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  1. Thanks to your advice and not so interesting lecturer I made up my mind about tactical changes. All in all, I want to create 3 different tactics for different situations. A universal tactic for matches where the odds are quite close. Once I figure that out I want to build a more attacking tactic and a more defensive tactic. But first things first: -We have a rather good squad for the league. Or so I think. I always check out the stats of the best opponent relative to my first team players. As I like my shape and I think it suits my players I keep it. -A lot of people mentioned my CM role combination. I get down to that first. It's a standard tactic. I don't want to commit too many players forward nor do I want to have them all in the back. My CM's need to cover the defence, link the play and be available for a pass or create chances themselves. Thus, I set up an DLP(s). I expect him to cover and to carry the ball forward and start attacking moves. If things don't go well up front he offers a passing option in the back. I still need a player who makes himself available and attacks the room off the ball to create space for himself or others. A CM(s) should hopefully do that or maybe even an CM(a)? Not sure yet! -Now I focus on my wide players. My ML has awesome dribbling, finishing and flair attributes. He is super fast and agile. He always cuts inside (PPM). I want him to be one of my main goal scorers. He can beat his opponent and cut inside afterwards. I make him an W(a). On the other side I have a really decent player as well. Not so fast but excellent for build up play. I always want him to offer an option and to craft out nice chances every now and then. I make him a WM(a). Since both my wide midfield players are attacking I set up the wide defending players as supporting fullbacks. -I still have a AMC and a STC. The AMC should be someone who is ready to attack open space as well as create it for himself or for teammates. I believe the AM(At) is a good option. I want my STC to connect to the rest of the team. He shouldn't be far off and be involved in build up play. Thus, DLF(Su). -As I mentioned before I want a standard tactic to play against evenly matched teams. Thus, I set my mentality to standard. I don't want my team to waste posession easily. I also don't want the ball to fast up the field as I might run out of attacking options again. Therefore, I set the following TIs: shorter passing and lower tempo. I will also tick exploit the middle so the CMs make themselves available further up the pitch. My advanced players are quite good at dribbling: run at defence it is. This could give other players time as well to position themselves accordingly for a nice pass. The result: Some further ideas: -if I face a lot of pressure or need to preserve a lead I can change the DLP(Su) into a DLP(D) or a CM(D). -If I need more option up the pitch I can change the CM(Su) into a CM(At). What do you think about my thought process and the result? @all: I tried to incorporate as much of your advice as possible. I won't have much time to play FM during the weekend but I report with a run of games as soon as I have the time. @rashidi1: will check out for YT channel. Personally, I don't think I have a really huge problem from the other team scoring from down the flanks. I think the location of the assists are fairly even distributed. At least I didn't worry about it for now. After all, assists have to come from somewhere when you concede.
  2. Thanks for the feedback so far, I really appreciate it! @Rigga89: you said "players simply can't run up the field to offer assistance fast enough". I think that might be very true. After a couple of passes the ballcarrier finds himself in the most offensive position. The only options I have then is pass back to the players. What could solve this problem? Taking into account what s1111 said I might reduce mentality to standard or even counter? A lower mentality should lead to a shorter and less risky pass game. This in turn should allow player to catch up and offer options? Could I alternatively set the TI shorter passing or retain posession while mainting the control mentality? @s1111: Gil and Veretout are indeed switched around normally. McClean is playing on his wrong foot indeed I need to change that quickly since I wanted him to beat his man quickly and deliver a nice cross. Beginner mistake I guess. The striker is Valere Germain! I originally set him as an AF to have always one man up top and to prevent that I run out of attacking options, but I understand where you are coming from. Just out of interest: why would you say he is lacking dribbling abilities? I thought a value of dribbling 13 and technique 13 should be sufficient. I am not aware of an option where I can compare dribbling attributes among the divisons attack players. Am I missing something here? Concerning the duties I actually thought support duties would do the trick and do enough runs. Is it save to assume that attacking duties should be distributed more among players originally positioned defensively? That could mean they tend to run forward more often. A striker is naturally positioned high up the pitch, thus it is more important that he works back and can therefore be set on an support duty. Also thanks for the mentality tip. I didn't knew passing would be so aggressive with the control mentality. @Kieran87: I have trouble seeing the issue of no one moving into the box. I actually thought the B2B midfielder would do that for me. The role itself sounds like a lot of movement. Same for the Treq since he has roam from position enabled by default. Could you elaborate please? Yes I want my lb to get involded due to the WM on the right side cutting inside and acting as more of an inside forward. I just positioned him there to have a solid defensive shape. All in all: I start working some changes out and will review the player roles in midfield since a lot of people don't like my BWM. If you have suggestions and answers based on my response keep it coming. Keen to get the tactical side of the game right. Thanks.
