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  1. I already progressed the game until february. But I think I had profit like 5k Euros or something like that, very little profit. Since I was promoted to the first league it is not completely balanced but my finances hold steadily on 6,5 mil. I upgraded youth and training facilities and all the money came back next months. Now every month the biggest income are investments - so it is like chairman pumps money to keep finances at 6,5 mil. at all times, but it's bit weird I think.
  2. Sorry for late reply. The file is uploaded and save is just at the end of September. I was promoted to the first league and it is still happening that both income and outcome are equal - not that I'm complaining but it is just fair to mention it if it's bug or something. File name - Chester Bennington - Busan.fm
  3. Hi, not quite sure if it is bug, but it is quite strange. Now 4 months in row I have balanced income and outcome, which means that I'm on the same level with money as on the beginning of the game. It never happend to me before - not in FM19 nor the previous versions. Also I can't find anything in the league rules that could explain it. In the picture it says that the biggest income this month are investments but this changes every month.
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