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  1. you know sortitoutsi does amazing updates which all you need to do is download and place into documents? takes even less than 1 minute
  2. as an Inter fan i can say this is from the pervious season and has quite a few inacurate information so I wouldnt really count on it as a reliable source. Id say this season with the introduction of politano we tend to cut in more than cross but when that happens its usually the overlaping fullbacks so i would say that the prefered type of play in fm terms would be the control possesion one
  3. funny thing is, Juventus in serie a in FM constantly uses 433 narrow and they smash everyone with it having crazy scores like 5-0 etc.... so i guess even the AI knows how to exploit itself
  4. http://www.italianfootballdaily.com/calcio-tactics-through-time-jose-mourinhos-inter-milan-2008-10/ found this article to help anyone with Mourinho's Inter
  5. this looks like a flipped Simeone's Atletico side, good job on that win v bayern how did the rest of the season go?
  6. alright so can anyone actually share their successful 4312 4231? thanks!
  7. sure here you go, but i cant promise they will work for you, doubt they're a plug and play, maybe the atletico counter one is most likely to be a pnp 4-1-4-1 DM Asymmetric AM (R).fmf Atletico vs Easy.fmf Atletico Counter.fmf
  8. some notable scores from my 2nd season serie a champions league final. the graphics shows 433 heatmap because i've started as 433 narrow but got dominated so switched to 442 and still was getting dominated but counter payed off currently in my third season testing a new tactic based on this game https://www.whoscored.com/Matches/1225421/MatchReport/Italy-Serie-A-2017-2018-Inter-Cagliari and so far so good
  9. hi sorry links messed up here are the two versions I am using
  10. Hi man, Looking at this video I've created 2 formations, 1 vs better teams, and 1 vs easier opponens, I hope I got it right. The only difference is with TIs, PIs and some minor role changes in defence. I use poacher simply because I think it fits Icardi best, otherwise I would probably use a DLP or a CF. OIs thoughts?
  11. also looking forward to this, I've already got my own simeone's tactic but want to compare to someone more experienced at this
  12. well I've scouted atletico ingame before the patches got rid of the 'roles preview' and most of the time they either play counter - flexible or control - fluid/flexible like this: T - CF S IW A DLP S CM D WM S CWB S CD D BPD D WB S GK D the midfield roles were changing quite a bit depending on the players available, the above is for the main team: griezman - gameiro carrasco koke saul + pavon i think it was luis godin gimenez juanfran
  13. https://www.flashscore.com/match/QZZHb89h/#match-statistics;0 https://www.flashscore.com/match/I1rPcssk/#match-summary should be enough to prove it isnt unrealistic
  14. its not unrealistic a close example here https://www.whoscored.com/Matches/1221978/Live/Spain-La-Liga-2017-2018-Real-Madrid-Real-Betis but there are even better ones happen for even the best teams so yeah
  15. have you tried, dropping the 'play narrower' TI and go for the play wider one?
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