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  1. I only play FM when I have at least 2-3 hours to spare. If less (e.g. when I am waiting to go for work), I just load my save and check players profiles, check how other active leagues are doing, check multiple club's history and head to head results to prepare my head for the "going to work" press conference before the upcoming match. Sometimes I also scout players (but don't save the game) and make notes who to sign next time when I will actually play the game. Instead of using Note option in FM, I use normal pencil and paper, but recently I've adopted the habit of taking notes in my e-mail and sending it back to me, to remind me which obscure clubs (which I always forget) to scout as my main rival always tend to sign some future stars from them. In my head there is another idea-to not sit when watching the game, instead, to stand and chewing a gum. Regarding the match, I always put a GK in bench (as I have seen some don't), the bench must have at least two strikers. I never respond to other clubs enquiries (just click Continue) and I never reject transfer offers, instead I make asking price of 145 000 000 and the clubs pull off. This is-to not unsettle my players. I sometimes watch European games of my rivals or random Euro/World cup games. And what is interesting-the same as in real life, if some underdog performs very well and I decide to watch their next game "live", the will lose it. When I win and the win is really special (like dramatic Champions league progress), the world is so better, that I might actually start a conversation with someone first! After such dramatic moments I prefer to save the game and not play it for a couple of days. In this time, I prepare a special toilet seat press conference(s) in my head to recap all major happenings of this event, the reasons. Sometimes there is also the fear-if I would continue the game straight away, this good feeling will be lost if we will be eliminated or lose the e.g. UCL final. My goal is to treasure the good FM moments as long as possible-15 years ago I would play for 5-6 hours a day, but not today. Today I play FM not for trophies, but because of me being the part of that special FM world in which I have an important contribution. The world, who gradually becomes full of regens, which-as people in real life-as soon as they "die", will never be replicated in another save by any user in any FM.
  2. Note also that Serbia at one point will reach European Union, so all the foreign player restrictions for players from EU will be gone. Until then, focus on snatching best Serbian prospects. I do not have experience with FM 2018, but in FM 2013 I managed to win the CL with Partizan in my 9th season and played in EL final in 2019. First few seasons were frustrating, even when I reached CL groups, I regularly finished outside top two. But somehow I managed to replace my "FGN" spots with quality players, especially two regens from Croatia. Try to find the best "FGN" players for your most critical positions. In 2018 (that is 6 years into the game) Serbia became EU member, so I could sign EU players, who counted as non-foreign, including South American regens who had EU passport. This helped me greatly and also the other teams in the league benefited from this. Sadly I never played this save enough to see how it will develop, but I believe at some point also Red Star (or it was Vojvodina?) reached the 1st k.o. round in the CL in the 2020s. Regarding the youth intake, even with all facilities maximised, many time it will be just pure luck. For developing youth players, and giving them play time, send them on loan to clubs, but (for your top ones) try to find ones with good youth and training facilities. Make note also on Teleoptik players, Partizan reserve team, I believe there is an agreement the players can pass free between the two clubs.
  3. In FM 2013 I managed one season in Turkmenistan (in the save I loaded a bunch of Asian and Central Asian leagues) as FC Balkan Balkanabat (cool name). Our reputation was so bad that only reserves and u19 team wanted to play friendlies against us. Much of the season we were far behind from team, called HTTU, but at the end we managed an impressive run of results and won the league in the last round when they did not play (!) and we needed only a point against Merw. We have also found the cherries on the cake playing in the Asian President Cup, reaching the semifinal. This gave me some impression of the quality and ranking of all the central Asian -stans, Tajikistan with Istiqllol Dushanbe (winner) and Bishkek (finalist from Kyrgizistan) are some step further than us. Also the quality of regens from these two countries had been a little better than ours. Below are; our league progress (=snatching the title in the last round), our "best" youth intake player and our "very good" DC from Tajikistan, just to give you some insight of the quality of players.
