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  1. No, you probably did not understand me. I was researching... Here's what this is about and people use this with success even in playing online. Work with all of your FMs 15, 16, 17, 18, 19... it's better for them to find a solution for this, stupid kids spoil the game with this cheat, WORK EVEN IN ONLINE GAMES. They can change any number under finances, income, payroll, transfer, anything. They can do it even from client side... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SwEfZQnK5hY
  2. Hello, I have one question, you can certainly help me. It's Football Manager 2018. The man is leading Red Star (Serbia), his total balance in finances is only 20 millions and the slider allows him to move the payroll budget to over 20 million euros? He can move it Even over his total balance. How he did it, I'm playing FM for about 15 years, so I could never do that. Thank you!
  3. What training to download where I do not need further adjust with workload in season preparation. But to my players be physically ready for the coming season? Please help me. Sorry for my bad English. Charlie.
  4. Ok i will try to rotate them more. Tnx for your help. Can i improve this on traning?
  5. I face problems with my players physical fitness. How to get them to be full fit for all my games? Any help?
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