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  1. FC Ruggell October - December Review October 2030 October was a pretty bad month really. We began with consecutive losses to really put a strain on us in the Europa League, but we did regain something when we thrashed Thun 5-1. HSV were too strong for us in October, and Xamax held us to a draw, but we did end the month by knocking fellow Super League side Sion out of the cup! November 2030 Sion got there revenge on us in the league though, but our next two games were absolute class. We trashed HSV 6-0 (thanks to 3 penalties), and defeated Grasshoppers 3-1. I decided to rest Zimmermann in the next game, and promptly lost 1-0 to Grasshoppers. After the internaitonal break, Young Boys again defeated us 3-1, before we finished the month in style, picking up two 6-1 wins. December 2030 December began with a loss to St Gallen, which ended our hope for qualifying for the knockouts of the Europa League. We did well the rest of the month though, beating Basel 4-3, before resting Zimmermann for the final Europa League match and still winning 3-0. League Standings 3rd place is just fantastic! Young Boys are miles in front of the competition, qualifying from their Champions League group again (This time featuring FC Bayern, Juventus and Galatasaray). Zimmermann has 32 goals in 23 appearances, and also has exactly 100 league goals now as well! We won't be able to catch Zurich or Young Boys this season, but I'm really hoping for top 3. Europa League Group Final Didn't qualify this year, but played pretty well considering the group. I wish I didn't stuff up against Austria Wien the first time, but I guess that's football. Sometimes you can have an off day (unless your name is Sebastian Zimmermann or Iker Sola)
  2. Same, I'm really enjoying it again Thanks! I would like to think that our team is more than a one man team, but yes, I think so. Still it wasn't too bad, besides the loss to Young Boys. To be honest though, Zimmermann isn't a defender, so we probably would have lost anyway. Cheers mate! Yeah, that month got me thinking about how losing Zimmermann would effect us. We've got about another 3 years before he's definitely will go because we can't afford to resign him. Guess it's time to make the most of him. Cheers! The Europa League has been a bit weird this season actually. We went to Germany, and rightfully lost 4-1. We were outclassed, outplayed, whatever. The return game a couple of weeks later, I was hoping to maybe sntach a draw. Instead, the ref gives us 3 penalties, and we win 6-0! I mean, how does that happen? That is just ridiculous. To make matters even more hilarious, we are still last on the table, because we lost to Austria Wien.
  3. FC Ruggell Pre-Season/July - September Review Pre-Season 2030 Friendlies Only a few friendlies this season. The most exciting (disappointing) thing to come out of this transfer window was the sale of Karl-Heinz Heinrichs to West Ham for 1.4mil. Tottenham bid a few times for Zimmermann, but it was never at a good enough price. July 2030 We drew Trans from Estonia in the 2nd Round of Qualification for the Europa League, and thrashed them 6-0 at home in the first game, with Zimmermann scoring 5. He continued his free scoring form against St Gallen, where he scored twice in a 4-2 thrashing, before landing another 2 in the 4-1 win over Trans away (making it a 10-1 win on aggregate), before scoring his final for the month agianst Zurich, where we were lucky enough to win 4-2. Great opening to the season, Zimmermann was on absolute fire. August 2030 We continued where we left off in August, picking up a 3-1 win over Austrian side LASK Linz, before being held to a 0-0 draw against Thun. We completed the tie over Linz with a 2-1 win to set up a 4th round game with Linfield from N. Ireland. However, we then slumped to our first loss of the season, to Xamax who beat us 1-0. We turned that around for the rest of the month, however, winning 1-0 over Sion, before taking apart Linfield 6-1 over two legs. Our other game was a 3-2 win over 5th tier side Puidoux in the cup. September 2030 I was hoping to continue gaining ground on top place in September, however Young Boys sent us crashing back the other way by thrashing us 4-1. Not quite ready to contend with the big boys it would seem. We took our revenge over Champvent in the cup, winning 3-, before Basel and St Gallen held us to consecutive 1-1 draws. We returned to our winning ways by defeating Aarau 3-0, and Wohlen 2-0, before St. Gallen held us to another draw, this time 0-0 at home. League Standings So, a great start to the season. We are really looking like a mid table side this year, with maybe even a slight chance of coming top 3, depending on form. Really happy with some of our wins, especially the 4-2 win over Zurich. Europa League Standings We opened our group with a 1-1 home draw to St Gallen. We should pick up the points over Austria Wien, and we have beaten St Gallen away from home already this season, so I'm confident of progressing from this group.
  4. Glad to be back with this save, really enjoying it again. For the sake of consistency, I'll keep with the update every 3 month system. Bit of early news, both good and bad. The good is that I have an extremely easy run to the Europa League group stage, playing Trans from Estonia, LASK Linz from Austria and now Linfield from N. Ireland, so that should definitely be another group stage appearance for us. Bad news is that Zimmermann is injured for 2 months, he won't be back until mid October. So that means he'll miss Liechtenstein's first 2 Euro 2032 Qualifiers against Malta and Slovenia. Edit - Had no troubles with Linfield, beating them 6-1 on aggregate. Here's my Europa League Group - Gotta be one of the closest groups in terms of geographical location. Should be able to beat Austria Wien and St Gallen to get out of the group. HSV will probably smash us though.
