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  1. skinnymalinky

    Good Russian Players and Staff

    Here are a few that haven't been mentined so far. Obviously, some of these players are probably not good enough for top teams but most are young with decent potentiial Nikita Malyrov Gia Griglava Maxim Shumailov Anton Zabolotny Artem Popov Serder Sererov Armen Ambartsumyan Victor Vasin Yegor Ivanov Mikhaik Bakaev Oleg Shatov Alexandr Kozlov Arsen Goshokov Ibragim Tsallagov Alisher Djalilov Emin Makhmudov Maxim Kanunnikov
  2. skinnymalinky

    FC Karpaty - The Lions Of Lviv

    Just started a save with The Green Lions. Almost finished my transfers, although I do have one more key area to strengthen - AMR. Preferably someone who can play inside forward, from Eastern Europe, and is available for 300k or so. Only played 1 match which I won comfortably, so not much to report on that front. I have, however, made a few transfers. First off, my formation: Uploaded with ImageShack.us ..and an overview of transfers: Uploaded with ImageShack.us and finally individual screenies of my new signings http://img713.imageshack.us/slideshow/webplayer.php?id=kute.jpg
  3. skinnymalinky

    The "Looking for... ..." Thread

    Thanks NF, I actually picked up Morrison on a free at the start of the new season. Perhaps I'll give him some games out wide, besides the window has just closed and I haven't got another choice
  4. skinnymalinky

    The "Looking for... ..." Thread

    Southampton 3rd, 1st in Prem. 10M RB, LB (cover), AMR (1st choice) Must be British. I've had a look at Jarvis (not interested), Kightly (don't fancy him) and Stanislas (too expensive) for the AMR role.
  5. skinnymalinky

