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  1. Not sure if already been asked but what traits do you look at teaching players @knap? It changes depending on formation I understand. I like to think I understand what players should have what traits but I was curious to your answer. What would you give the Mezzalas in the 4 1 4 1 as an example?
  2. Basically I want help with what's in the title. When I scout it slows my save right down. Firstly it starts to take longer to find players. Secondly I start getting spammed with messages about scouted players. 1 temporary solution I have been doing is stopping my chief scout from giving out assignments, deleting the current assignments and deleting all the scout reports. I also have no players on shortlists. However I do actually want to scout players because I want the regens without slowing m game down. I have a great computer so nothing to change there. It doesn't take long for my game to slow down. I can feel the effects of having scout reports when it reaches about 100-200 Any advice?
  3. Basically how'd you do it? Its ruinning this FM for me. On FM 16 i found what was slowing my game RIGHT DOWN and it was the scout reports. They utterly annihilate FM's speed for me. In previous FM's all i had to do was right click and remove them all and set myself as the assignment guy and it was simple. This FM I think I've removed them but they still stay on the list and i notice no speed difference. Database size means nothing it is the scout reports that have always slowed my FM down. Anyone have a solution?
  4. What is the difference? I don't remember seeing this in FM17 nor is it explained anywhere. What does it do?
  5. Basically its just wayyyy too slow. Pretty much unplayable when I want to find new players. For example I put on a Ball playing defender filter with 15-17 matches for stats and it will take a minute or 2 to load all the players or even if there is 10 players to look for it will take just as long to load them up. I don't mind that loading time if it did it once but If i don't like the player i click on then it has to do the loading ALL OVER AGAIN. My current save I'm with Inter. 1st Season finished just won the league. Had no problems scouting before this. I have 7 leagues loaded up with only the top divisions. My player count is 106 thousand which i know is a lot but my computer specs are pretty good. I7 5820k, GTX 1080, 16 gb ram and FM itself is on an SSD. Other information you may want to know is that my scouting is done by chief scout automatically. I have 16 scouts. I have heard that having a number of scouting reports will cause the scouting filter system to lag, I've tried to remove them but they come back instantly. Ok I've solved the problem as i was typing this out. I turned off chief scout from assigning scouting assignments and removed the 1254 scouting reports and I can now INSTANTLY filter all known players. Another question now though. How do scout without destroying speed in filtering the player search?
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