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  1. I hope you're not serious. This is not the reason he doesn't get picked for England. Its the exact opposite in recent england managers
  2. I was the biggest young doubter, but I have been proved definitively wrong
  3. Would prefer to see more realistic animations of players, physics etc. Dont really care at all if there are clouds going past or cars going by on roads outside or even pitch/stadium types for different cultures
  4. Turns out we did actually have money to spend no one believed me
  5. Why are you comparing this guy to messi who clearly couldnt be bought for 25 mil. A good player can play above what their stats suggest if they are playing in the right team with the right tactics, besides he looks like hes worth 25mil judging by current standards
  6. Pierre-Alain Frau...

    Had him at Lille as first choice backup to gervinho. thats a very good buy. i also lost him after the first season as he refused to sign a new contract. did well for me racking up the assists either as an attacking winger on the right of a 2-2-1 diamond or as inside forward cutting in from a left wing position never performed as a striker for me though. hope this helps
  7. Don't know if this has already been mentioned but one thing that annoys me is when you've got a cup game or insignificant game where you want to play some reserves or youth players having to move them all individually into the first team and then back again. Surely it would make sense to have some sort of checkbox next to each player so you could just go down and select every player you wished and then apply an action to all (i.e move selected players to first team).
  8. I don't know if this has already been mentioned but it is the worst part of this ears edition for me. Say its one on a defender and striker are standing on the half way line, then the attacking team counter and its one on one. I have never seen the defender who will always nearly have an advantage from being positioned closer to his own goal come across to make a challenge. They will always just run in parallel to the attacker all the way down to the goal until the striker either scores or misses. I'm not looking for advice on how to stop this as it is not my team it happens to but the AI it shouldnt be able to be changed by a change in tactics anway as it just common sense that a defender should make some effort to get closer to an attacker in this situation
  9. any final or high pressure match i use no pressure team talk at beginning them for the fans at half time
  10. conor wickham

    maybe they want to avoid losing him on a free at the end of his contract a la beckford
  11. Closing Down

    no, normally it would like if it was behaving normally, and sometimes when it freezes it manages to close successfully but like I said sometimes it will just freeze and nothing I do seems to be able to close until I have to restart
  12. Closing Down

    nothing else apart from fm does this and I run multiple virus protection/ scanning programs so it can't be that either
  13. Closing Down

    Could you expand, I have win patrol already but when I go to kill task on fm, still nothing happens
  14. Sometimes when it freezes/crashes and then you try to turn the game off it will just go white. This seems to happen quite a bit and you can't close it down either through top right x or through windows task manager (either through applications or processes). Is there any other way to close without having to restart the computer?