    FM10 : Official Should I Buy/Sell Thread

    I've had an offer negotiated for Stanislas of 7M. Seems a bit steep to me but am in desperate need of an AMR that can play as an inside forward. Must have good dribbling, speed, off the ball and reasonable finishing, and must be British too. Playing as Southampton 3rd season and my 1st in the Prem.
  6. Well, surprisingly I managed to walk the championship, finishing on 115pts. Closest rivals were Blackburn (Kalinic bagging an amazing 45 goals) who finished 15 pts behind me. Star player was probably Welbeck who scored 26 goals. Lallana contributed 14 (10 assists) from AMC and Scannell scored 10 (13 assists) from AMR. Other standout players were Puncheon (av. 7.3), Muamba (av.7.31), De Laet (av.7.21), Clyne (av.7.17), and Colligan (av 7.13). All-in-all a pretty easy season and I could have easily scored more points had I not been lazy and tweaked my tactics more. So, after back-to-back promotions, I now have the rather tricky task of negotiating Premiership survival. I got given a massive 30M budget to rebuild my squad and pretty early on recognized that I have to rebuild from scratch. Rather than go for 1 or 2 marquee signings, I've decided to buy in bulk, in a bid to raise the whole CA of the squad to Prem level. I have only bought players from the UK (I've self-imposed this rule for my save). Uploaded with ImageShack.us I have 10M remaining and want to buy a good British AMR but tbh, I can't find one for that cash. My only option is Stanislas but he is really no better than Scannell. Also, I wouldn't mind adding another LB and RB (both as back-up) for a combined 5M or so. Again British, so if you have any suggestions let me know. Smithies (Westwood) Clyne (James, Gilbert) Cahill (Josh Thompson) Jagielka (Dawson) Colligan Muamba (Foley) Smith (Schniederlin, Walsh, Mellis) Adam Johnsen (Puncheon) Lallana (Mellis, Morrison) Scannell (Noble-Lazarus) Owen (Welbeck, Henderson)
  7. Quick update: absolutely walked the league but got hammered in the cups. Goodwillie, Puncheon, Lallana, De laet and Muamba were revelations. I used an asymmetric formation and although it only uses 1 striker, my AMR scores for fun. Perhaps my best buy in terms of value was Mellis who cost 375k and scored 9 goals and 7 assists from a unfamiliar AMC position. Worth a look in if your after a bargain. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Season 2 and am 20 games in. Currently top with an 8 point cushion. Still a long way to go but things are looking rosy. Got given a massive 13.5 million transfer budget and spent 3.5M on Muamba and another 3.8 on an amazing regen striker. See below for a full list of transfers. So far Scannell has been exceptional and Welbeck is scoring for fun. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  8. Just started a save with the Saints and have dipped my toes in the transfer market for the first time. I'm trying to keep the squad British & Irish as much as possible but have signed Moussa from Southend. I'm not into paying 8 million for amazing oversea players over the course of 24 months as I feel that it distorts the pleasure of the save; in fact most buys have been bargains I've never heard of. I wouldn't mind getting another striker and some advice on who to let go. I have lots of cover at LB but want to keeps Mills (young and British) so was really wondering if he's more effective further up the field than in the LB slot. In: Craig Dawson (Rochdale) 625k Fabrice Muamba (Loan - I don't understand why he was available because imo he's one of the best players a Bolton irl. This probably flies in the face of what I mentioned earlier about talented oversea players being bought over 24 months for silly money but he was free for 12 months and I couldn't resist) Moussa 210k (Southend) Paddy Madden (Bohemioans) 55k Lee Collingan (Ballymena) 140k Out: None
  9. Finished season 2 and finished a lousy 4th. Things were looking up as I was getting results against big teams but my failure to finish the smaller sides off proved costly. I also wdent out of the Euro Cup at my first attempt but there is no shame in that, I was drawn against Valencia and was going through on away goals but lucked out on a 80th minute Mata screamer. A quick overview of my signings for season 3. I decided to invest in youth players and splashed out on a couple of regens that should hopefully develop[ well. Goncharov (regen - 4M) Andonov (regen - 300k) Gatagov 525k Denisov 425k Kambolov 18k Karamyan free Mbola 1M Titov 300k Mazalov 2M (brilliant mental stats and is described as a 'Born Leader') Pletikosa 625k Vasiljev (regen - 2.8m)
  10. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us This is my current formation but I'm in some serious need of tweaking it. Generally it works quite well but I'm a little puzzled as to play my WBR. Initially the idea of having him in an advanced position was to deny opponents space in the middle of the final third and to close down opposing AMCs. However, when playing against a wider formation, my WBR is constantly getting skinned. Also, I have become susceptible to defence splitting passes between my 2 DCs, which could be because of my WBR positioning, and this is something I need to remedy. Perhaps I have the balance of the team wrong as my DL is my attacking option (despite playing deeper than the WBR), while the WBR is told to hold in case of a counter attack. If you use an asymmetric system (specifically the Liverpool formation pictured in the first post) how do you set up your FBs? Couple more questions related to my formation: (a) How can I reduce the amount of defence splitting passes? My d-line is OK, rather I think it might be a problem with closing down and the fact I use a WBR. Also a possible problem is the width my team plays with. Currently it is set at 10 as I don't want to play too narrow as my AMR is set up as my TGM. The idea is that he makes runs in behind the defence (both with and without the ball) and by playing with less width would mean the amount of space he has to exploit with runs from 'out to in'. I could make my team 'play through the middle' which might mean that if they loose possession, the players remain in a tighter formation but as I've just explained, my main threat comes from runs that start wide and finish centrally and perhaps altering the passing style would be counterproductive. (b) Considering that my formation is intended to deny space, would it be advisable to push my d-line higher? The reason why I have my d-line at 9 is because my AMR is set up as a TGM Inside Forward with 'run onto ball' instructions and pushing my d-line higher will reduce the amount of free space he has to run into, thereby making my main goal scoring threat somewhat redundant. If it is necessary to push my line higher then some advise on how to tweak the settings for my AMR would be great. © Do you use a specific passing style for this formation? Currently I'm playing at 10 as I'm not sure if I have created a slow prodding formation or a fast attacking formation.
