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  1. I do recall one game being extremely dodgy for me. Was winning 3-0 in the CL quarter final and 10min before time the game crashed for whatever reason. Loaded it back up, went in with the same tactics since I'd saved it just after setting everything up, and lost 3-1. Mind you I wasnt having that. I would of won if the crash hadnt happened. So I reloaded (coughgamedeserveditcough) and same tactics, lost 2-0. I went another 7 games without winning and reloading. Shouldnt happen since I was winning with said tactics and formation. So I started changing things. On the 15th reload I finally
  2. I'll probably skip it too. Getting real sick of SI waiting till the last month to give us info about it. Theres no competition for the game to bother doing this. In fact no other game series even does this. Absolutely pointless.
  3. I dont know if we're allowed to put up video links, but its something I cant screenshot. Like most have mentioned defenders are pretty special now. I think this is the first time somethng like this has ever happened in the entire time I've been playing the FM series. Basically in my Liverpool game, Cissokho just cleans up one of the other players in my penalty box who does NOT have the ball. Its like late tackle x10/ . I mean its pretty magical. Less impressed since it was during one of those losing streaks you cant avoid.
  4. If you're running windows 7 just hit the little rectangle thing in the bottom right corner of your screen to minimize all windows, or use the shortcut keys. It should refresh everything and minimize, showing your desktop again.
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