  5. So, I've started playing this save again I felt like, at the very least, I needed to finish Schneider's career off (currently 29), because he's been one of my favourite ever regens on FM. It's an obligation, really Just as a sort of warm up to the Return of Ruggell, here's how all my different youth players, plus a couple extra who I haven't put as youth players for some reason, have developed over their career's. Horst Kind YP1 - 2012/2019 Patrick Riedel YP2 - 2012/2019 Lennart Jokubowski YP3 - 2013/2025 Thomas Nowakowski YP4 - 2014/2020 Luc Zech YP5 - 2015/2019 Arvid Keller YP6 - 2016/2030 Sebastian Schneider YP7 - 2017/2030 Florian Fehr YP8 - 2018/2030 Jochen Lang YP9 - 2019/2030 Kai Arndt YP10 - 2020/2030 Ernst Jung YP11 - 2021/2030 Dennis Hofmann YP16 - 2021/2030 Maximilian Reichel YP12 - 2022/2030 Karl-Heinz Heinrichs YP15 - 2022/2030 Fritz Breu - 2023/2030 Stefan Ziereis YP13 - 2024/2030 Christoph Frick - 2025/2030 Phillip Bender YP17 - 2025/2030 Sebastian Zimmermann YP14 - 2026/2030 Oliver Hopp YP18 - 2027/2030 Alfons Wolff YP19 - 2027/2030 Wolfgang Herzog YP20 - 2028/2030 Bernd Bender YP21 - 2028/2030 Improvements are really noticeable from Schneider onwards. Some pretty insane jumps in there, especially from Ernst Jung, Karl-Heinz Heinrichs, and considering it's only been 3 seasons, Oliver Hopp.
  6. Congrats on another Champions League win!
  7. Of all the teams to stop you, it had to be Celta At least Vitoria fired up after that, the next two games were pretty convincing
  8. Great work at Ipswich, the Premier League title should only be a season or two away!
  9. Looking very good at the moment with both Boca and Brazil
  10. Great win over Chivas! 10th is definitely achievable, good luck!
  11. Still going strongly. Once you win a title and get some Champions League action, the finances should hopefully sort themselves out
  12. Nice work against Sporting, hopefully you can get a run to the final again
  13. In the end, I just couldn't accept it. If it was Brisbane, I would have gone, but at the moment I think leaving UAE would be pretty dumb. Yeah, but I don't think we'll be a part of it. We dropped form pretty badly in January. Cheers mate!
  14. Well, at least you won't be getting relegated any time soon
  15. Good luck in Italy, let's hope those signings can pay off on the pitch!
  16. Great Gold Cup with Costa Rica, shame about the loss in the final. Maybe you should have used some of Anji's millions to persuade the ref Nice start to life in Russia, I wouldn't be thinking about leaving at this stage. Maybe in a few years when you've won a couple of titles though.
  17. Cheers fellas, we're definitely doing better than last season! Al-Urooba December 2013 Monthly Results League Standings Emirates Cup Lost two games by 1-0 this month, but both were in the Emirates Cup. We're still in that comp, but only just. The one that matters is that we're only 1 point off top in the league. Looking much, much better than last season Player of the Month - Rahim Majidi Two goals, and generally played well. Looking Ahead Two games against Al-Ain, as well as Al-Jazira to cap a tough month. Going to be an interesting month.
  18. First club to offer me a job. Pity it wasn't the Roar, don't think I'll accept this one. Would be interesting to go to the A-League, but I don't think I could manage any team other than Brisbane (and maybe Wellington) out of loyalty :lol Regardless, I've only delayed it. I would love to build a team of Aussie talent, but at the same time... I'm not sure... Ended up rejecting, Sydney isn't the club for me
  19. Al-Urooba November 2013 Monthly Results League Standings We were outclassed in the first two games of the month, before regaining form against Baniyas and in the cup. The Al-Jazira game was pretty disappointing, we took the lead early but couldn't hold on. We play Al-Ain in the next round of the President's Cup. If we win that game, we have a great chance of winning the cup, as the rest of the teams left are teams we've already beaten, or are in a lower league. Player of the Month - Emmanuel Mathias Very solid month, capped with a goal. Looking Ahead We start off with Baniyas again, before facing another tough team in Al-Shabab. Hopefully we can beat Al-Wasl this time, before we play Al-Ahli twice. We've already beaten them once this season, so hopefully we can continue that this month. Overall, it's been a tough month due to injuries to 6 key players.
  20. No tactical changes. Last season it wasn't doing too badly, we just didn't have the personal to finish out games. I think most games last season we had about 60% of possession and generally more shots, so the tactic was working in some aspects, it just the players that weren't up to standard.
  21. Al-Urooba October 2013 Monthly Results League Standings Emirates Cup Standings Another great month, I finish it tied top to both the league and the my cup group. I've officially won as many league games as last season! The win over Al-Jazira was great, and we should have gotten something from the Al-Wasl game, but just coulnd't. Player of the Month - Salah Abdul-Hameed Fantastic month, his rating was never below 7.0, even scored a goal and won a man of the match. Looking Ahead Next month is many league games, with a Emirates Cup and a President's Cup game thrown in. We should beat the non-league Al-Taawun in the cup, and I'm hoping for 2 wins all up in other games, with a couple of draws to go with it.
  22. Pretty good group for the World Cup, I don't see much difficulty there Doesn't really look like the strongest World Cup either, a lot of smaller nations. The toughest group there would probably be Group E, and even then I'd be surprised if France and Holland didn't get through.
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