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  1. FC Ruggell Youth Intake 2032 Johannes Bender - YP22 (Coach Report) - We seem to be rolling out the best strikers in Liechtenstein. Another player that looks like a superstar in the making, already labelled a promising striker. I would trade him for a couple of decent fullbacks. Michael Kramer - A decent looking keeper, I'll have to wait and see how he develops before I pass judgement though. Ruggell U18's 2 - 3 Youth Candidates So all in all, better than last season, but we're still not getting the players I want. Also, this coming league update is going to be pretty disappointing. Still got most of March to go, but... well it's been pretty horrendous.
  2. I hope this doesn't jinx me for the rest of the season 3rd and 6th are only separated by 3 points, o a few slip ups could see us no where near anything. I know, it's a bit disheartening seeing them sign 20-30mil worth of players each season. Still, I think if we can improve the defence, we'll be in with a shot of breaking them down. Not mine personally, I tend to let go of the players I didn't need from the lower divisions due to a lack of money, so I missed out on them. Some players should start retiring soon though. I do have a couple of Swiss regens on my team, I think they got loaded into the game in their mid 20's though. Im glad you're enjoying it, I hope I can one day get over the line and break the top 2! To be fair, it was 2-1 until the final 5 minutes, then Zimmermann turned on the lights and scored 2 and set up another 1. I was a bit disappointed we (the Aussies) couldn't put up more of a fight! The Australian squad is looking pretty similar to what is know, except for the fact there's only about 12 or so actual regens. There's a couple of players in the middle nations throughout Europe like Russia, Holland and such, a few in the Middle-East and a superstar in England playing for Man City. Cheers! I hope I can do it soon as well! Sure have, it'll probably take a number of seasons though. The faith is gonna be kept! It's gonna be hard, but I'll get there eventually. Maybe a bit more than that, most of my current crop have reached their potential, and I've only got a few good youngsters coming through.
  3. Pretty much, Young Boys have finsihed first and made Champions League football 9 out of the past 10 seasons, while Zurich have finished 2nd and gotten Champions League football 7 out of the past 10, so they can afford to buy in whoever they want (Young Boys spent 32mil last transfer window!). If I wanted to, I could dithc the whole Youth Only policy and bring in the players I need (pretty much just defenders), but I've made it so far using it that it'd be stupid to stop now!
  4. Liechtenstein 2031 Review Senior Rankings | Fixtures | Qualification Group What to say? We have finally qualified for an international tournament!! Slovenia were probably the better side, not losing to us, but we managed to take 3 points from Germany, and take maximum points from Greece, something they failed to do. A fantastic year, marred by only two losses, have shot us to 25th in the end of year rankings, after reaching a high of 21st! U21 Manager | Fixtures | Qualification Group Only a couple of wins, a minor improvement from last season. U19 Manager | Fixtures No wins, and I pulled the wrong qualification group screenshot. Doesn't take much imagination to figure out where they finished though. [center]Liechtenstein World Rankings |Season | Points | World Rank | Difference | |------------------------------------------| |Start | - | 119 | - | |2011 | 184 | 145 | -26 | |2012 | 103 | 185 | -40 | |2013 | 161 | 137 | +48 | |2014 | 72 | 187 | -50 | |2015 | 49 | 202 | -15 | |2016 | 66 | 197 | +5 | |2017 | 26 | 206 | -9 | |2018 | 15 | 208 | -2 | |2019 | 37 | 205 | +3 | |2020 | 15 | 208 | -3 | |2021 | 34 | 203 | +5 | |2022 | 27 | 204 | -1 | |2023 | 45 | 204 | 0 | |2024 | 65 | 198 | +6 | |2025 | 65 | 195 | +3 | |2026 | 98 | 177 | +18 | |2027 | 334 | 91 | +86 | |2028 | 476 | 58 | +33 | |2029 | 648 | 43 | +15 | |2030 | 623 | 41 | +2 | |2031 | 841 | 25 | +16 | --------------------------------------------[/center]
  5. FC Ruggell October - December Review October 2031 Bit of a mixed month. We got thrashed by Galatasaray and Roma in the Europa League, but managed to beat Basel. However that was soured with a loss to St Gallen and a draw to Sion, as well as needing extra time to beat 3rd tier FC Ticino. November 2031 November seemed to resume the poor form, drawing with Aarau before being absolutely thrashed again by Roma and Young Boys. However, the international break seemed to revitalise us as we defeated Xamax 5-0. We slumped back down after this, needing extra time again in the Swiss Cup, this time to Challenge league side Servette, before losing to Zurich. December 2031 December was a bit more positive, despite draws to Karpaty and Luzern. We beat Zurich and thrashed Galatasaray with Schneider showing even at 31 years of age, he can still compete with the best. We almost snuck a point against Young Boys, but they scored in the 89th minute. Finally, we bested Liechtenstein club Eschen/Mauren in the Cup 2-1 on New Years Eve. League Standings The drop in form seemed to co-inside with qualification for the Euros, but it looks like the team is slowly working back into form. Young Boys and Zurich are untouchable again, but I'm hoping to hold onto third spot. Really, the only thing separating us from them is quality defenders. Hopp and Bender are fantastic centre backs, but so many goals are conceded from wide positions because our full backs are pretty bad. Europa League Group If we had managed to pick up the points from the Karpaty game, we would have been on equal points with Galatasaray, but ultimately would have lost out because they scored 5 at our place, while we only scored 4 at theirs. Still, a great performance in a really tough group.
