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  1. Hello all Leeds fan, I decided to start a new last game this year with my favorite team Currently in my third season. Promoted first season by winning the championship, 5th place second season (ahead of Man City) to qualify for Euro Cup. Top of the premier league in third season with 2 point ahead of Liverpool in December. Qualified to first knockout round of Euro cup. Also, managing France and qualified to European league semi-final. I use a very attacking 4231 tactic which proved very good so far My line up is as follows: GK: J. Butland, B.Peacock-Farrell, W.Huffer DR: A.Hakimi, L.Ayling DC: C.Montes, J.Mere, P.Jansson, Regen DL: A.Moreno, Regen MC: S.Tonali, D.Sow, R,Galiagrdini, Regen AMR: J.Clarke, E.Vargas, Regen AMC: D.Olmo, A.Soro, Regen AML: F.Trincao, P.Morilla, M.Baeza ST: O.Edouard, 2 Regens All my transfers are paid. I'm not a fan of installments as it hurts my finances on the long run One transfer to mention is at the end of the second season, AS Monace came with a bid of $30M to buy Casilla which I accepted of course Good luck all Leeds fans
  2. Starting season 3. Season 2 has been frustrating. I was second placed in the Premiere League until December. I had a lot of injuries that placed me on the top of the injuries table for a few month. This made me drop to the 9th position by the end of the season. Getting ready for the new season with the hopes of European qualification this year. Line up is as follows: GK: D.Livakovic, P.Rajkovic, BPF DR: R.Pereira, L.Coyle DC: N.Sule, J.Mere, P.Jansson, S.Markovic DL: L.Kurzawa, T.Pearce DM: R.Bentancur, I.Chochev MC: N.Barella, E.Palacios, A.Oxlade-Chamberlain, K.Philips, J.Shackleton, A.Blesa AMR: Pedrinho, E.Lamela, L.Markovic AML: A.Marin, D.Suarez, F.Trincao ST: F.Arp, Munir, K.Temenuzhkov, P.Morilla
  3. GK(D) WB (A) BPD (S) BPD (C) WB (A) DLP (D) BBM (S) IF/W (S) AP (S) IF/W (S) AF (A) I train my players to adapt to these roles and duties Always in attacking mentality. It paid off against big teams and when I'm losing in a match, I change it to very attacking and the all front 4 to attacking duty if needed Specific player instructions include "Shoot Less Often" to all midfielders and attackers Also, I scored loads of goals from corners so here's my strategy It's the same for left and right sides. The AMC is always the taker as I want the maximum number of players inside the penalty area. I aim to play the ball in the 6 yard box Last year, my two defenders scored a total of 23 goals from corners
  4. Very good results so far that led me to second position in my first season in the premier league Some disappointing performances from Mere, Shaqiri and Arp while super performances from Jansson, Kurzawa, Lamela, Marin and Munir Hopefully, I have a european qualification spot by the end of the season I can share my tactics if needed
  5. All the players are permanent transfers except Shaqiri who is on load with an option to buy for 15m The board gave me 50m to avoid relegation and then I sold Timo Horn to Tottenham for 30m, Nasri to Torino for 14m, Bamford to Fiorentina for 20m, Berardi to Cardiff for 12m, Anita, De Bock, Forshaw, Ideguchi for a total of another 10m It was a lot of money and I started targeting transfer listed players. Lamela, Suarez, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Gnabry and Kurzawa were all listed Boyata, Markovic and Munir contracts were expired and came for free
  6. Getting ready to start a new season after promotion. I made some very good transfers Here's my line up: GK: D. Livakovic, BPF, W. Huffer DR: K. Ruegg, D. Diekmeier, L. Coyle DC: P.Jansson, J. Mere, D. Boyata, L. Cooper DL: L.Kurzawa, B. Douglas, T. Pearce MC: A. Oxlade-Chamberlain, I. Chocev, K. Phillips, J. Shackleton AMR: E. Lamela, X. Shaqiri, L. Markovic AMC: S. Saiz, D. Suarez, Xadas, P. Morilla AML: S. Gnabry, A. Marin, F. Trincao ST: F. Arp, Munir, T. Roberts, J. Clarke
  7. It's a fairy tale Won the league in March with 8 games to go. The biggest game of the season coming up which is FA Cup final against Arsenal. I was lucky to face championship teams most of the games but managed to beat Man City 1-0 in the semi final Wish me luck and recommend some transfers for the premier league and hopefully, Euro Cup
  8. I already have Nasri and waiting for the ban to be over Llorente is a bargain and he has been one of my favorite players since last year but I'm not a fan of loans with no buy clauses. I don't think he would want to join permanently. Besides, in my game he rejected offers from AC Milan and Rome so no way he will accept mine For Charlie Taylor, Douglas and Pearce are doing a great job in LB and I don't need another one Eggestein might be a good signing
  9. Any recommendations for Jan 2019 transfer window bargains?
  10. Cheers. I don't know if the game is easier this year or if Leeds is better but the same happened for me too. After 13 games, 10 wins and 3 draws
  11. So, finally the final version of FM19 is out and I have a free weekend to manage my favorite team Started a new save and I'm very excited about the future. I handle the training which resulted on a couple of long term injuries but that's a part of the game. In terms of transfers, I managed to sell Alioski, O'Kane, Roofe and Ayling. Terminated all loans as I'm not a fan of "no option to buy" which gave me around 45 mils in transfer budget and payroll I bought some good players with this money I created my own tactical style as I prefer patient possession with lower defensive line and medium press to keep team shape However, I'm facing a problem. A lot of players likes to shoot from outside the area even though I gave them specific instructions not to. Also, had 2 penalties so far and none was converted in In terms of staff, i brought in the best I could find My lineup is as follows: GK: T. Horn, BPF, W.Huffer DR: G. Berardi, D. Diekmeier DC: P.Jansson, J. Mere, L.Cooper, C.Shaughnessy DL: B. Douglas, T. Pearce MC(DLP): I.Chochev, M. Klich, A.Forshaw MC(BBM): K.Philips, J.Shackleton AMR: P. Herrmann, S.Dallas AMC: S. Saiz, Xadas, P.Morilla AML: A. Mula, A. Marin ST: P.Bamford, T. Roberts, K. Temenuzhkov S. Nasri is banned and I'm planning to get rid of Hernandez Results so far Not the best results but I'm waiting until the team get used to the tactics. Both draws, I was up until injury time and goals scored against me in the last second On a side note, I haven't seen any VAR action so far in my game. Did any one see that?
  12. I have a question and I hope to get an answer. I want to create a tool like FM Genie Scout and FMSE that reads the game data from memory. I wonder if there are ready made libraries that do this. I did a small search and found some old libraries online but they are very old (like FM 10 and FM 11) and they don't support newer versions Does anyone have any clue on how to do that?
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