  11. Sorry for not updating for so long but I've been busy with other things. However, last night I finally got round to doing my transfers and formation for season 2. Perhaps it is important to explain my formation first before I go into detail over my transfers. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us As you can see I have gone with a slightly odd formation but one which allows me to play my key players in their best positions. Well, this isn't strictly true, as Chramosta is playing AMR (actually he's injured and has yet to play but the system is designed around him). The basic premise of the formation is that my 'proper' FC is there to create space in the opposition defence, allowing Chramosta room to run in and exploit with his electrifying pace and finishing. So far the tactic has worked well and I have been scoring quite freely, I am, however, leaking a lot of goals down my right flank. Originally, the idea of moving a DR into the WBR position was to deny space to the opposing AMCs or any team that plays possesion football but so far I haven't decided about how to best utilize him; he is neither a WBR or a DR and this will be something I will address as my save progresses. Given that last year I was willing to sell almost any of my players, I was left with a pretty threadbare squad. To re-address the squad's balance I invested heavily in squad players to give me a solid foundation for this coming season. I resisted the urge to make a marquee signing or 2 (I had 11M to spend) and besides, the list of domestic players that were willing to come to Terek was pretty slim. I also took the opportunity to sign up some veterans to aid the development of my younger players. In: Yemeljanov (Shakhtar, Ln Fee 325k) I don't remember this guy from my Shak save so he must be new to 10.3. 2 footed DMC who'll I'll probably buy during the next window. Has decent potential and should be a regular 1st teamer if I can find a suitable tutor to raise his mental stats. Miklos Gaal (1.3M Amkar) A competent attacking DL from Amkar. Decent going forward but sadly a bit injury prone Sergiy Kryvtsov (3.2M Metalurg Zp) My 'big' summer signing. Had this guy before and he is absolute class. Im already had good options at CB but couldn't pass up the chance. Dimitry Loskov (50K Saturn) Brought in to tutor Shatov and Alexanyan Baxtiyar Soltanov (35k) To act as cover for Gregoriev/Chramosta. Had my eye on him for a while and thought I'd take a chance. Stats are fairly poor but an excellent dribbler and crosser. He is also 2 footed. Alexandr FIlimonov (9K Lokomotive Toshkent) Veteran goalie to tutor Pesjakov. Is desribeda a perfecionist. Andrey Tikhonov (12k Lokomotive Astana) He may be 40 but has unbelievable mental attributes. He is currently tutoring Soltanov Kantenir Berkhamov (Spartak Nalchik 500k) After I sold Katsaev I brought this guy to act as my number 3 MC, with a view to becoming 1st back-up during the later half of the season. Again, is 2 footed. Vitaly Kaleshin (Rubin 900k) Nothing outstanding but I didn't have a WBR and wanted someone with experience. Currently 1st choice Eldar Mamaev (1.5M Amkar) Perhaps my most important signing. He is a natural DC which offers another option to my other 3 non-russian DCs. His mental stats are perhaps a bit dodgy but he is blessed with good pace. But perhaps most importantly, he is capable of playing DR,DL,DC,WBR,WBL, MR and ML and for this reason he was an important 'utility' signing Sergey Pesjakov (150k Spartak) Got this guy because he was going cheap. Looks like a good prospect so will become 1st/2nd choice when Dikan leaves. Fedor Smolov (2.2M Dinamo) Another one for the future. Develops into a real talent and gives me a nice complement of 4 decent strikers. Perhaps a bit pricey but I desperately needed some Russian players in my team. Out: Kurtarba Vlasov Godzyur Islamov Gvazava Smakov Tagilov Bendz' Katsaev And a few reserve palyers
  12. I would sell. Not one player is irreplaceable (well, not yet) and if you have good back-up options then I don't see the need for 3 DMCs.
  13. Suggy, I too have been using that programme but it has given me a headache over which formation I should play. As far as I can tell, I need to play the following players; Mauricio (DMC), Jeparov (MC Adv Playmaker), Shatov (AMC Adv Playmaker), Georgiev (AMR); Ostapenko (FC TGM), Chramosta (FC Poacher), but as no such formation exists, I'm in a bit of pickle as to what to do. Do I (a) sell Georgiev and play with wingbacks, or (b) Sell Mauricio and use the money to invest in other areas? I really need to sort this out before making any signings as I have no FBs or WBs in my squad and only 1 decent winger. Bugger. Any ideas?
  14. http://www.community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=175696 There you go, Suggy. There are 2 links in that thread where you can download a player role analysis tool. Hopefully it will give you a better idea of how to play him. You never know, perhaps he is playing in his correct role but just needs time to settle into a new team.
  15. Just finished my season which stagnated a little since my last save. I managed to finish 5th but was dropping points left, right and centre towards the tail-end of the season. I think the biggest blow to any real title challenge was caused by my tactics. I was superb all season against the bigger teams (in particular away) but struggled badly against the lesser teams and at home. Perhaps I didn't give the team enough credit and my defensive formation proved too restrictive for what is - by the standards of the league - quite a capable, technically able side. Of course, the sligthly strange formation was also a problem, Geogiev spent most of the time filling in at RB, instead of being further forward and scoring goals, which, given any real lack of firepower except for the superb Chramosta and the human battering ram, Ostapenko, I could have done with. I still managed to qualify for the Euro Cup so it's not all doom and gloom, and have time to consolidate my position next year. Perhaps with a change of formation I'll get closer to the title. Btw, Suggy, I had a look at Yanuzi and I not sure how to play him. On my save he has decent all-round stats but nothing that really jumps out at me suggesting a particular role. Have you used the player role calculator to see which position best suits him?