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  1. as an Inter fan I'm not quite sure if this recreation is ideal. Maybe it was up until around mid season, so end of 2020. Conte uses his side centre backs to join into the attack and after recent games he most likely realized Inter plays best by playing counters as with Ac Milan, Lazio and Juve which is quite different to the above, also martinez is definitely not an advanced forward, he drops deep and plays aggressively and harasses players so Id use the pressing forward on support role for him, and perhaps pressing forward on Attack for lukaku. Also both barella and eriksen are mezzalas, they
  2. Guys, anyone have some tips on how to stop the players asking for extension every season? And how to avoid them getting mad everytime you turn down an offer for them? this thing drives me mad how unrealistic it is. One players was getting 1 mil per year, still a young prospect, but after half a season he asked for an extension despite having like 4 years left and asked for 10mil! I know that SI make the game harder for us the players, but come on its ridiculous sometimes, also when you don't offer them the contract they get unhappy and want to leave. Another thing, I've won Champions
  3. love the skin, great job! are you planning to do a more toned down dark version? theres wayy too much of yellow and orange for me perhaps i could change it myself if I knew where to look? cheers!
  4. im using a shadow striker role, find him a bit more active overall
  5. Ive tried t10 and False Forward in a 4231 tactics and i way more prefer the latter, try it maybe it would solve ur t10 problems
  6. you know sortitoutsi does amazing updates which all you need to do is download and place into documents? takes even less than 1 minute
  7. as an Inter fan i can say this is from the pervious season and has quite a few inacurate information so I wouldnt really count on it as a reliable source. Id say this season with the introduction of politano we tend to cut in more than cross but when that happens its usually the overlaping fullbacks so i would say that the prefered type of play in fm terms would be the control possesion one
  8. funny thing is, Juventus in serie a in FM constantly uses 433 narrow and they smash everyone with it having crazy scores like 5-0 etc.... so i guess even the AI knows how to exploit itself
  9. http://www.italianfootballdaily.com/calcio-tactics-through-time-jose-mourinhos-inter-milan-2008-10/ found this article to help anyone with Mourinho's Inter
  10. this looks like a flipped Simeone's Atletico side, good job on that win v bayern how did the rest of the season go?
  11. alright so can anyone actually share their successful 4312 4231? thanks!
  12. sure here you go, but i cant promise they will work for you, doubt they're a plug and play, maybe the atletico counter one is most likely to be a pnp 4-1-4-1 DM Asymmetric AM (R).fmf Atletico vs Easy.fmf Atletico Counter.fmf
  13. some notable scores from my 2nd season serie a champions league final. the graphics shows 433 heatmap because i've started as 433 narrow but got dominated so switched to 442 and still was getting dominated but counter payed off currently in my third season testing a new tactic based on this game https://www.whoscored.com/Matches/1225421/MatchReport/Italy-Serie-A-2017-2018-Inter-Cagliari and so far so good
  14. hi sorry links messed up here are the two versions I am using
  15. Hi man, Looking at this video I've created 2 formations, 1 vs better teams, and 1 vs easier opponens, I hope I got it right. The only difference is with TIs, PIs and some minor role changes in defence. I use poacher simply because I think it fits Icardi best, otherwise I would probably use a DLP or a CF. OIs thoughts?
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