  4. The paths are various. Actually, the first two you mentioned, were generated at their current clubs (Werder/HSV), which I believe it is random, because they have no staff members from Mozambique/Sao Tome and Principe. In this save I manage in Serbia and some Serbian (and even Croatian clubs-since I have their league also loaded) generate youth players from interesting countries "for no reason". I remember FK Srem got a player from Chinese Taipei who later acquired Serbian nationality and played for their national team. OFK Beograd generated a strong centreback from Kuwait. Interestingly, when the player retired, he worked as a scout at another Serbian club and also they got a Kuwaitian defender later in their u19s. Further examples include even a Nepalese player, generated in one Croatian club about 30 years ago. The players I posted above have different histories and some were even found in their local home clubs. Just for curiosity, Brickhus, the Lithuanian MC, was "born" in FBK Kaunas academy in 2150, before moving to Real Madrid, was loaned to Roma, played then for Man Utd and now he is at Inter. Stazys, a 50 mill. wonderkid striker, started his carrer at Kareda Siauliai before moving for free to Levski Sofia and in 2158 Valencia bought him for 925k (note this is FM 2007). Long Kai, the Chinese Beckenbauer, was acquired by United directly from Dalian Shide for 525 K in 2158. Pineda, the guy from Honduras, has had the following path: Olimpia Honduras->LA Galaxy->PSV->Spurs. And the third example is, when the players are created at foreign academies (what we thought would be with Portuguese academies), the example includes Albanian striker, created at Aris Salonika (Greece). EDIT: I have just looked at various statistics for next World Cup qualifiers and found some more very good (but not exactly wonderkids) players from interesting nations. Some of them are already in their 30s. Player history (the players were created at the club, listed first): Ahmad: Al Ain (UAE)->Zurich Bi: Sint Truiden->Waregem->Lierse->Haag Lees: Zanaco (Zambia)->Porto (for 90k!!) James: Hannover->Almeria Huddlestone: Mouscron->Antwerp
  5. Some more (FM 07) screenshots from late 2163. I refer to "minnow" nation not by population, though. Starting with three members of the Peru golden generation who won Copa America this year. Continuing with two fascinating players from Lithuania who almost made it to the Euro 2164 (lost the playoff vs. France) and have a 50 million euros worth striker. Meanwhile Albania have reached the Euros, their first major competition in this save. The rest is my random collection of chosen players from interesting nations, be it dark horses or total outsiders.
  6. Everyone except the Syrian one is from my Man Utd save, where I am only in 2021, so it is still time. The Armenian has got into goal rut, so I sold him to Inter. I found two older pictures from my other save (further ahead in time), I mentioned Venezuela once had and amazing strike force, sharing 100+goals in the international team, guiding Venezuela to the 2111 Copa America 3rd place. The pictures are seven year older, so the older one (Gonzales) has slightly decreased attributes. The younger one retired in 2123. Despite the duo Venezuela never reached higher than penultimate place in every WC qualifiers.
  7. Below are some examples from my two current saves (FM 2007). One from Syria: created at Gloria (Romania). One from Uzbekistan: created at Neftchi Fergala (UZB) One from Armenia: created at Man Utd One from Congo DR: created at Westerlo (BEL) One from the Guinea: created at Bastia (FRA) Has anyone witnessed these wonderkids secured their nation some shock win /qualification for a major tournament? I once had two Venezuelan strikers in my team who scored 10 out of 11 goals in Copa America and winning bronze medal. But they failed to qualify for the WC.