  3. After a first unsuccessful year at the second division in France I managed to get hired by Aston Villa for the new season. The recently relegated club wants to make it to the play offs. After selling a few players to competitors in the same league (as they don't want to play at my club anymore because we got relegated ) and buying some new faces I went straight to tactics. First thought: my squad is pretty strong and we can make it to the playoffs with ease (or so I thought) and I'd like to incorporate that in my style of play: be a bit more aggressive. But actually I focus more on the material on hand when making play style decisions. I believe I understand the roles better than team instructions which often remain a mystery for me, especially since I struggle to see any changes when watching matches. Roles and positioning on the pitch is way more obvious. I also struggle to understand shape and mentality 100%. Thus, I made a simple rule for me which I believe works more or less: the more attacking the mentality the riskier and faster we play. Also, we tend to gift more rooms to the opponent if we go more attacking. Shape determines how spread out the players are and if they interact as a collective unit or not. My tactic: Mentality: Control Shape: Structured Team Instructions: None Play Instructions: Push higher up for the BBM Idea behind the system: -Defensively solid due to a rather conservative positioning of the players on the field -Control Mentality and BWM should reflect a more aggressive style of play -WM(su) is supposed to cut inside and act as a goal thread as players used on this position have the ppm cut inside often -T(At) should be the creator in the system -WB (Su) and W(Su) should offer width in order to create space in the final third Results: Problems (at least what I think): -at some point in our attacking play I reach a point where the highest player up the pitch faces 5 defenders but none of his teammates is positioned high enough to be the next threat -> I added push higher up for the BBM to encourage forward runs -I really struggle to create nice chances -> a lot of blocked shots -> sometimes the box is really crowded -I struggle to generate shots anyway -I concede the most against aggressive wing play 4-2-3-1 wide -> maybe in general an aggressive tactic -the majority of the assists of my opponents come from the right side (21) from very deep (14) and from the left (13) -> maybe my D-Line is too high? -I concede early on in matches Solution: I have literally no clue. I think I was able to identify problems but ... For fun I downloaded a tactic presented on the forums. I thought I might learn something when I look at another working tactic. Well, that failed. At least the learning experience. My team is playing wonderful football with the tactic but I fail to understand how. The tactic had 6 attack duties and 17 team instructions. Let's say it is a bit against what I think I learned from various guides. Feedback and help appreciated. Cheers!
  4. I set my two CM's on defend and one of the strikers as a Trequartista. The CM's are doing a solid job defensive wise. However, the Trequartista is also not able to link the midfield and the attack. After the first half I changed the formation to a 4-4-1-1 with an AP as AMC. The results remain the same, midfield and attack are just not really connected. The AP is not able to craft out chances at all. Even my defenders play riskier passes than he does. It doesn't matter what duty he has. Either he plays to high up the pitch or he just play simple possession passes. I tried several roles now for striker and midfielders to link both lines. However, players tend to behave the same irrelevant of the roles and duties (expect the CD(d). That's like a bad joke.
  5. If I have to assess my team I think they are pretty average. We got a lot of talent but it needs to develop first. Therefore, I would say we do ok with an average position in the midfield. However, I have two strikers who are pretty decent for the league. They are not the fastest ones, but have really good finishing attributes and should be able to score goals easily. My defence line should be strong as well as I have two decent fullbacks and a really good DC. The midfield is lacking a bit of quality and the other players are talented but need to develop first. The squad harmony is really good. I didn't sign any new players so far. I also have to mention that competition is pretty intense and teams don't tend to be far apart in terms of skill. Your last paragraph described my problem perfectly. I have one CM on a holding role and I tried various roles for the other one. A CM(a), a CM(s) and an AP with both duties. Nothing really did the job. I just seemed that midfield and attack don't link up pretty well. I rarely have shots or other chances. My players tend to give the opponent to much time to structure themselves. I am using a control mentality with a structured(rigid) team shape. I felt players focus more on their responsibility e.g. defenders defend then. The DLF(s) stay as high as the advanced forward does. He is not coming back at all when we are in possession. He is coming back when we lose the ball though, but that doesn't really help to connect my midfield and attack. Besides Agility and Flair he would make a good Trequartista.
  6. Oh ok, maybe I shouldn't stick to that one then. Can you recommend other tactics which are easier to handle in FM?
  7. I could try to make one of the CM's a deep lying playmaker. However, does that solve my issue of not getting enough shots? As far as I get it, he drops even deeper and is not really supporting attacking runs. I definitely try out the defensive forward up front. Hopefully he is able to link my attack and the midfield way better. Overall, I don't get why I create so few chances. I thought I have a balanced tactic which should allo a fluid interaction between the different lines on the field.
