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  1. It is winter break and we need to get match fitness.
  2. First of all, congratulations for your epic career. I must admit however, that I have started following you only when you took over Man Utd, but one day I took time and have read your story from the start and I enjoyed it even more. Especially because it is FM 2007 and because as you said, all the side stories you had as you had fully loaded game. I hope you will return, either in FM 2007 somehow or in some other CM/FM editions. Or Premier manager. Do not know if it is the same game, but I have played 1997 edition of Premier manager, when you can regularly expand your stadion, parking lots and decide ticket prices. I expect in any way, it will be fun. Cheers.
  3. If not counting Premier Manager 97, my CM career started at Christmas 1997 when I became proud owner of CM 97/98. Shocked of how many data there is, teams, stadium backgrounds etc. Along FM 2007, CM 97/98 is my second most played CM/FM game. So, winter holidays in 1997 and I started a new fresh career with Barca. At that time my rookie manager career opted for only one formation – 4-3-3. At that time I haven't yet known that this is also Barca's DNK. In attack there was trio of Stoichkov-Sonny Anderson- Giovanni, while Rivaldo played somewhere in midfield three. I played only one season (wow, that sounds brutal) and I have managed to win the league and Champions league thanks to Jean Philippe Javari (go on, google it) screamer against Man Utd. The season was also marked for unusual result in European Super cup. Note that in 1997 there were two matches (home and away) played at the beginning of January. Today I can't exactly remember why, but I had most of senior team unavailable for the first match at Dortmund, so we lost 0-7 (won the return leg 2-0). I haven't had a clue about wonderkids etc. in these early versions of the game. Only in later years I discovered that I even made some decent scouting myself (Tommy Svindal Larsen…). The major errors I kept repeating, was buying non-eu players without work permit who then could not play. In this version of the game I had decent careers with Ajax, Milan, Man Utd; in this version I received my first ever relegation (Le Havre). I kept returning to it later, with updated databases in about 2003-06 when my FM careers reached a minor stall, also because I had and old computer. I was eagerly anticipating next version, CM 3 in March 1999, but my Pentium of 133 Mhz was already starting to struggle. The next two versions, CM 99/00 (in the box I received the big sheet of paper with information of every league and its rules and I can still smell it) and CM 00/01 were much more played. In the first one, I remember my 5 year career with Inter and striker partnership of Ronaldo and Bobo Vieri. I won the title in the first season and made a major mistake by selling Roberto Baggio and replacing him with Nuno Gomes. I vividly remember watching the Euro 2000 game between Portugal and France when Gomes took Portugal to the lead. A couple of hours earlier I secured his transfer to Inter, so i proudly said to my father –"you know, I have just bought him!". Sadly, the fate turned tables – Portugal went out and I never won the league again with Inter… Baggio curse. I believe I used him as no. 10, while with Nuno Gomes we were sometimes going for 4-3-3. And it did not work and this was the reason this formation slowly went into obscurity as far as I am concerned. CM 00/01? Highlight include last round game winner with Barca while Real losing their match and buying Djalminha for the next season. Major mistake-had to deal with lots of discipline problems. Now some heresy. In that time I was finishing high school, so I had less time to play and lost some interest. CM01/02 was released, but I decided for the first time, that I should skip this version and instead wait for next version, CM 4. Which was buggy and also my computer ran it very slow. For that reason my interest in FM waned. That period started in late 2003 and lasted to somewhere 2006. In that time, regarding FM, I occasionally played CM 97/98. In autumn of 2006 I got a new computer and it was time for a new FM. After missing »record number of editions«, and split from CM, FM 2007 became my new acquisition. The game which I play also now and it is the reason, I have been mostly skipping newer versions. Highlights include: Partizan Beograd – reaching season no. 198, winning multiple trophies, having a stadium in my honour and many more; Man Utd – somewhere in 2021; winning the »luckiest treble« in 2013: won the league in the last round because Spurs conceded an equaliser at Middlesbrough in injury time (Yakubu); winning FA cup against QPR and winning CL played in our home ground vs Arsenal; Dinamo Kiev – my first team when started playing FM 2007 back in 2006, exchanging titles with Shakhtar, not having much success with Europe, before the second patch there was next to impossible to generate income by selling players. 12 years later IRL, I tested my skills again with them to see how I developed my FM tactics and in my second season we reached UCL final. As far as the latter versions of the game goes, I bought FM 2012 (played it little), FM 2013 and I received FM 2015 for gift. FM 2013 is the last from last decade that got decent amount of hours played. Top points include: winning UCL with Partizan in 2021 and for the first time in my FM career I have managed to do a decent LLM challenge by taking Ytterby IF from Swedish Tier 4 to Europe.