  8. I do not normally pay attention to who is referee, but I believe this is an unique event. Vjacheslav Pavljukovich (further named VP) was born in Brest with the hard task. His task was to become the best Belarussian referree the world has sever seen. His task was to erase the shadow of one of his predecessors, and born in the same city, Sergey Shmolik, who was present at the start of FM 2007. The guy who in real life in 2008 was unfamously escorted from the pitch due to being… drunk too much. A century and a half has passed and VP has slowly risen through the (regen) referee ranks. His path led him to the destiny, called Uefa Champions League final, played in Brussels, in 2155, almost 200 years after the first ever Champions cup game between Partizan and Sporting Lisbon in 1955 had kicked off. Arena: the center of Europe. Partizan Belgrade vs Lyon. And it was love on the first sight between Partizan and Vjacheslav. Partizan manager at one side and on the other, former Partizan legend (2122-35) and assistant manager. It was already a bitter encounter, since I (managing the team from Belgrade) remembered all the fantastic things the current Lyon manager did for us in more than a decade. Lyon played very well and the game was tied… almost until the end as in the injury time we got a gift from the sky from VP awarding us a very suspicious penalty which we converted to 2-1 win… You can imagine the follow up incidents and events, discussions, ban petitions for VP... I felt sorry for the opposition manager, but time goes on. The path between us (Partizan) and Vjacheslav surprisingly crossed again in the following season. He continued his job and the second time we met was the UCL group stage clash between us and Werder Bremen. Partizan fans gave him a standing ovation. He did not disappoint them. 6-0 win, but what did stood out was two (2!) penalties awarded to us in the injury time, of which one was missed and the second 2 minutes later, converted. Oh, and not to mention also a red card for the visitors! Better bad publicity than no publicity. With this in mind, UEFA got VP to referee another UCL final, 2 years after a scandal vs Lyon, featuring again Partizan, but this time versus Barcelona. This time, VP got his job done the most neutrally as he could get. But the aura surrounding him is incredible. The luck he brings to Partizan only by his presence. The luck, that until 113th minute, we had 0 shots on target, Barca 2 and then their goalkeeper was injured and (due to already making all 3 subs) they had to bring their centreback to defend the goal for the last seven minutes. VP was the one that had indirect impact to this, signaling the substitution, after which our Brazilian striker netted a seven minute hat trick to bring us a 3-0 win! And the 4th time we met, again, the UCL group stage at our stadium, vs Inter. (Penalty for us + a red card in 90th minute for Inter) He still has his job. His match ratings usually bring him in the upper mid table list of current UEFA referees. Due to being relatively young I can not wait for another opportunity to hear his whistle(s). Here is the special chant for him: You are the One from Brest, you have chosen to come to our nest, you made history and deserve all the best, your name is to be written into Partizan crest. Vjacheslav Pavljukovich! Mister Vjacheslav Pavljukovich! MVP! MVP! Like the milk of the women breast, please feel like at home, you are Partizan special guest, although you are far away from the West, you have already passed the hardest test. MVP! You are the legend, you are not like the rest, our rivals, opponents, are the total mess, trophies for us, for you a wedding dress for eternity, you deserve not the less.
  9. From my long term FM 07 save, around two different time periods: - Dutch psyho #1; - Dutch psyho #2; -Liverpool midfield star, South African Gerrard; - This player surely can not be goalkeeper! - Fitness coach, specialist for long distances! - The first female manager, managing men team? - This referee, sadly will not manage in the UEFA Champions league. - You know when this player will win the Player of the month award... - ... and here is the winner - it is not April fool, that he actually won the silverware in July - winning the 2110 World Cup!
  10. Thanks for the feedback. Well, I have just made some manual statistics, comparing him and four great strikers in EPL in the last 4 seasons, calculating goal per game, shots vs shots on target, shots per game and shots vs goals. His numbers are quite inconsistent, maybe the sample of only 4 (uncompleted) seasons is small, but I think the main problem is simply that - he needs to shoot more and the other-to put more shots on target. His four rivals included in analysis usually have twice as many shots per game (near 3 to 3.5) than he (less than 1.5-1.7). The only season where he was really good was 2017/18 when in 35 league games he scored 21 goals- he scored 19 until January and then went to goalless streak. When in Reserves and in u21 he was tearing their respected leagues apart. He has been a curious case also in the national team-in the last 20 appearances he has scored a total of four goals (of which one was a hattrick v Russia in 2016) with the average rating of 6.40. Armenian national team has been a disaster in the Euro 2020 qualifiers, failing to score a single goal, while in the WC 2018 qualifiers they scored only three. They play in a 3-4-2-1 formation in which my regen plays as the lone striker. It is getting worse and worse. But the more I am thinking (and not playing), the more I am willing to give him a last chance-I know if I sell him, he will become a monster-like all such cases do finish...
