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  1. I am also having this issue on several versions of the game.
  2. Wolves are 30 points behind me with 7 games to play. 7 times 3 is 28, right? Why do the media ask Espirito Santo if he thinks his team can win the league? Espirito Santo was asked this question on the 1st of April, while Wolves' last game in the league was on the 19th of March and ours was 12th of March.
  3. you mean he fiercely refuted criticism? i mean, if you're going to come on the forums just to disagree with everyone, at least make sense.
  4. I saw a penalty missed against me in the 59th minute. The ball hit the post and somehow spun over and behind the goal. Uploaded pkm 'Orlando City v Philadelphia - miss pen.pkm'. Orlando City v Philadelphia - miss pen.pkm
  5. At Guarani, in their list of 'icons'. Fumagalli's name is misspelled as 'Fumgalli'. Thanks.
  6. Now I've noticed things have changed, and De Gea is constantly smashing the ball out of play under any sort of pressure, which is a total contrast to before. i'll post a pkm if it keeps happening, but i've seen it over the course of 5, 6 or more games.
  7. not many players would pass in that position. bad example, i'm afraid. but i agree, it's *always* been an issue in Football Manager.
  8. I think a lot of these issues could be remedied if SI brought out a game one every two years instead of once every year. I say this because it feels I start enjoying the game 6 to 9 months after it has been released for one or two main reasons. 1, it seems to take at least 3 months for players to suffer with and report bugs before the game is more playable, and 2, it always takes me at least 3, usually 6 or more months to truly understand the ME and how to set up my team and tactics to achieve success and know that the instructions I implement will be either effective or ineffective based on a stable match engine and interface. I think in two or three months, the game will be stable and I'll think it's the best FM ever. But I hope it doesn't take so long for me to think that about FM21. Either way, well done on making another great game.
  9. I've noticed, which I quite like but find strange, David De Gea's passing with his feet, on the ground and airborne, is really good, close to flawless. I've also noticed opposition goalkeepers spraying the ball around the Xavi Hernandez, and feel it might be worth balancing, but not a priority.
  10. Headers going over the bar *all the time*. It's quite comical now.
  11. So I experienced this problem is FM19 as well. During a match or before, I try to select opposition instructions, but selecting the second instruction leads to the first instruction being removed. So to get the first instruction to work, I have to select that instruction once again. This happens every single time I go to this 'opposition instructions' menu, and it means applying OIs takes twice as long and is twice as tedious as it would be.
  12. Yeah pressing is something that seems less effective than it should be (than it is in real life), and that is frustrating, especially as one of the default tactical styles is gegenpress.
  13. I have received a transfer bid from Newcastle United for my player, Daniel James, and I'm given the option to 'withdraw transfer offer' for him. When I click 'withdraw transfer offer', I am asked, 'Are you sure you want to withdraw your transfer bid for Daniel James?'. m.e v2026
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