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  1. Must have features and potential features: - Please please please add the ability to lock individual player roles. For example it has always been a nightmare when you bring off a player where they have long shots often because they have a great long shot attribute but the player who comes on has a poor long shots and you have to go into it and change it every single time, why not be able to lock a players individual instructions? Same again if you want to bring off a player who you have made come back and mark the tall player on corners and bring on a player who is 5'4 and they still mark the tall player... It's soooo time consuming. - somehow make network play for all players as fast as the host. (If possible) it has always been slow for the players who aren't the host. - keep the offside goal flash (new on fm13) and I think it's a hit! Makes it way more intresting. - player power: fm12 and 13 have been all a bit too easy and don't show the increase of player power in the game... Try making it impossible to keep an unhappy player, it's always been too easy to give them a promise. - computer clubs with money should flaunt their cash around more: computer clubs never want to break the bank the same way as I do (this has improved in fm13). - diving: there needs to be a diving ability (preferred moves) can be a positive and negative, getting booked for diving or winning a penalty. - player unhappiness: since fm11 I have hardly ever seen personal problems reason come up, this is quite frequent in real football nowadays and I think other specific reasons could be introduced like a player 'cannot settle in London' or 'for family reasons would like to leave'. - please please please introduce past manager meetings stats: we already have past meeting for the teams but I always like to know how my managerial career has been against a specific manager and past meetings with that manager and with what team. Especially when I have my network game with my 3 friends being in 2043 (true). - Career threating injuries: introduce retirement injuries, the team gets a insurance payout if it happens (very rare) but can happen. - introduce manager bonds: better interaction with favourite personel, for example it would be good if you could speak to a player that is your favourite personel to try and get him to join your club on loan or perminant. - MUST HAVE FEATURE: in future fm's the role of the club chairman should be more involved with the running of the club, for example Chelsea owner can force a transfer or suggest one, depending how u negotiate your contract (like attractive football promise in '13) the chairman can force you to sign a player or suggest to sign. Whereas other clubs they will trust u fully in the transfer market. Clubs that have a new massive takeover, yes the money may be good but there are other demands that come with that. Chairmen may force you to sell a player they don't like or go above your head and buy one or even force a director of football upon you that you must work with. I think this is the way football is going and would make the game even more challenging! - personalised time achievements: if I have been at a club for say 10 years I would like the game to reward me with such things like the club naming a stand after you. - stadium names: better stadium names, choosing naming rights for the stadium and other options like that keeping you involved with the new stadium plans. I have many more ideas but am getting bored of typing. Thanks and hopefully you have noted a few things down Tom
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