  11. First of all, I apologise if I write about a ten year old game, but I hope you will still find it interesting. In all my FM years one of the hardest things for me has been-how to have a consistent striker in my team. But-to be honest, I have mostly played FM 2007 and FM 2013 and have never got into the newer FMs, so don't know how these things are implemented there. I know in FM 2007 physical attributes are one of the key of having a successful striker (having seen other AI teams having more prolific strikers than ours), but even if I sometimes go into this »physical« mode, it does not work like that for me. I remember dealing with a bunch of inconsistent strikers in my other ultra-long save, but sometimes after they retired I waited for 10-15 years (not to spoil my game), fired Genie Scout and loaded that earlier save (when they were still active players) to check whether my expectations matched the ones from the scouts. Often I was surprised, when I had found out I had a PA 194 striker, labelled as consistent (this is a hidden attribute), which could not hit a barn door in my save. All this has somehow affected my further transfer window. I have become less and less excited to see any striker, knowing he would just under perform with me – either he will be injured during his best games, either he will hit 15h without goals, etc. In FM 2007 I have two main saves, I will talk about the one in which I am managing Man Utd in 2019/20 season. In 2010 (forgot what I have been talking about strikers) I thought I was blessed: a youth player came from our ranks, an Armenian forward (FC), who now looks like that: PPMs: Runs with ball down right; Shoots from distance; Places shots; Attempts overhead kicks (in FM 2007 you can get individual PPMs only by tutoring and you can't unlearn them). Fast forward to October in 2020: In nine seasons he has scored 78 goals in 166 league appearances-now the numbers are not bad, but to be honest (spoiled by Messi/Ronaldo numbers?) I have expected more from him, also in other contributions in the game. There are at least two reasons why I expect so much from him: He has been labelled as the brightest prospect of his generation. 20 Finishing, 20 Composure, 18 Anticipation (it used to be 20), 19 Technique, very good mental and solid (but not spectacular) physical attributes. And here are the major gripes I have with him and the reason why he is not so good I expected him to be. Consistency! Despite labelled as a Clinical striker (and while I accept the fact, that a player can not convert every shot into goal), the guy's consistency is one of the lowest I have seen. I usually play with 2 up front, and tried him as a more defensive, creative ST or as a fast one. But he usually gets 6 and 7 ratings. Once in a full moon every 2 years he scores a brace. In the last 3 seasons he went every time for 10-15 hours without a single goal-2 years ago I thought he would finally broke in. 22 goals until December, but then until May he scored only 2 more! This season has been disastrous, 6 games played and 0 goals, and an average rating of 6.57. Maybe this is a good sign that he will starts banging and do a reversal-but when? Character? Is it possible the guy has a broken character? Many moons ago I remember praising him for a good performance and he came back saying »he feels he doesn’t have to work hard to please me«. Until then whenever he is bad at half time and I keep him in the game and give him the bad treatment (he usually has good morale), it does not help. He has been my main victim this season, where he has been playing his worst football I have ever seen – but now he even started complaining that I treat him too hard! He is a FC, not ST. I know this is FM 2007, and in 2017 you have the specific player roles. Is it possible he stops the play by default? In rare cases when I played him as the only striker up front, he held the ball by default, without me telling him to do so. Would you think it would be the difference if he was a 20/20 ST, not the 20/20 FC? Do I expect too much from a 20/20 guy up front? He is physically not a beast. For FM 2007 I have read that target man roles rule. But can be this guy a TM-he is not tall, nor particularly fast, and I have never used »to feet« option, because I don't play particularly short passing. My tactic is a typical United 4-4-2 with left ML cutting in and the left FC dropping a little deeper. The right MR is a "Beckham" one. In my team I have a sheer amount of different strikers. From fast, creative AM/FCs to skillful STs. This guy fits somewhere in between. Worth at almost 40 million euros, from my academy, he is the most expensive one. He is now 25 so he is not young anymore. He could be a role model for others. And yet, as the years are passing, I have started to thing selling him would be the best option. Part of me would like to know how he would fare in another team, but the other part of my heart fears that in 10 years I would regret what a fantastic player I once had in United and he was the victim of my mismanagement. Or I am being too harsh? What do you think?
  12. I have been still playing FM 2007, my main save is 8 years old in real life, and I am in 2146. In the first 2-3 years I normally managed to finish 20-25 seasons per year but now due to other interests and also newer FMs (not all, mostly FM 2013 and 2015) I now "only" manage around 10 seasons per year. I also wish I could load more leagues. It is hard to walk away from it and I always keep 2 copies of it.