  8. I adjusted my tactic a bit according to your input. However, I didn't want to play with two CM(D)'s as I felt I have too less people to support ttacking moves then. The system remains to be a 4-4-2 with a control mentality and a structured shape. No team or individual instructions. The new roles are as follows: The stats of the next game: -I barely have any shots (only 2 during the first half) -no CCC at all -From what I see at the pitch: barely no attacking movements from the midfield -> that's why I orginally put one CM on attacking. The DLF(s) is not trying to link midfield and strikers when we are in possession. He just stays high up the pitch. If we loose possession he drops deeper, as soon as we have possessio he pushes really high up the pitch again. In my eyes that doesn't fit the role description. I have no clue what to do
  9. Thanks for the input. Your reasons to use two CM(D)'s are understandable. Still, I think that could weaken the link between my midfield and attack. Actually I changed the CM from a support duty to an attack duty as I had the feeling the balls were always stuck in the midfield and didn't find their way to the strikers. However I will try it out and change the CM to D and implement a DLP(s). I also adjust the wide playmaker role and see how it goes. The FB(A) worked fine for me so far. Every time the WP was about to cut inside the FB looked for an overlap and provided a wide support on the flanks. Maybe it is also worth mentioning that I want to use the tactic as my home tactic. So I think it can be a bit more aggressive. However, games and stats don't show that. The mentality options are just really weird. I read some guides about it but still I don't see really big changes after I switch them in game. Nevertheless, I feel that might be an important option. I was able to win a game just by changing the mentality from counter to attack. One could argue it was luck. I am actually not sure about that and I have no idea how to use the mentality settings effectively.
  10. Hi everyone, football manager 2011 was my first one. Since then I continiously struggle with tactics. This year I would like to give it a final try because it is really frustrating to see my tactics fail year after year. Long story short: I took over Rostock in the 3rd German Divison. The competition is intense and my team is predicted to finish in the mid-table. After reading some guides I sat down to develop my tactic a 4-4-2 with the following player roles I expected to move my players across the pitch the following ways: The teams mentalty is counter as I want them to play a patient attacking football. The team shape is structured as I wanted to have a solid defence. After watching some matches I added higher tempo and shorter passing as team instructions for the following reasons: During the matches a majority of the players tried long passes and crosses from the deep and gave possesion away easily. In posession, my team moved the ball around too slowly, allowing the opponent to built up a solid defence. However, I felt that the team was creating too less chances and I needed some backup in the AM. I decided to change the formation to a 4-4-1-1 with the following player roles: I expect my players to move in the following areas: Mentality, Shape and team instruction remained the same. During the first half of the first league match my opponent was dominating me possession wise and had really good chances. My team seemed to move to less and too slowly. Players were giving possession away easily. I decided to make some tactical changes. I changed the wide playmaker into a wide midfielder and allowed a more flexible shape so players can decide more where they want to contribute. I instruced my whole defence line to play shorter passes. I deleted all the team instructions and added work ball into box. In order to get my players to play an attacking style I changed the strategy to attacking. Indeed my players moved better around the pitch for a moment before it went back to the same slow paced football as before. Even my defence started to play long crosses from the deep again even though it's against their instructions! Nevertheless, I was able to grap way more possession. However, I barely created any chances. After all, I didn't really see a tactical change. Here a the game's stats: I simply don't see where I can change my tactics in order to create more chances. Even after reading guides and watching complete matches the changes in mentality and shape remain a mistery to me. I love football in real life but I can't transfer my ideas into the game. I totally don't understand the player behaviour. Maybe the players are just too bad or too stupid to follow my instructions but I doubt it Any help appreciated. Thank you!
  11. If you are talking about the coach attributes this guide is pretty helpful: http://passion4fm.com/football-manager-2014-coaching-star-calculator/
  12. I'm playing with an attacking mentality. I guess my fullbacks push forward to quickly and therefore the defenders play the ball wide most of the time. I change that and see if it makes a difference. It also appears to me I don't really understand the different mentalities and how they really affect my tactic. Do you know any decent guide on that by accident? I'm looking to get into the tactic area of the game this year. Every help appreciated. Thanks!
  13. I have an Anchorman on the DM position. Additionally, the DLP-S. Unfortunately my defenders prefer to clear the ball to the flanks or attempt really long passes. The team instruction says: shorter passing and exploit the flanks. Could that be the problem?
  14. My defence line has pretty poor passing attributes and they tend to play a lot of misplaced passes. What can I do to avoid that? My thoughts so far: -instruct them to play less crosses and shorter passing -> not really working -maybe introduce a DLP(s) in the MC position who picks up the ball Any thoughts?
  15. My advanced playmaker (MC) barely moves from his position nor tries he to attack the box from deep. In general he is just not able to get my attack going, even though he has quite decent stats for the league. Any ideas why? I switched his role to an CM(a) and found he moves way more between the lines. How's that? Shouldn't the AP be responsible for generating chances and starting attacking runs? Am I getting the roles wrong?
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