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  1. i said i paid!steam id is kittyue software piracy,that is not my Problem.And FM 12.2.2 tell me how to Piracy?!!! if you can,you can know how many people paid it come from china from steam! and you can see this market. i said too,We do not need your translation,we done it! SO it is not worth Problem! And who are you!
  2. so i think,SI will tell us,don't buy it stupid chinese...that it why i am so angry
  3. but this work have finished!!!
  4. but the Problem is not translating! Some one of us translating it,but limited by SI!
  5. me too,I'm too stupid to pay it($29.9),but can't play it in my own language
  6. i said i paid it on steam and i play it,but why limit? My steam ID is kittyue too!
  7. Now SI do "Limit"!We don't wish SI to translate,but we help ourselves.
  8. You don't know!In china some one who like this game has been translated.we can use it before FM 12.1. but FM 12.1 FM 12.2.2 and so on,we can't use this!
  9. I am so angry, I think the user of FM 2012 like me having thousands!We come from china or japan or turkey and so on. I paid $29.9 for FM2012 at steam,i like this game, i think many people who come from china or the others like me.The Key is we all paid! Maybe this people can more than that some one of your language support to the state. You must know that we are your customers! Don't Reply me with English,i can use English like this,i don't know more. 我是中国人,我只会这么些英文,你们有什么权力限制其它语言的使用?!