  13. June 2139 It was 2137 and Partizan Beograd (we) won their record overall 127th league title - 119th in this save + the added 8 in the period from 1992 to 2006. Then it came next year (2138), and after another title winning season, the Serbian league officials decided enough is enough and decided that from now on Partizan 's fierce rival Red Star (Crvena Zvezda) Beograd will be mentioned as an all-time league winning team with 11 titles. The reason of the decision was, according to the competition rulers, that, simply, "enough is enough". "We are sorry, but enough is enough and every thing has its limits. Our humanity simply wasn't prepared for teams with more than 127 titles, the binary system would collapse", said the Serbian FA chief. The decision, as expected, resulted in different reactions in both clubs from Serbian capital. "Our club Crvena Zvezda, which is, by the way, the first club from Ex-Yugoslavia who won the Champions cup back in 1991, will now be mentioned on all front news publications as the most successful team in Serbia. The truth finally came in. Partizan's titles are FAKE titles. We have received support from many many other football VIP's from all around the world. Passengers who will travel to vacation on Alpha Centauri, will finally see who rules our world." These are the words of a prominent long term Red Star supporter. Meanwhile their rivals from Humska street, the now (2139), 129-times Serbian champions and 48-time European champions, again enjoyed domestic domination, but their supporters, their children, grand-grand-grand... children will have for the rest of their lives see the name of their rival as the most successful league team in Serbia. Goran, one of the most famous Partizan fans, explains how his club will face this injustice. "We will fix it", he says. "They accuse us of FAKE titles, they bribe the local opposition every year to block the expansion of our 145k stadium, but this latest is indeed the most FAKE news and FAKE title of the millenia". Yeah, but what about the titles? "Red Star have acquired the FAKE title, but Partizan is immortal. Red Star may have cheated Serbian league officials, but Partizan is bigger than that; Partizan is the champion of the whole universe. They are talking nonsense regarding space travel - if we ever encounter any alien civilization, it will be much smarter than us and will never be put under this big lie. They will soon see the truth". No matter on which side you are, one thing is clear. No human being will ever see Partizan's name ever appearing as the leading league champion of Serbia again despite their now 129 titles and this "award" went to the team who in this save won only 5 titles (+6 from 1992-2006), and interestingly, all of them came in 22th century (2101, 2113, 2114, 2119, 2132). Red Star's name on the top of that list will last as long as they don't win another 117 domestic titles and then also their name will be erased and replaced by next most successful team. And here we are in Catch 22. In order for Partizan fans to wish Red Star will reach the same "erase" fate as them, they will want them to win the remaining 117 titles (to reach the number higher than 127) as soon as possible. In optimistic way we can predict Red Star can win at most 10 titles per century. Which means Red Star fans can be calm for a least one millenia - around 1.300 years, but in reality we give the option in the frame between 1.500-2.000 years. Or longer, except if their team, (now and always) controlled by AI, is put under the power of some alien manager. Despite Partizan having more league titles (the latest season has not been included yet) in this screenshot than Red Star has made in almost 150 years, it does not help. Fake information will prevail in the league official information board. Partizan though, has all his titles still recognized on its personal history screen.
  14. Guys, I am interested-has anyone in your long term saves experienced the finance bug (at least in Fm07 it seems to exist) - when you have too much money and then suddenly, when you reach above 2-3 billion euros, you go to debt, part of your stadium is closed and you are forced to sell your players? And how did you solve it? I have seen screenshots on some forums and on my save I currently have 2.8 billion euros in the coffers, but the finance graph tells as soon as I will reach above 3 bn euros, I will be in negative numbers. I guess one way is to use an editor (FMM?) to remove extra cash?
