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  1. Scenarios Not sure how this would be implemented but it would be good to have scenarios which in turn would raise you managerial status. Of course, after the scenarios have been finished the game will have to end but any points earned would be added to your managerial profile. Scenarios such as; four games to fight off relegation, injury crisis, 5 points behind with 4 to play. Tick boxes for loading additional players, stats etc AI matches to test tactics before actually playing games When searching for staff it would be good to be able to see your coaching ratings (def, bc, shooting etc) instead of having to backtrack through menus, write down what sort of coach you need and then searching. It takes me ages to do my coaches because I'm constantly forgetting and having to baqck track through the menus
  2. Was just wondering because I was thinking of giving Jotevic the vice captain role but he only has 5 for influence, not to mention the fact that he's only 19. On the other hand, he has high determination, good composure, a reasonable work rate and is one, if not the, most popular player in the squad.
  3. Will a players influence rise if given the armband? My squad is bereft of players with a high influence rating.
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