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  1. Spent 3 seasons relying on & buying youth, which has been great in getting 3 league titles in a row, but we're always falling short in cup competitions. Real are sniffing round Pogba trying to unsettle him, Timothy's being tempted by Barca & PSG are sniffing round Martial with other players complaining there isn't enough depth & they want better team-mates. So I've got Bale, Belotti, Sane, Dier & Lindelof coming in with Isak as a hot prospect & Keane coming back from a loan with Burnley. I already have Griezmann & Dybala working with Rashford & Mkhitaryan which has
  2. I like the look of Dybala but I noticed I tend to drop points either when I'm playing away or against the likes of Sunderland & Stoke who are more interested in stopping you playing & maybe grabbing a goal. Those games Griezmann, Martial etc struggle a little to get into games & whilst Zlatan's good he's not getting any younger so Lewandowski's really a replacement for those types of games & he does tend to bang the goals in.
  3. Started a new save on the new patch since I'm an easily bored creature, and at the end of the first season providing you are back in champions league and close to winning the league, you can sign likes of Lewandowski & Dybala for well below the asking price. Gone for Lewandowski & with youngsters coming back from loan next season, don't see myself making anymore signings. As much as having a transfer budget of over 200 million is quite nice, I really want to give youngsters a chance as opposed to buying talent.
  4. Started a new game cause I was a bit bored with old one (but still got that saved for when I'm in the mood to boss everything) & I'm having the same problem I've found I have on every game I play; I cannot get Griezman working. Play him as an inside forward on the left & he barely averages 6.6, play him as a complete forward on support & he's even worse. Tried him once as a deep lying forward & he was alright for a few games, but that don't fit this tactic.
  5. Don't remember where his stats started but I do think a combination of playing time + tutoring works wonders. Not sure if Zlatan can tutor more than oce but other players have tutored him as well. I've seen some people have Rashford as a profilic goalscorer whilst on mine he's just about ok, so I guess maybe it just depends on game you're playing? I know that's completely unhelpful, maybe someone else has better idea.
  6. Just finished my 2nd season & I won league + champions league. Carrick's retiring & joining backroom staff along with Evra & I'm looking to sign Iniesta on a one year contract. I know he's really old & probably won't start a lot of games, but wage aint too bad & his vision is incredible. Plus when he retires I can always offer him a job in backroom. Got Rooney unfortunately coming back from a spell in China soon & I'm happy with my squad but I again might move some players on to make room for youngsters. Daniel Carrico was bamf for me, but then he annoyed me by getting
  7. Yeah I do like Mkhitaryan but some games he drifts in & out, shooting when he should be passing & missing easy opportunities but at the same time he's got a lot of assists. Problem I have is with Rashford. Play him on wing or as striker on advanced forward/complete forward & some games he is good but he also goes through dry spells & misses some great opportunities. Currently on my 2nd season & I am playing him more compared to last, but I just want more from him & I'm not really sure how to accomplish that,
  8. Doing well in my 2nd season now I've got somewhat solid tactics I'm going with + bit of an upgrade on the coaching staff. With attacking midfield/strike force consisting of Rashford, Zlatan, Martial, Henrikh, Hazard, Greizmann, Andreas, Asensio & Lacazette & wages a lil bit out of control, think I might sell lacazette in Jan transfer window so Martial/Rashford can be able to properly develop. Zlatan's good as a back-up & Greizmann can play anywhere along front 4 so if I have an injury crisis i think I'm covered. Lacazette was good first season but I've noticed when either he or Zla
  9. So City decided to do away with Pep at end of first season & hire the supreme genious that is Louis Van Gaal. Arsenal have Walcott listed for transfer & Firmino listed by request at Liverpool. Some odd reason I managed to unsettle Hazard at Chelsea despite the fact I'm not even interested in him & his agent keeps coming to me. After buying Griezman for 89 to add to my strikers pool of Martial, Rashford, Lacazette & Zlatan, more than happy with what I got. Sold Mata, Morgan & Bastian to Real for stupid money cause Mata was constantly asking for first team game & whilst I
  10. Just went from a 3-1 win against Arsenal to being absolutely trounced 5-0 by West Ham. My key centre halfs were out but even then Valencia + Rafael are usually solid fb but they were horrid & midfield was non-existent. Think I'm gonna have to look at another tactic but it's difficult. I started out with a 433 as it was where Pogba was working best then switched to 4231. I just don't understand how one game everyone can be brilliant & the next done over by West Ham!
  11. One thing bugging me compared to 16 is consistency. I can have a game where I win 5-0 and with more or less the same team, we lose 2-1 next game missing a bunch of shots or being very weak defensively. I've changed some of the coaches after noticing how low training standard was & changing things up tactically to try & get the best, but it's not working that great. On 16 Zlatan was my top scorer with about 32 goals in league on complete forward support & 17 he's really struggling for me. Constantly got players demanding first team & I'm gonna try to shift squad towards youth at
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