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  1. Great stuff, Ozil. Nicely written and laid out (as usual!). Looking forward to seeing how you phase in possession play.
  2. Great read. Very well written. I read that ESDF article a little while back and found the full backs staying back to build possession intriguing, as it's the opposite of how most teams go about it these days. Good luck for your season.
  3. I asked this before but was hoping I could get more detail... Is creative freedom still partly defined by player role? For example, does a Trequartista still have more creative freedom than an Attacking Midfielder? And does a player's duty affect their creative freedom (e.g. if you changed an AM's duty from Support to Attack, would that player get a bump in creative freedom)? I'm referring to 'creative freedom' as it was in the days of the sliders. I assume it's still there in some guise as we have the 'more expressive' & 'more disciplined' team instructions. @Cleon, @herne79 and others? (Hope you don't mind the tags.) Thanks!
  4. Cool thread. Brazil played a few different formations today. They started with their usual 4-3-3. Then they changed to a 4-4-2/4-4-1-1 (Neymar at SCL or AMCL; Coutinho ML as a Wide Midfielder with 'roam'). Later, perhaps wanting to shut the game down, they were 4-1-4-1 with Coutinho back inside as one of the three central midfielders and Jesus covering at ML so that Neymar could be the striker. They didn't use Coutinho as a playmaker, in my opinion, and if anyone was a playmaker in FM terms it'd probably be Neymar as a Wide Treq then a Treq. So that the others look to him and also the Treq instructions probably suit him - lots of freedom and dribbling, and no closing down (though he does do a little).
  5. Good read this, @westy8chimp. I'll be following the thread. Your signings look like some fun players to work with. A healthy dose of flair!
  6. Just to quickly add to what's already been said... It's a very passive set up almost devoid of risk, with Defensive plus Retain Possession. I imagine there's a fair bit of sideways and backwards passing. Your central attack looks quite easy to defend against. There's only one player (the AM-A) breaking ahead of the striker. The striker's dropping deep but you're not playing with a high line - often a lone striker dropping deep can suit a team that plays most of its football in the opponent's half, but here your whole team is quite deep, and then the striker's dropping deep too. So what's the opposition got to defend against? Just the AM-A making forward runs. I'd have a look at changing Pardo's role - does he suit a BBM? He's not got great stamina and he's more of a passer than an all rounder. Maybe a CM-S or DLP/AP if you want another playmaker.
  7. Cool to see you post, @Ö-zil. I've read your threads multiple times - the way you put ideas into practice and also explain concepts such as team shape is great. Have you tried a Libero on this version?
  8. I've only watched the 2nd leg v Boro, of Villa's games this season, but in that game Grealish was the left central midfielder with Hourihane to his right. This would also give him more space to roam into, with width maintained on the left rather than bumping into Snodgrass on the right. (Although you say you'd like to create overloads on the right, which might work.) I think Roaming Playmaker is right for him and if you find he's getting tired in games you could change him to a more static role.
  9. Park

    Old is Gold

    Nice post. I do like the idea of a compact 4-4-2. Good luck in the rest of your season.
  10. Really good thread. Good to see all the different interpretations. I enjoyed the write up in the OP, @ericstpeter. Has anyone had a chance to play many matches with their version(s), and how have the results been?
  11. Is there any way of telling what specific impact the 'Pass Into Space' team instruction has? I can't tell any difference looking at each player's instruction screen. For instance, a Defensive Forward has 'Less Risky Passes' regardless of whether the 'Pass Into Space' TI is there or not. Likewise, an Advanced Playmaker has 'More Risky Passes' either way. Are you better off tailoring each player's instructions and actually having a clear indication of the changes you're making, or is there an advantage of the 'Pass Into Space' that I'm missing? Thanks
  12. Fair point. Cross From Byline might encourage Neville to overlap too. -- Looks interesting, @Chevie. If you wanted to give extra freedom, you could add Be More Expressive rather than using Fluid shape. I'm not sure Fluid really replicates that team. I wonder who deserves 20 Crossing and Free Kicks if Beckham doesn't!
  13. To add to yonko's post: DR (G. Neville): I'd change this role to WBs as Neville got forward a lot and often combined with Beckham on the overlap. MR-WMs (Beckham): cross more often, cross from deep. MCR (Keane): I'd maybe change this role to CMs/d and add close down more. Keane was quite a complete player. Given that nowadays most teams play with three centre-mids you may be better off a defend duty. MCL-BBMs (Scholes): get forward more. Perhaps test CMs with the same instruction and compare.
  14. Not had much experience playing with a Stopper and Cover duo but you might want to keep an eye on how that works with the high line. Did both centre-backs play more risky passes, as BPDs do?
  15. I'd go with Maouassa. He already has the ability to play there. He's quick and has good stamina and crossing, and decent defensive attributes. Buitink is lacking tackling and marking to play full back, and could be a very good striker/winger considering he's only 18. Edit: I'd missed that, as WhyMe points out, that they're to play on the right side. It'd be a bit of a waste of either of them in my opinion, especially Maouassa as he already has 15 crossing.