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  1. I do recall one game being extremely dodgy for me. Was winning 3-0 in the CL quarter final and 10min before time the game crashed for whatever reason. Loaded it back up, went in with the same tactics since I'd saved it just after setting everything up, and lost 3-1. Mind you I wasnt having that. I would of won if the crash hadnt happened. So I reloaded (coughgamedeserveditcough) and same tactics, lost 2-0. I went another 7 games without winning and reloading. Shouldnt happen since I was winning with said tactics and formation. So I started changing things. On the 15th reload I finally won. I lost in the semi, but thats not important. What is important is the game outright had it in for me after the crash. Infuriating x10
  2. I'll probably skip it too. Getting real sick of SI waiting till the last month to give us info about it. Theres no competition for the game to bother doing this. In fact no other game series even does this. Absolutely pointless.
  3. This has either been mentioned before or theres a way for it to show it, but I'm too stupid to know any better. A couple things, firstly is there a way to cancel out of the loading screen during games being played? Once it drops down the window and shows everything going, sometimes it'll go for a couple days or more. In the past versions you could stop it at will and mess around. I could be missing something.. Also regarding this screenshot- My brain is useless and most of the time it forgets what match I'm in the middle of. So I was thinking that area where I've circled that has nothing at all in it, maybe it could list the game thats being played. Like CL QTR FINAL, FA CUP, FRIENDLY, etcetc. If theres an area for this to be listed in I'd appreciate the info. I really should know more about this game but I am pretty slack.
  4. I dont know if we're allowed to put up video links, but its something I cant screenshot. Like most have mentioned defenders are pretty special now. I think this is the first time somethng like this has ever happened in the entire time I've been playing the FM series. Basically in my Liverpool game, Cissokho just cleans up one of the other players in my penalty box who does NOT have the ball. Its like late tackle x10/ . I mean its pretty magical. Less impressed since it was during one of those losing streaks you cant avoid.
  5. If you're running windows 7 just hit the little rectangle thing in the bottom right corner of your screen to minimize all windows, or use the shortcut keys. It should refresh everything and minimize, showing your desktop again.
  6. I had a quick question which sort of doesnt belong in either but more here I'd say. Why is there a review embargo on this? Surely early positive reviews are smarter for extra sales.
  7. Hopefully the things I bring up havent been mentioned already, I didnt notice it while skimming through. I've got my highlights speed on at about 80% so its fairly fast. After a goal the whole team seems to slide/jerk back to their start positions. Its very painful to look at. I saw mention today of a player called Joel Pohjanpalo, 18 year old striker who plays for Helsinki. Mentioned how he scored 33 goals in 23 games and bigger clubs are after him. But I dont see him in the game anywhere. Considering we start game in july, some of the things shown in it dont happen till the end of August. Like for example with Liverpool, a few players like Carroll were loaned in the last few days of the transfer window, but in this game they're gone from the beginning when they should be at the club, removing the chance of being able to use team or sell them etc. I dont see why this has to mimic something that happens in the future. I must add I'm not a fan of the font style and size for the emails. They're different to everything else in the game. More squished and smaller. Sort of annoying to read. Will we ever get the option to change these for email letters. Maybe with colours for names and teams to make them stand out a little more. I believe the font size is far too small for it. Way too much wasted space around it of all white nothing. It should be able to be improved.
  8. I'm fairly disgusted in this myself. It was beyond frustrating having to spend $70-$100 on CM 10 years ago, but we suffered it because our exchange rate was pretty crap. Now we've worked our way up and the prices are still the same. My friend pointed out the steam price and I couldnt believe it. Him and a few others planned on not buying it this year after that, but I saw mention the GreenManGaming price and pointed it out to them and now they, and myself, are buying this years version. However if Sega start making all the online sites sell for the same high price as of next revision, which I have a feeling they will, you can forget any support from a bunch of us who have been buying the series faithfully. I also dont get why the US should get a discount price while the rest of us get slapped in the face. I recall SI having more teeth in the past regarding publishers. Now its our turn to feel unappreciated.
  9. Classic. Sick to death with all the stupid team talks and media talks which half the time appear to give random outcomes. Huge waste of time. Yes I could give that to my assistant manager but it still has knock on effects. I want it removed completely.
  10. Greenman is an excellent place and yes, codes work just fine for us. I've been buying from there for years. For those who think this is an error, its clearly not. Some publishers purposely slap prices up for us for zero reason. Activision does it with all their games. 2K Games do it. Ubisoft charge more for their games and from memory I think Sega has done this with previous games, like Total War. The original excuse used to be the exchange rate for why we paid more than any other country. Now that excuse cant be used. Its still happening.
  11. Wish they'd mention something about the new game. It used to be july. Now its like 3 weeks before release. Complete opposite of how marketting should be for your game.
  12. Technically the thread should be called wishlish 2014. Anything suggested in here has zero time to be implemented or changed in the upcoming title.
  13. Not sure if this has been mentioned in another thread, cause theres nothing in this one. Team morale idea. I was reading the news for Liverpool recently and it mentioned how they went go-karting mid week for team bonding. I thought to myself how cool is that. Then I thought how come I cant take my stupid team on excursions? This would really help snapping the team out of their emo periods when you start to lose and drop down the table a little and no matter what you do the team is still in emo mode even if you climb up into the top 4 sometimes. Options to be able to take them on bonding trips would be great. Especially multiple options where some influence the team more then others. I mean if you say HEY TEAM TO THE BEACH!! But its like...3 degrees out, this obviously wont go down well. Or going for a BBQ at a park but the weather is raining. I dont know. I just want to take the ******* out somewhere. Let me take them to a curry restaurant. Risk food poisoning
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