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  1. Been looking for a new way to play FM for this year's edition so I'm going to give this a go. My nameless 20 y/o Canadian manager is ready to conquer the world of football. After starting in January 2019, I really did my best to be patient and get the best first job that I could. After holidaying until almost November and turning down multiple semi-professional clubs, I was offered the manager job at Knattspyrnufélagið Haukar in the Icelandic second division. While they're still a tiny club nobody's ever heard of, I think my patience paid off. They're fully professional and they have a 2,120 seat stadium built in 1992 (and rebuilt in 2011 apparently, never seen that before) with under soil heating and a perfect synthetic pitch. They have average training and youth facilities, adequate academy coaching and good youth recruitment. The finances aren't bad, about $50k in the red. They finished 7th out of 12 teams last season which runs from May-September and won three out of their last four matches, which suggests they're not dire for this level although they did flirt with relegation. The squad is dominated by 19-21 y/o players with high potential but not a lot of current ability, although there are two fantastic senior players I'm hoping will come good next season. Staff are largely garbage and will need replaced if possible but they're all on one-year deals so I'll probably let them finish out to avoid paying buyouts. The club's vision is to avoid relegation from the second division this year and then work towards becoming a top-half team for the next 3-4 years. They're very insistent on working within the wage budget of $5,910 p/w, of which I have $230 p/w available. I have quite a bit of time until the next season starts so I'm going to start scouting and see what's out there. I only have one real out-and-out striker and center-mid right now and way too many keepers and right backs, so that will need balanced out prior to next year.
  2. This tactic is awesome. Just won League Two with Accrington Stanley using the 4141. 1000-1 preseason odds and the lowest wage budget in the league. My only issue is that my team picked up LOTS of cards - we ended up with 126 yellow cards and 7 reds. That's partially down to my team's low defensive attributes though.
  3. Thanks for the link. That reply actually makes me a little sad. Oh well.
  4. So I'm a girl (a rarity, I know) and one of the things I've been doing in my most recent save is trying to find female coaches to add to my staff, get their ratings/badges up, and hopefully send them off to have successful managerial careers of their own. Unfortunately this is rather difficult as there's no option (as far as I know) to search specifically for female coaches. The only way I've found a few is to randomly stumble across them. I'm not sure how much others would use it, but it also doesn't seem like it would be that difficult to add one more variable to the staff search page.
  5. Got a job offer from Wigan who were struggling in the Championship, so left the Chinese second division for cloudy England. Preseason odds: Almost to Christmas: Needless to say, going pretty well. We also beat Manchester United 1-0 in the EFL Cup.
  6. I've been using this tactic in the Chinese second division (I always do journeyman saves). I was getting really tired of trying to set up possession tactics, nothing was clicking. This is really good. We were predicted to finish 13/17 and we're currently in a three-way challenge for the title with about a third of the season left to play.
  7. Sure, if there's that much of a disparity then it doesn't really matter what the attributes are. But let's say I have a player streaking down the left wing into space and a good cross-field switch pass would completely unlock the defense. At that point the opponent attributes are irrelevant, either you make the pass or you don't. And if you're trying to play a style that relies on creativity, technicality, intricate passing and so forth I feel your players will be put in that kind of a situation a lot, and their lower attributes will generally cause them to struggle. I would love to see an example of someone who has used a more fluid kind of tactic in LLM though because I would love to do it. If there's one thing I've learned in playing FM for 5 years now it's that the learning curve never ends:D
  8. Is this really true though? It's not like your passing success is correlated to player attributes on the other team. If your team averages 8 passing, it seems like it'd be tough to play a really fluid passing game. It's true that a team with a 5 passing average would have an ever harder time, but that doesn't seem to really matter in the context of what I want to do with my tactics. I'm far from a great tactician but in my experience it's best to keep it at least fairly simple on a team-wide level. If I can find a super creative playmaker or physical freak for my division then I try to set individual instructions/roles/duties to let that player do his thing. If I tell the team to be creative and fluid though I seem to just wind up conceding a lot of goals.
  9. The imgur links in your most recent post aren't working for some reason.
  10. I'd probably have a go at the Copa as well but if it doesn't look like it's going to pan out, I wouldn't hesitate to bail. Shame glitches like this exist, hard to see how this one could get overlooked:/
  11. Was secretly hoping you'd sneak off to North America next, but good luck in Uruguay! Shame things didn't work out with China a little better but I'd imagine another international job will be coming your way soon.
  12. I guess I'll throw a post in here. I was doing a Sunday League journeyman save but I decided I didn't want to wait for SI to fix the bug that prevents you from getting hired. I edited my reputation back up to about an international level and got offered the Reading job. It's the 2015-2016 season and Reading have bounced back and forth between the Premier League and the Championship, getting relegated in 12/13, promoted again in 13/14, and relegated again in 14/15. I took the job after their most recent relegation. We're currently sitting in 8th position after 16 games played in the league. We're 1 point away from a playoff place, 5 points off automatic promotion, and 10 points off Huddersfield who are leading the league. The main thing holding us back is that we can't score. We are currently unbeaten in our last 7 league games, but 3 of those were frustrating 0-0 draws. We've only scored 2 goals or more in 2 of those games. Our only solid forward has been Lukas Jutkiewicz who signed last season from Middlesbrough. He bagged 7 in the Prem last year and already has 7 this year in 14 appearances, plus 3 assists. Nice! Unfortunately that's where it ends. We also have Pogrebnyak, but for whatever reason he's been dismal--no goals, no assists, no sign of life even. It's pretty bad. I also signed Danny Ings from Wolves in the preseason after he scored 14 goals last season, but he's been injured for almost the entire season and only has 1 league appearance so far. Our wingers haven't been great either. Anicet, a Madagascar international who signed from Bulgarian side Botev at the start of last season, has been our brightest spot and has scored 5 times with a solid 7.12 average rating. Robson-Kanu has been okay but kind of hit or miss. I have Suso on loan from Liverpool and he's also been abysmal, I can't get him to do anything no matter where I put him or what I tell him to do. We generally create enough chances and have more shots than our opponents, but they're either not quality chances or we don't finish them. November's almost over and we've got $250,000 in wages to spend. I feel like we have to bolster the side in January and find more scoring. I'm also concerned as to whether we can hold on to Alex McCarthy, our rock in between the sticks. He wanted out before the season started, he won't talk to me, but no one outside of the Championship came in for him and so he's still here (don't like to sell to teams in the same league). He's not happy about it but he is putting in phenomenal work and is a big part of how our defense has kept us in the running.
  13. Motha also couldn't stop scoring on my save either lol. And yeah, that limit on foreign players was what did me in for my second season. I found out when my last 4 transfers couldn't go through and the transfer window was almost over:seagull: Hope you have better luck in the top division than I did!
  14. Good luck! I started at Jomo Cosmos in my FM13 career, got promoted first season but then wound up getting relegated the next. Hope you can knock out the Africa bit!
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