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  1. Been to Amsterdam for the last few days, on the train to Paris now. Sorry if it's been asked but Google seems a bit unclear. Anyone know if you're able to take your own drink into the fan zone? Think it's highly unlikely but you never know
  2. The weird thing is that pre-Iceland I would have really fancied our chances against France, given that they hadn't really impressed. One week on and it's clear we would have been annihilated.
  3. This has been entertaining, and while it pains me to say this living so close to the border with Wales (and hence having lots of mates giving banter), I really found myself wanting Wales to win against Belgium. It's been brilliant. If they could reach the final, as much as it will be slightly embarrassing on our part, it would be unbelievable.
  4. Most infuriating player for me last night was Sturridge. Also think Vardy will be much more effective against teams who don't defend for 90 minutes, as perhaps will Kane. I'm not too downbeat at all. We've dominated each game against teams who wanted to not lose against us, rather than beat us. All top teams would have struggled to break them down last night.
  5. This is what I mean about the English mentality though, we're no different to the top teams in the world in this respect. Germany actually lost to Slovakia in May, Spain lost to Georgia, Portugal lost to Cape Verde Islands ffs. Any team would have struggled to break them down last night. The comparison with Wales isn't fair as both Slovakia and Russia will have set up to win the game against Wales, whereas they simply set up to not lose against us. I'm not worried, though I don't think we're gonna win the damn thing. People just come out as overly critical of England when they want to. Fact is, we've looked solid and completely and utterly controlled each game so far. We've conceded just 2 goals, one of which was a blunder by our keeper from miles out which wouldn't happen on other days. We shouldn't judge England on these games. The judgement should come when we actually play teams who want to beat us, as that is when it matters.
  6. Think it's clearly the XI which started the first game, minus possibly Sterling
  7. For all of his criticisms, I think this is completely untrue. I think we could all easily guess what he thinks his best team is.
  8. No I'm with skybluedave on this one
  9. We'll be in Paris for the final, but will be watching from the fan park en route to Barcelona. No chance of final tickets obvs
  10. Mourinho to United on BBC now.
  11. The blinding-ness of the Premier League Heaton has been Burnley's number 1 for a good few years now.
  12. I'm 90% sure I saw a link saying that it was off. Must have been too quick to announce.
  13. Game is off. L'Equipe confirming.
  14. I hope you're right. Maybe that will be the case as it's in England not France.