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  1. Liverpool Thread 2011/12

    He posted twice and they were both ****ing awful. From the baseless, mad ramblings about Suarez to his pet project of failing to rile Englishmen. I reckon you could do better Div.
  2. Liverpool Thread 2011/12

    Just a massive what the fook? to that post Dave sorry. Obviously impressive standard of English that I could only hope to replicate, let alone beat. You started off with a terrible point about a discussion that didn't even take place though, that's just extraordinarily poor internetting as you're well aware. I know once upon a time you would go to town on someone like me who dared to disagree to strongly but those days are long gone old man. Tempted to respond to all that stuff about arrogant Englishmen. Probably pointless however. Seen it too many times before from you around these parts, lost it's effectiveness nowadays if you know what I mean? Appreciate that you managed to spot my lazy trolling of Northeu though at least. Maybe spend some time educating the ignorant amongst us how Suarez wasn't guilty of racist abuse however? Plenty of guys in here are in agreement with me so I'm sure you'd have quite the audience. Go with something different to the "oh you Englishmen can't comprehend the complexities of Spanish like us American's with Hispanic acquaintances" though yeah? That's old hat as well.
  3. Liverpool Thread 2011/12

    Well we weren't even discussing what Benitez did post Houllier? The whole discussion was specifically about the season we finished second and how his tactics seemed to change in the second half of that season. I even acknowledged that he did good work during his time here, however he was far from perfect. So really, excellent poster that you once were David, you'd be better criticising me for something I said during the discussion that actually took place rather than one that didn't you myopically ignorant old fool. As for Suarez's racism. We're all well acquainted with the intricacies of Spanish in the River Plate region of Uruguay now thanks to the extensive coverage that was impossible to avoid during the whole affair and afterwards. However, when you admit to pinching a black person's skin to annoy them, whilst at the same time referring in some form or other the colour of that skin, then yes, in my book, you are guilty of racially abusing them.
  4. Liverpool Thread 2011/12

    It was DP's 6000 posts of idiocy that cut the deepest if I'm honest. I mean that's the kind of thing that casts a cloud over a chap's entire inet persona. Let me PM you and we can sort this out without cluttering up this nice thread further.
  5. Liverpool Thread 2011/12

    I don't get the bit where people come along and call a few posts **** as if we didn't already know ourselves. Have you even read the other 110 pages of gibberish in here? Anyway all my insults were based in fact so my conscience is clear.
  6. Liverpool Thread 2011/12

    Are you actually telling me what to do? Look this isn't the 1800s and I'm not some poor African slave you've bought on the market to be bossed around willy-nilly.
  7. Liverpool Thread 2011/12

    I accept your apology.
  8. Liverpool Thread 2011/12

    You've just called me a pathetic excuse for a human being IN REAL LIFE, man. I mean that **** is just unprecedented. Look let me finally spell it out for you. DeafParrot: "It was all down to Torres not playing yeah" Me: "Yeah we dismissed that" You: "You dismissed that Torres missed x number of games" Me: "No I dismissed that it was all down to Torres" Not difficult at all really. You big fat racist.
  9. Liverpool Thread 2011/12

    I know I said I wouldn't but obviously I can't stand idly by while you lie again. As can be seen by us reading back I dismissed the idea that we scored all those extra goals simply because Torres returned. It was because of the tactical changes you see. Anyway you then started accusing me of specifically dismissing a new point about "7 starts the first half of the season, 13 starts second half of the season", which hadn't even been mentioned until then so I'm not sure how I could've dismissed it you raging loony.
  10. Liverpool Thread 2011/12

    The ****ing state of this post. :D I didn't dismiss it did I? Can you quote me where I dismissed it? I going to assume you cannot since I didn't do it. I don't know why you're raging at me and making things up that I haven't said. Maybe it's because I criticised Rafa, or maybe it's because I refused to indulge in your passion for tolerating overt racist abuse, I really don't know. All I can say is that it isn't becoming of me to be dragged down to the level of a racist sympathiser like yourself so I'll not be responding anymore.
  11. Liverpool Thread 2011/12

    Yeah we've already dismissed this point pal. Close down that tracker and concentrate eh.
  12. Liverpool Thread 2011/12

    Well no you need some reading lessons. DP posted his opinion and I responded by gently mocking him with the word magic. I then stated my opinion with some facts about the goals scored during the season, then DP stated it was his opinion that that was entirely down to Torres being injured. So really I'm the only one to have contributed some facts here, meagre though they may be. You then came in dribbling all over the shop with barely legible points about phantom posters being delighted with 8th place and a Carling Cup, everyone dismissed you as the racism defending loony that you are and we all lived happily ever after. ":)"
  13. Liverpool Thread 2011/12

    Nobody is banging on. The subject was brought up, the usual people backed Rafa, the usual people criticised Rafa. We all had our say and called each other a few names. Grow a thicker skin?
  14. Liverpool Thread 2011/12

    Absolutely no-one, not one person, has said anything remotely like this. That's what they call revisionism. Not trying to point score. You made a flippant comment about me being brainwashed by newspapers which was a bit silly and totally without foundation, so I responded about that time you defended racist abuse. Hardly unreasonable.
  15. Liverpool Thread 2011/12

    I don't subscribe to Sky and never have, nor do I buy any newspapers so I'm not familiar with their opinions to be honest with you. Like Jongi says, there is no revisionism going on here, it's just a small group of the same people who will not tolerate any criticism of Benitez whatsoever. Instead of being rightly proud of some of his excellent achievements at Liverpool, they get their collective knickers well and truly twisted at the merest suggestion that he may have got a few things wrong. It's sad but hilarious in equal measure. I don't really know much about you Northeu but you talked an awful lot of turd in that Suarez thread. I guess if you hadn't typed all that stuff I wouldn't have you down as a loon.