  15. I still play FM 2007 and I am currently at the start of 2120 season with Partizan Beograd. Leagues loaded only Serbian, Slovenian and Croatian. Using my third profile-in 2096 I retired my original one in 2096 due to reality and Hall of fame points (they stopped updating when I changed my computer a few years back). In 2096 I was playing in the name of former regen, but in 2110 I retired it, because my hard disk crashed (I had the save on USB) and if I would continue with the same profile, the Hall of fame won't update, so from 2110 I play in the name of current Partizan basketball coach. In my long term save I have learn lot of things, lots of them happened, there were some individual stories that would require writing a book. In my head there are those, that I want to underline now: OLD PLAYERS ARE NOT FOR TRASH For all of my life I had the politics of selling the players who reach 30. And then I met my legendary wonderkid striker (broke many records), who came through the young rank in 2045 (when the club was celebrating 100 years of existence). He was born in 2029. A special year. An asteroid encounter. We won the treble for the first time in history. And HE was born. When he reached 30, I started buying a replacement strikers for him, but it didn't work. I put him back into the first team and he was the core of it, winning the UCL again in 2064 and 2066). The season 2065/66 was one of the best of his career-despite being 36 years old! He would never made it so far if I still insisted of my policy of "youth". He retired in 2067... INDIVIDUAL RECORDS And 51 years after his goal scoring league record was broken by another wonderkid who came through your youth ranks, the best Venezuelan striker of all time. Imagine being dead in 2070. Or throw this save away. This record would never been broken. Regen die-just like normal persons. If I start a new game, I always know I would see CR, Messi, Rooney... But in the regen era, I want for the last time to say hello to some of my former regen who scored some famous last minute goal. It will not happen. THE ONLY LIVING NON-REGEN There exists, in 2120, the last remaining non-regen player, who is managing Montenegro from 2068. From his history he was unemployed from 2006 to 2068. His age? Born in 1970 and his age is -106 years old. Minus 106 years old. STATIC LEAGUE REPUTATION MAKES THE GAME HARDER Despite winning 39 UCL titles, club reputation never went beyond Continental and if we fail to win UCL for 4-5 seasons, it resets back to National. Also, there are players with certain nationalities which refuse to join the club-this is connected also to the fact, that Serbia in editor is considered a developing state. Even Mexicans don't want to join. The other part of the story is that the game is becoming harder and harder as many other Serbian teams have won some European trophies plus the fact that the 12-team league splits after 22 rounds. Imagine Barca playing 4 times every season with Real, Sevilla, Atletico, Valencia... WHAT GOES AROUND, COMES AROUND Back in 2021, we were playing our second consecutive UCL final. Against Porto. In 2020 we lost against Inter and in 2014 we lost UEFA cup final against Bilbao (offside goal). We outplayed Porto in the first half, missing many sitters. In the second half our best centreback got sent-off for non existing foul. The penalty was awarded to Porto, who then won 2-0. That this was a shocking decision, was obvious later, when his ban was overturned! 2 years later. We won our first UCL title by beating Sporting Lisbon in the final. The tragic guy from 2021 became the UCL best player. 6 years later. UCL final, played at Porto stadium. Porto v Partizan. We won 3-1. Can it be even more sweetest? Season 2052/53: We beat Porto 10-0 in the UCL quarterfinal (our biggest CL win). Season 2086/87: UCL final at Porto. Porto v Partizan. Porto remembered its 100th anniversary of its first CL win in 1987. But not for long. Final result: Porto 0-5 Partizan. NEW STADIUM We had to wait almost 100 years to get a new stadium - in 2104-144.548 all seater. The funny thing-and this is related to the static reputation and to the country status in the editor-that the stadium cost us only 50 million euros, while we received around 150 million by selling our old 120.000 seater stadium. JOHN TERRY JUMPING CHAIR Back in 2035, John Terry became my assistant manager. In April 2036, after the first UCL semifinal matches, he suddenly left and became manager of Chelsea, who were also playing in the semifinals. He guided them to overcome Liverpool and then - at the helm of the Blues, the man, who was 1 month before still my friend, was my opponent in the UCL final in Trondheim - with us battling for the record 10th UCL title. We won 2-1. Six years after we met with the same club with the same manager at the same place. Mr. Terry returned to Chelsea after guiding Milan, Real. 2042-the Second Trondheim Battle. We won again 3-2. We were 3-0 up at half time, Terry probably scared his lads about their wifes or something, nevermind, they scored 2 goals in the second half and when my player missed a penalty 3 mins to go, I thought they will score another.
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