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  1. I may be misunderstanding you @Rashidi, but how are those latter two images like what Man City do? Those strikers are playing centrally and then, with the 'run wide with ball', going wide when they have possession. But Man City have permanent width, with players (mainly Sane) who wait wide for a teammate's pass.
  2. Ineffectual Raumdeuter

    What's your left wingback like? He may be the one most likely to pass/cross to the Raumdeuter. Has he got the acceleration, pace and stamina to get up the wing, and is his crossing/passing/vision good enough?
  3. I'd suggest changing Vardy's role. As a defensive forward he's not going to be on the shoulder on the defence, and he won't get to use his pace and acceleration. He's your best/second best player, so you've got to utilise his strengths, IMO.
  4. Interesting read, @herne79. I used Attacking mentality with Retain Possession a couple versions ago, and it seems a good balance between wanting to look forward and playing high percentage passes. I found someone who'd dribble lots added variety and more directness. How do you find playing Attacking with a defensive looking formation? Is that where Retain Possession comes in - no point playing direct if you've not got players upfield to play direct to? Also, a sweeper and a high line is intriguing - the combination doesn't seem an intuitive one to me?
  5. They stayed really wide most of the time to stretch the pitch, then made diagonal runs into the centre where Messi left space. So maybe IF(a) with a team instruction to Play Wider.
  6. Valverde's Barcelona

    I think it's fair to say they play 4-4-2 and 4-4-2 diamond/4-3-1-2. The animation above shows different shapes but you could do similar for almost any system - something as simple as a fullback overlapping a winger/wide midfielder could change a 4-4-2 to 3-5-2, for instance. Busquets' halfback (in FM terms) movement is the most notable in my opinion, but not particularly unique.
  7. I played that shape with Roma a few versions ago. I think the best thing to do is like you're intending to do: keep the ball. That way you won't be giving the opposition too many counter attacking opportunities. My wingbacks were Complete Wingback-Attack so even more attacking. I had both my centre backs on Stopper duties to have them quickly close down when a break was on, and to have them closer to my DM (who had the Halfback role). This would probably be terrible with slow defenders though. My best player was Gervinho retrained as an AMC on Shadow Striker, or Attacking Midfielder with 'Dribble More'. You might want to make sure that your AP is a good dribbler otherwise the whole thing could get a bit static.
  8. If you have a look in the recent Pep/Man City threads, there's been some good arguments for less fluid shapes. I know it's a different team to his Barcelona, but they do share some similarities (fixed positions in structured build up, wingers/inside forwards staying high and wide when teammates have position). I would probably go with flexible or fluid for his Barcelona, and give Xavi and Iniesta roles with more freedom (Iniesta is crying out for a Mezzala role in my opinion - he was frequently in the half spaces on the left hand side of the pitch).
  9. Against the teams parking the bus you may want your full backs to contribute more attacking wise. You could change them to Wingback - Support and have them Stay Wider. This would give your other players another passing option, help to outnumber the defending team and use the whole pitch.
  10. Tonight v Valencia was my first time seeing them this season, so the below is based purely on tonight's game. I assume tonight was quite different to how they've generally played - I've heard their formation called 4-4-2 and 4-2-3-1 this season. https://www.football-lineups.com/team/Barcelona/ might be of some use; it tends to be a reliable site in terms of formations. Busquets HB, Rakitic right side, Paulinho CM-A, Iniesta left (you could have him as an Advanced Playmaker but I'm not sure they played through him quite enough). Messi could maybe be a Trequartista from the AMCR position instead of a False Nine. The centre backs were pretty aggressive in one-on-ones, maybe Stopper duty or Tighter Marking.
  11. Good books on tactics?

    Source(s)? I'm interested.
  12. Are you wedded to this formation? It doesn't suit Liverpool, in my opinion. It may be more boring, but 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 would seem to suit them better. Fair play if you fancy playing that formation though, it could be fun. Few points you might want to consider: Salah probably can't make full use of his pace and dribbling from central midfield. Salah and Coutinho together in midfield is pretty bold in a formation that is probably better suited to sitting deep. It could work if you keep the ball well enough, but is Salah going to be the best at retaining possession? (Perhaps a waste of Henderson having him sit on the bench.) If you're after possession, will the deepish defensive line with Standard mentality be suitable? Emre Can is a playmaker but Coutinho's in a workman role, maybe have Can as DM and Coutinho as AP? Milner isn't particularly quick, but is expected to provide most of the width on the right.
  13. Hopefully this isn't going too far off topic: is it just these new roles that have differences that we can't see in the instructions screens? To use a comparison that I've seen around: Box to Box Midfielder seems the same as CM(support) with 'roam from position' ticked, but are there hardcoded differences too?
  14. Hi, Sorry if this is somewhere obvious and I've not seen it. On previous editions Creative Freedom was one of the visible instructions on each player's tab. For example, Trequartista had full Creative Freedom and a role like Ball Winning Midfielder had much less. I wondered if this is still the case? Cheers!