  6. Just make sure that whichever players win don't gloat too much when they return, don't want any jealousy ruining the squad!
  7. Decent start in the Netherlands, might take a few seasons to break down Ajax and the other big clubs at the top though.
  8. Bloody hell Sola, calm down! I wonder if Lyon have figured out what hit them yet.
  9. Agreed, the fact I missed the big nations like Spain, Germany, England, Italy and such really will help us. Yeah it will be tough, but I'm still confident of qualifying for the knockouts. That will probably be it, but I think that's a realistic achievement. Then again, who knows how we'll perform. We actually didn't beat Slovenia during qualifying (1 draw and a loss), but beat Germany to get through. That just shows we are completely unpredictable.
  10. Absolutely dominant in the league. Where bouts are England and Portugal ranked? It's a hard choice, but I'd go with the nation that hasn't done as well over your save.
  11. Unlucky in the Apertura, but more than made up for it with a great win in the World Club Cup The World Cup draw was pretty kind to you, definitely should qualify from that.
  12. Good season overall after coming off two successive promotions. Should be a good enough platform to push for promotion in the next couple of seasons
  13. Cheers SRL! I have no idea, I guess my reputation isn't high enough. Which is strange now, considering we are the 7th most reputable side in Switzerland, and we've been in Europe for a number of seasons now. Maybe the board isn't ambitious enough? I've been able to upgrade every other area (Youth twice, Training will start for the 2nd time at the end of this season, and Junior Coaching is at it's maximum), Youth Recruitment seems to be the one everyone has trouble with! Anyway, Euro 2032 groups have been drawn. Group A - Czech Republic - Northern Ireland - Romania - Russia Group B - Germany - Italy - Sweden - Wales Group C - Belgium (Hosts) - Croatia - Denmark - Liechtenstein Group D - Austria - France - Netherlands - Switzerland Group E - Poland - Scotland - Spain - Turkey Group F - England (Holders) - Norway - Portugal - Serbia It could have been worse. A lot worse. 2nd seed helped us out a lot, as that probably helped us avoid some major nations. Belgium will be tough, as will Croatia and Denmark, but it's a pretty even group to be honest, and one I'm confident that we can qualify from if the team plays to their potential. Group B is the group of death, with Germany, Italy and Wales all being major players on the world stage. Groups D and F will be interesting to see if any of the smaller nations can upset France/Netherlands or England/Portugal respectively. Group A should be Czech Republic and Russia's, while Group E should be Spain and Turkey's.
  14. A lot of my current first team players had really, really bad physicals when they started out. You'd be surprised at how easily they develop. The tutoring aspect really got me at first as well, I've only had good tutors for a few seasons now, and I'm 20 seasons in! Probably won't take you that long, seeing the difference in quality and all Going pretty well this season, keep it up!
  15. I've had 20 intakes, and still haven't seen any dual nation players yet It has to do with my Youth Recruitment being so poor, so I'm really looking forward to improve it soon. Cheers mate! Yeah, Karl-Heinz Heinrich started at the club and moved to West ham a couple of seasons back. Also, our captain Hendrik Bachmann started his career at Vaduz and now plays for Cagliari in Italy. Other than that, the bulk of the teams in Ruggell players (though I can't say for how much longer, seeing some of them are attracting interest from other clubs. Oliver Hopp, for instance, is wanted by Braga) Thanks mate! Definitely is their first appearance in a major tournament, and hopefully it won't be the last Cheers mate!
  16. Nice move, probably the best decision to move from Anji in the end. Where did Heerenveen finish last season?
  17. Haha I figured that Real Madrid would be too much at this stage, so I thought beating Sporting would be the most obvious choice Seeing Madrid last put that theory out the window!
  18. October 15th 2031 is a very important date -
  19. FC Ruggell Pre-Season/July - September Review Pre-Season Friendlies 2031 Friendlies Not the best pre-season against the big clubs, but I thrashed my two feeder clubs. July 2031 Greta star tot the season, defeating Croatian club Zadar 7-2 over two games, and starting off our tie against Latvian side Metalurgs with a 4-1 win. The league started with a win and a loss. August 2031 Two wins, a draw and a loss in the league, as well as two tie wins in the Europa League and a thrashing in the Swiss Cup. It was a great month without too much incident. Schneider has really been picking up his form for Zimmermann's departure as well. September 2031 September started with a 8-1 thrashing in the cup, followed by winning our first group game in the Europa League.. From there, we won another cup game and picked up 4 points in the league. League Standings Great start, with 14 points in 8 games. Young Boys are showing off this season, with 8 win out of 8. I guess that's what happens when you outspend everyone in the league (they spent 32 mil this transfer window, while selling 12mil of players) Europa League Group Second place won't last long. Galatasaray will beat us and Roma will absolutely thrash us.
  20. Congrats on winning Libertadores after that start to the group of death. Started pretty well this year in the league. Good luck in the World Cup with Brazil and the World Club Cup in December!
  21. Samario and Ramos look like they could be really good when they develop!
  22. Great work on back to back promotions! Looking good this year as well, is it just one promotion spot, or are there play-offs as well?
  23. Great first season at Lyon, almost caught PSG but they were just too far in front.
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