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  1. So I assigned my DOF to sign players for my u-18 & u -20 team since evidently I don't pay enough attention to them (I still negotiate the contract & confirm the players he wanted to sign, though) But I just noticed that he tried to sign players from Non EU when I only have 2 slots for Serie A players. Can I tell him to just sign EU players instead?
  2. FM 21 had such a good start w/ better ME, but lately it's been iffy as hell with newgens not generating enough, low average ratings and now that I was punished playing w/ 10 men... for nothing? No injury, no sending off. Apparently Caceido just jogged off while the substituted player decided he didn't want to play...
  3. Damn, just found out about this. I was thinking why the # of regens seemed to be low this year. But the last game I played was FM 19, while spending a month or two with FM 20 touch on my tablet. Turns out there's been a bug lol. I just thought my scout was terrible @ finding players lol
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