality, and we're
  7. Second real preseason match has us taking on Stoke. Here's how we did Again, we had the lion's share of possession, with a super high passing %, albeit a modest total. Some issues persist, as long shots and crosses are too high for my taste. We did create some good chances though, and scored a penalty and a one on one from a beautiful first time through ball in the last minutes. Additionally, Suarez continued to be a complete non-factor as a pressing forward, our switches to the winger dried up as the opposition played a much less narrow formation In light of our concerns
  8. My first two matches were against Austria Wien and al-Ittihad, but many of the key players were still on holiday. With tactical familiarity and fitness low, missing key players, it was hard to make much of those matches so I didn't over analyze, but I did notice that our passing % for defenders is lower than I want. When I noticed the same thing in our third game, I added play out of defense, which seems to have rectified that issue, so we'll be adding that to our list of standard instructions for now. Below are some other quick notes from the match against Anderlecht First off, the
  9. Been getting back into FM after a long while away the last couple weeks, and I started by taking Barcelona for a spin. They keep the training wheels on for a little bit, and are ripe for a short term save, since they've got quality but need a serious rebuild in the next few seasons. Anyway, I had some good success over my first year and a half, but I was really bothered by two things. Firstly, we were scoring too many goals for my liking from set pieces and long shots, rather than open play from inside the box, which was what my whole philosophy was based around. Secondly, it wasn't just that
  10. IWB is a little bit tricky, in that they don't necessarily do what you would think all the time, i.e. tuck inside. If there's no player ahead of them, they will play much more like a traditional wingback/fullback. In the above setup, you'll have an inverted winger going outside to in, and a mezzala starting inside and moving wider. I believe Defender's thinking is that the IWB should step into midfield to "replace" the Mez, who will push pretty high with the Attack duty when in possession. I don't have experience using an IWB with hugs line, but it should still work. I'm speculating a little h
  11. Here's an updated tactic. It's an improvement for sure, and the movement and space look much better. Still a lot of crosses, but completion % has gone up hugely over the couple matches we've played. Long shots seem better balanced as well, so that's nice, although we're still scoring virtually all goals from corners and crosses. Likely needs some more tinkering to perfect. Major changes are a slight increase in tempo, a slightly lower defensive line, and the addition of the counter instruction to create some more rapid transitions when they're available. As far as roles, I've swapped the AF to
  12. Thanks for the tips! Definitely noticing the struggles of the AF, and concur on the rest. The slow build up + high press is a really good example in particular of instructions combining to create unintended consequences
  13. Hey there tacticians, I'm really hoping someone can offer some advice here. I'm trying to get my team to play attractive, team based, pass and move football in FM 19. I'm really struggling to produce it against low blocks and compact defenses though. To be clear, results are good and I'm scoring plenty, it's just that everything comes from set pieces, long shots, and a ridiculously high volume of crosses. Build up is fine for the most part, but our play in the final third is ugly and uncreative. Obviously, based on real life examples we all know that breaking down low blocks is tedious work an
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