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  1. I was more referring to the fact they tend to come out of poverty, and often are employed by gangs/people smugglers...
  2. It doesn't help that those men Sugar is referring to in Marbella, have often gone through hell to end up in the position they are in.
  3. His Twitter right now is great entertainment. According to him people who RT'd it are essentially 'endorsing' it and he's calling them disgusting
  4. Robbie.Knox

    England V Tunisia 1900 BST BBC1

    I really don't get some of the people in here who are so downbeat. First off, we know where we are as a team - we know that we're not going all the way, and 3 points against a properly tricky Tunisia team IS massive for getting out of the group. Tunisia came into the game on the back of some decent results and were always the 'banana skin' for want of a better term. It was always going to be this sort of annoying game, it would have been for most of the top sides too! Why should it be any different for us? Secondly, we shouldn't put down the performance. If you add up the 2 goals, the Lingard volley, Lingard hitting the post, Stones spooning the chance on the turn, Rashford's dummy, and then 2 penalty shouts, that's 8 decent chances. Throw into the mix the fact that it was a debatable penalty to give away, and it shows up to be a good performance. On another day we win that 4-0. Obviously there are improvements to be made, and we won't get away with it against top teams, but ffs, there are more positives than negatives out of that performance imo. We need to be better with finishing, we went missing for a period in the second half, and we need to tighten up at the back. But barely any team has played so far this World Cup without a few improvements necessary.
  5. Robbie.Knox

    England V Tunisia 1900 BST BBC1

    Not just the Kane incident though. Maguire has been battered at the back post at every corner.
  6. Robbie.Knox

    SSD on FM

    You can't really go wrong with the Samsung Evo range. They're really good value for money.
  7. He nearly ruins it for me. He’s a complete cock, so patronising to ‘lesser’ teams as well
  8. Robbie.Knox

    The Greatest Video Game / Console of All Time - THE RESULTS

    PS2 for the exact reasons above imo.
  9. Robbie.Knox

    Football Manager 2018 OTF - Nov 10th Release

    Good to see Miles being a prime **** on Twitter again today. Deliberately teasing out a new announcement this week, then getting angry when everyone thinks it's either a new game or to do with FM19.
  10. Robbie.Knox

    OTF/FF World Cup 2018 Sweepstake

    Nice one RFM
  11. Robbie.Knox

    World Cup quizzes

    Good thread . Loved that one above that @Rob1981 posted
  12. Robbie.Knox

    England's World Cup 23

  13. Robbie.Knox

    The FIFA 18 Thread

    2 x Lineker and 2 x Matthaus ffs. Are you ****ting me . Just means you have to go again every time you get a duplicate!
  14. Robbie.Knox

    Day thread

    Yeah after looking through a few Tweets I suspected not actually