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  1. Done. Thanks Alari. Im not sure how to update versions. Ill google it. Hope you can help with FM 2012 though. Thanks again. Legend
  2. Done. Ive sent it to alari.naylor@sigagames.com Is this correct? iOS Version - 4.0.1 (8A306)
  3. Hi Alari Thanks for replying. I did actually email you jusr before I registered today. Apologies for that. I just saw your email on a previous thread and am not Community-savvy. the email came from Gary Crombie (me). My iPhone 3 is not jailbroken, and I dont know what iOS is, sorry. But its just a standard iPhone 3 who no unusual modifications. Thanks
  4. Please help, My game crashes when I try and go from one season to another when i click NEW SEASON. I have an iPhone 3, Ive tried freeing up memory and switching it on and off and nothing works. I never had a problem going from season to season until I downloaded an update. Is this something that can be fixed?
  5. I think the ability to be offered a managerial role at a better club is an essential must for this game. Its what being a manager is all about really