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  1. Slightly off topic, but am I able to monetize YouTube videos of the beta version of FM15? I've been given permission for previous full versions, but was wondering if this is still applicable for the beta?
  2. Hello Lucas! Am I cool to monetize videos of the demo? Just wanted to double check as it's slightly different.
  3. It would be an amazing feature if there was a way of downloading a save which replicates the current season in real life. For example, If I downloaded this save now, I would be able to start a game from todays date, and start with a team in the situation they are right now IRL (I.e. can I recover United?). Is this even possible? Is there a third party that make these? I wouldn't even mind paying a couple of quid.
  4. Have you tried it out in FM14? It seems the managers nationality has less of an effect on youth recruitment now?
  5. For example, in FM2013 if my manager was a Lithuanian managing in La Liga, every youth intake I had 0-3 Lithuanians (normally with 2nd nationality of spanish aswell) coming through. Is this still the case with FM2014, as it seems to be slightly decreased. Basically, I want to do this challenge, and want to know if it will still work with FM2014 (as it seems it has changed): http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/300054-Big-Club-Small-Country-Challenge Thanks
  6. Does anyone know if this still works in FM14? It seems the amount of players with the managers nationality coming through the youth ranks has decreased?
  7. Hey, I'm probably missing something obvious, but in my MLS save, I can't register an injured player! does that mean I can't use him for the entire season just because he has a cold on squad registration day? Will I have a chance to register him when he's fit, and thus have to leave enough budget for his wages in the registration? I'm sure the answer is blatantly obvious, but please help! Thanks!
  8. Sorry the bother you again, Lucas. But if I were to put a disclaimer in the description, what would be ideal, roughly?
  9. Okay, Thank you very much, Lucas. I cannot fathom how you replied so quickly.
  10. Rapid Reply! So if I'm doing a "story mode" on Youtube, it is okay to use youtube's google adverts, considering the content is mine and I am not claiming to be SI?
  11. Does this still apply to FM14? If I am doing a "story mode" on youtube. Can I monetize the videos using youtube's google ads?
  12. For example, I'm currently mucking about and just trying to progress through a career really quickly by holidaying (just out of curiosity) but I was wondering whether holidaying, and letting my assistant take control of most league games affect my chances of getting a contract extension, as the club I'm managing in-game don't seem to want to give me one yet? Thanks
  13. Does anyone think there should be an option to suggest a first team regular to improve their training performances? There is currently options to threaten a player that their place in the team is at stake unless they improve their training, and an option to suggest a player may have more of a chance of getting into the first team if they improve their training, but there isn't an option which is realistic to say if I wanted a Indespensible player to improve in training. For example, if I was Arsenal, and I wanted Jack Wilshere to improve in training, I wouldn't threaten to sell him, as he is to important, or try and bribe him with first team oppurtunity as he already is a first team regular. There should be an option which is more simple, like "I think you should work harder in training.".
  14. I was thinking, that instead of making a fake manager into the game, that I, personally, would enjoy being able to control managers that already exist. For example, at the start of the game instead of making a new manager, I could become Jose Mourinho or Brendan Rodgers. I was wondering whether it would be possible, or if anyone would even want this feature?
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