  4. Brazilian downfall spiral in FM 2007, as shown in March 2194 FIFA rankings (87th place). The country ready to host the next World Cup, celebrating 200 years from winning it in USA, is facing the biggest crisis in history, which has probably reached its peak already last year at the home Confederations cup, where the descendants of Cafu, Romario, Bebeto etc. lost all three games - 0:4, 0:4, 0:2.
  5. Not exactly a meme - my own work; was thinking lately how I perceive players in FM, especially regens. Exaggeration included. (or not?).
  6. @Weston: I tried a test by adding new manager of France, checked, and-no, he isn't eligible. . Was also surprised, checked Wikipedia and found the below, so maybe in FMs after 2009 he would be eligible. It is really sad for him. Also Mayotte rarely play any matches, because it is not part of FIFA, the last one in my save was played in March 2157. @Hovis Dexter: I have used successive profiles due to maintaining realism, so sadly my current man is only 75.
  7. (FM 2007) Is this the best ever uncapped player in history? Currently among top 3 if not the best in the world.
  8. Didn't expect that either, despite remembering that scoring in international matches is much harder due to more defensive football. I fear for both Js (James and Jones). May the Sun forget their sins.
  9. * I never save the game before away matches and after a loss. Before saving, all news items must be read and must not involve any topic to respond to (e.g. send ill players home, transfer enquiries...) * When the game is saving, I stand up and turn away, because even slight breath can cause the save to corrupt. *After the game is saved, I must head to the "Assistant report of team talk's feedback" to ensure my players have got adequate teamtalk and that the teamtalk was correct before match, half- and fulltime. This is to ensure the morale is still good before quitting. * Before I really quit the game (FM 2007), I must first look at the white search bar at the top left to ensure it is empty- despite I never use it. Then I must look to the News icon on lower left to ensure it's empty. Then I must hover the mouse button over it to display "News" only to drag it away, so the farewell process is complete. *Then I take my USB key where I make backup FM saves every 2-3 months ingame. I put the USB key in, but when the new window appears, I don't minimize it, I close it. Then I head to My Docs/FM... folder, copy the save to the USB key, carefully monitoring the progress bar. At the end I compare both saves in FM folder and the USB key and also I must ensure both numbers (of GBs) match. * I never watch the penalty kicks in k.o. rounds. * I never use keyboard shortcuts, the only exception is F4 and spacebar. * I rarely or never use "Back" button, instead i go directly to the News inbox.
  10. It's from FM 2007, or should I say #whyidontplayfm20yet. My team got the second built stadium in this save, and for the first time-now the arena with a gigantic capacity of 175k- is named after me. The previous stadium was named in general terms (Partizan stadium), lasted from 2104-2189 with a capacity of almost 145k. While the original stadium (from the start of the save) got its final expansion in the last decades of 21th century- 120.500 seats. Also, for the first time, my team gained Worldwide reputation. Not sure, why, because for all that time I got Continental at maximum and I doubt winning 79th CL title adds to this. However, due to Serbia's starting rating in game, our worldwide reputation is pretty much useless, as we still can't attract already developed world class players or players from certain nations where the "standard" is supposed to be higher.
  11. Congratulations for the title, another fantastic update! Rabatti is a rarely seen beast. Do his low Composure and Concentration affect his performances at all (like in terms of Mistakes/Mistakes leading to goals)?
  12. Congratulations! Regarding the opposition parking the bus-have you ever experienced a situation at home, when the AI starts a defensive 4-4-2 with no arrows and then in case of an injury (even at your team) the AI subs off one of its strikers and goes ultra defensive 5-4-1 even when the result is e.g. still 0-0 and the minute is 5th? The high average ratings of your DC's is probably due to their percentage of aerial battles won. Countless of times these ratings deceived even me and I continued to play them- closing one eye even when they made costly mistakes. Yeah, in regen era, finding a top aerial targetman is very hard, as you said, and focusing to pace will be key . Maybe you can find some good pacey AMCs with good off the ball attributes and retrain them to ST?
  13. Congratulations for the improvement and CL football. Next season with no particular goal droughts, you can challenge for top honours. What strikes me- is quite average rating for your best striker despite his 20 goals scored. What is his conversion rate? (goals vs total shots) You were right when you built physical strong team, in FM 2007 this is vital in all areas of the pitch. Sometimes it is better to have a good aerial ability rather than technical prowess, especially in central midfield.
  14. I second that. One thing that keeps me motivated in a save is also observing the international environment, nothing better than big shocks at Euro / WC qualifying and smaller teams qualifying at the major tournament. I reread the previous page again and noticed - Malta pulled a major upset. Who is their best player, do they have full team or are they a team of grey players? (sorry in case I missed that). Also-do you have international matches simulated in full detail or default? EDIT: Congraulations to your changes of fortunes, seems like your away form has vastly improved. What tactical tweaks did you use? Cheers.
  15. As a long time FM 2007, and also Man Utd fan, I am silently following your progress and wish good luck. I understand you about the bad away form, I feel in this FM no matter how good your team is, you will always drop away points.
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