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  1. Bangor F.C. Bluefin Sport Premier Intermediate League Media Prediction - 8th out of 12 Manager | Club Overview | Facilities | Finances | Squad (part 1) | Squad (part 2) Current youth prospects: Fitzpatrick YP19a | McCartan YP19b | Mulholland YP19c | Coleman YP19d Last year I enjoyed my save with Ards Rangers, promoting them to the top division and beating fierce rivals Ards in the Steel and Sons trophy. This year, I want to try with Bangor since I just can't get the Rangers promoted from tier 4. Some may say that choosing Bangor is cheating because they have almost 35 players in their team :D. Believe me, most of them are not that great at all and I will offload a bunch of oldies and youngsters that won't be part of the regular team. It is good though to have at least 25 players since we have a set of cups to participate in. We also have a bunch of newgens (4 boys) with Coleman YP19d probably the pick of the bunch. With media predicting us an 8th place and the board wanting mid-table, this might turn out to be a tricky one.
  2. Northern Ireland reset date is June 25th. Seems every time it's going to be Bangor that gets promoted after holidaying season 1. Tried to get Ards Rangers, but without luck. Will go with Bangor, I think... Cheers, this is a great initiative. I have loaded all UK leagues and a bunch of top divisions from top countries.
  3. I have decided to have a go and have some fun in Slovenia. Don't know why Slovenia. Mainly because not much divisions to go through (just 2 playable divisions here) and the league is neither obscure nor powerful (so should be moderately difficult). The reset date in Slovenia is July 1st, so save on June 30. I have taken over NK Tomlin, one of the few teams that actually have a proper squad of non-greyed-out players. Manager profile - Squad - Facilities
  4. Ards Rangers August 2021 Review NIFL Championship Solid start to the season. We were on top in all of our league games but couldn't beat Newington in the 3rd game - Kane Connor P (Bal) cafe off te bench and got injured after just two minutes... *** County Antrim Shield As per usual - rotated squad, don't care about this cup. *** Steel & Sons Cup Poor. Although rotated the squad, we conceded 3 goals from 3 shots before starting to play football... *** League Cup A hard fought win. Our youngster goalkeeper 21a Copeland GK (FAmb) scored his first official free kick in his career. *** Player to watch 18k Kelly TM (FAmb) - Perfect start for the targetman up front, scoring 4 goals to boost us up the table. *** Manager thoughts Downside: Morale is low, this is never a good sign. We are also over the wage budget, using £339 out of £300. Upside: I have a feeling that we'll fight for promotion again this season.
  5. Ards Rangers NIFL Championship Season 2021/2022 Preview Board expectations | Budget As per usual here. Not to get relegated and the wage budget is getting smaller amd smaller each season. This season is all about stablilizing ourselves in the top-6. The youngsters are not ready for the big step up just yet. Maybe in 1 or 2 seasons with the right intakes, but not this season. As for the cups, will see how it goes. Would love to win smth but it's not a priority.
  6. Ards Rangers Season 2020/2021 Review NIFL Championship Board expectation - fight bravely against relegation | Our result - 3rd League Graph | Results | Transfers *** Toals Steel & Sons Cup Board expectation - Second round | Our result - Second round *** Irish Cup Board expectation - Fifth round | Our result - Fifth round *** League Cup Board expectation - Be competitive | Our result - Second Round *** Intermediate Cup Board expectation - Second round | Our result - Runner up *** County Antrim Shield Board expectation - First round | Our result - First round *** Awards and Stats Club Awards | Best players| Best XI | Team 1 | Team 2 *** Season by season overview
  7. Ards Rangers Danske Bank Premiership Relegation Playoff Ards - Ards Rangers Despair... we had twice as much shots at home but couldn't hit the target and were destroyed 3-0. We almost rescued the tie in the away game but...
  8. Ards Rangers NIFL Championship Playoff Ards Rangers - Carrick We have pulled off an upset, demolishing Carrick in the away leg and coast into the biggest game in the club's history... Against...
  9. Ards Rangers April & May 2021 Review NIFL Championship Just like last year, we've bottled it. The draws just killed the momentum as we slipped to 3rd. This was enough to get to the play-offs and a chance for promotion. *** Intermediate Cup Lurgan Celtic was the better team on the pitch and deserved the win. I feel sorry for the lads, they played well throughout the campain but bottled it in the biggest game. *** Player to watch 20b Crawford DC (FSport) - possibly our best defender in the team. *** Manager thoughts Downside: The poor run of games can hinder our chances of promotion. Upside: We did better than last season and I can't blame the lads. Most of them are still boys.
  10. Ards Rangers March 2021 Review NIFL Championship We survived at first place somehow. 5 games left now in the promotion group. *** Intermediate Cup Into the final we go. *** Player to watch 18k Kelly TM (FAmb) - he isn't scoring a lot of goals but he is our best key passer in the game with 19 in 21 apps. *** Manager thoughts Downside: Our form is slipping and promotion is not a possibility with such results in recent games. Upside: The Intermediate cup is in our hands. Almost.
  11. It was time to clear out some of the youth products to reduce the workload of the U18s coaches. It was a hard decision but these are the rejects. Some of them played a bunch of games for us but it was time to let them go.
  12. Ards Rangers Youth Intake 2021 Based on personalities - fantastic. Based on variety and CA - we have some good depth now. No 2nd nationalities though. *** Goalkeepers: 21a Copeland GK (FAmb) Finally, a good 2nd choice goalkeeper. With potential. *** Defenders: 21b Maguire DR-DL (Bal) Can become a good player if he develops. Can play on both wings. 21c Nixon DC (FLoy) Speedy but poor technicals. 21d Clarke DL (Pro) Has potential to become smth special at leftback. 21e Reid DC (Pro) If his physicals go up, he'll have a chance in the first team. 21f Kyle DR (FPro) Too slow and lacks in key defensive attributes but has potential. *** Midfielders: 21g Chambers AP (Res) Another solid advanced playmaker, we have a whole bunch of them now. 21h Hamilton BWM (FSport) Not enough potential in him I think... 21i Anderson BBM (Bal) A master of none but can develop. We need a box-to-box player. *** Wingers 21j Brennan AML (Bal) Has speed and nothing else. 21k Carson AMR (Unamb) Won't make the cut i think... 21l Jeffrey AMR (Bal) Has something in him but we have too many wingers, so it will be hard form him to prove he's good enough. 21m Gilmore AMR-IF (FPro) A solid inside forward, this time on the right side. I may play with insiders from now on to give us more firepower. *** Strikers 21n Dickson AF (FSport) A master of none... Nothing special with the exception of his finishing. 21o McCann P (LDet) Can become a good option off the bench. 21p Buchanan AF (FSport) Lacks in some key attributes but has potential. *** And this is how they look within the squad after signing contracts.
  13. Ards Rangers February 2021 Review NIFL Championship Our great run in the league continues as we still sit top of the pile. The game against Welders was a real game for the neutrals but 18a Nixon GK (FAmb) was the real hero as he scored 2 free kicks and added an assist from a third! *** Intermediate Cup Into the semis we go after a solid performance agains institute. We have a great chance of getting into the final...! *** Player to watch 18a Nixon GK (FAmb) - his solid performances are the reason why we are still promotion contenders. *** Manager thoughts Downside: None currently. Upside: We can win the Intermediate Cup, I can feel it...
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